Master of the End Times - Chapter 973 - The Dragontail Mountain

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Chapter 973: The Dragontail Mountain

Qin Feng carefully absorbed the runes that escaped from the black dragon. The silhouette of the dragon faded gradually as time passed.

One hour…

Two hours…

Ten hours…

The night had passed and out of nowhere, the black dragon suddenly howled. Runes forming the dragon began to disperse and appeared to merge into the surrounding area.

‘This is not happening.’ Qin Feng would not allow it.

With the dragon disintegrating, Qin Feng charged forward fearlessly.

“Rampage Influx!”

He sped up and arrived at where the dragon was initially positioned rapidly.


Qin Feng worked every bit of his conscious power to activate the Absorption Ability. The ability formed an invisible hand to trap the runes and prohibited them from escaping into the atmosphere.

A whirlpool appeared between Qin Feng’s brows. It swirled the dark runes and directed them into Qin Feng’s conscious realm.

In less than ten minutes, the runes had completely rested in Qin Feng’s consciousness.

On his dark starglobe, a giant dragon stood on it and roared impressively. Its roar echoed through his realm.

Qin Feng was thrilled by the feeling.

After obtaining the ability, Qin Feng knew he had guessed it right. This was indeed an SS-tier ability.

This was not something you would find on the blue star. As far as Qin Feng knew, even Prince Xiao’s Li’s family did not have any SS-tier ancient art.

‘Sovereign Roar! This is terrifying. I can’t cast this with my current conscious power. I need to at least reach S-tier first.’ Qin Feng thought to himself.

However, after he had absorbed all the dark runes, Qin Feng’s consciousness had increased exponentially too. His consciousness tier had almost reached A8-tier.

While he was deep in his thoughts, his absorption suddenly became active again. Something had caught its eyes.

Qin Feng followed his instinct and raised his head. He found a crimson teardrop hovering in the middle of the hill where the black dragon was earlier.

‘This is…’ Qin Feng was astonished. The blood drop was filled with enormous energy. This was surely an exceptional gem. Qin Feng immediately guessed its identity based on the black dragon’s aura earlier.

‘The blood of Bahamut!’

One drop alone contained absurd power.

Qin Feng’s consciousness accelerated. The teardrop seemed to have its own consciousness and attempted to escape. But it eventually succumbed to Qin Feng’s pulling force.


The blood merged into Qin Feng’s body. A powerful force immediately jolted throughout his body.

Dragon blood had always been an elixir that could enhance almost any living being. Qin Feng had once benefited from dragon blood, which greatly improved his physique.

The Immortal’s blood had merely touched his skin and Qin Feng already felt an overpowering pressure.

Absorption hauled the energy from the teardrop greedily.

Qin Feng’s physique immediately upgraded to A4-tier.

But perhaps the blood had been wandering on this dark land for too long, or perhaps Bahamut had died a long time ago, despite being the Immortal’s blood, it promptly disappeared after helping Qin Feng achieve breakthrough.

Nevertheless, it was still a precious upgrade. Qin Feng’s physique was like a black hole now after being strengthened by the Geo Heart. The energy that could propel him from A4 to A3 was nothing short of significant. This showed how valuable that one drop of blood was.

‘There could be more of this in here. I should head north. Better things are lying ahead.’

The first shade of light had smeared the dark sky. Qin Feng wanted to continue forward but suddenly remembered the conversation between the two SS-tiers.

‘I should head to the Dragonspine Valley first.’

Qin Feng turned around and went back the way he came from.

Qin Feng’s consciousness was powerful enough to cover a large area. Oddly, he could not sense any aptitude user along the way. There was no sign of life within sight on this continent now.

Although S-tiers were sparse here, such emptiness was rare. Qin Feng still did not bump into anyone past halfway.

He did not know that Dragonspine Valley was too dangerous for most S-tiers. They would warily exit Bahamut on this day. S-tiers who did not run would only end up being caught and enslaved.

SS-tiers were the only ones qualified to set foot there.

Qin Feng raised his head and realized that the sun was shining unusually bright today. This indicated that something unusual was about to take place.

He took another long stride forward. He was now far from where the Shuttle Whale was parked.

Suddenly, a large crowd entered Qin Feng’s consciousness.

There were at least a few hundred of them. They were all gathering at a towering peak.

Qin Feng quickened his pace.

When he was about a thousand meters away, Qin Feng could distinguish the aptitude users better. There were thirty to forty SS-tiers, while the rest were S-tiers.

Another thing had caught his attention—A peak that towered in the sky.

‘What is this place? Why is there a soaring peak here?’

Qin Feng could not reach the end of the peak through his consciousness. It was clouded by an opaque mist. Nobody dared to climb it at the moment.

Suddenly, Qin Feng recalled the bird’s-eye view of the continent when he was on the aircraft.

From up there, the Bahamut continent looked exactly like a crouching dragon. Qin Feng was especially in awe of its magnificent stout tail.

But once they landed on the continent, gravity seemed to work in a funny way here. Their sense of direction was jeopardized and the three dimensions had gone disarray.

Qin Feng believed this peak could be the tail of the dragon he saw up in the air. That was the only explanation why the peak was this enormous.

Then, 12 pm arrived, the time when the sun was the brightest. A warming force shone down from the peak and dispersed the cloudy mist.

The aptitude users around the peak became spirited.

“It’s almost time!”

An SS-tier shouted. Though the other S-tiers seemed reluctant, they scrambled up the mountain obediently.

Qin Feng did not want to miss the opportunity and followed behind them quietly.

However, the moment he began the climb, dazzling energy befell him and melted away his aura gradually.

Qin Feng’s expression changed.

His dark ability allowed him to conceal his true identity. Nobody would have known that he was just an A4-tier ancient warrior. But the ability had been dispelled by the mountain and that was exposing him.

It would do no harm in other circumstances. But being revealed in front of the SS and S-tiers was definitely not ideal.

Indeed, a lot of people turned to the aberrant presence.

Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai in front of him glanced at Qin Feng at the same time. Their eyeballs almost popped out from their sockets.

“Black Alp Overlord? How’s that possible!?”

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