Master of the End Times - Chapter 972 - Shadowy Black Dragon

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Chapter 972: Shadowy Black Dragon

“Where’s that human that you mentioned earlier? If he’s not coming, you two will then go to the Dragonspine Valley on his stead.”

Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai’s faces turned grim upon hearing this.

The Dragonspine Valley was not a place people of their level could handle. It would be a suicide mission!

Still, it was too late. There was no way they could disobey Zolls.

Now, they finally knew what kind of karma they were reaping by working with this man.


Meanwhile, in the middle of the Bahamut continent, Qin Feng finally found a Hell Stone in a small hill.

“Aha! There’s already a Hell Stone here. Looks like this is going to be a good haul!” Qin Feng tossed the Hell Stone into his consciousness starglobe before journeying on.

Suddenly, he saw two silhouettes on two hills ahead. These were not the silhouettes of humans though.

One of them had a pair of black wings and a long tail—it was a dragon-borne.

The other one was about four meters’ tall, with eight pairs of arms on his back. Each of his sixteen hands held different kinds of weapons.

Qin Feng intended to explore every area available in the continent. As such, he kept using his dark runes to conceal his presence to avoid getting into unnecessary fights.

Thus, when he saw these two, Qin Feng quickly unleashed his dark runes to completely conceal himself.

“Eight pairs of hands, huh? That’s an SS-tier Dopplehanded.”

Qin Feng took a glance at the dragon-borne and inferred that since he appeared alongside this Dopplehanded, he must also be SS-tier.

The real question was, why were these two here? And night was setting in too!

“Nuah, since we both can’t get the treasure, how about we call it a tie today? The Dragonspine Valley is about to appear soon. If we keep on going on like this, it would be a loss for the both of us.” The dragon-borne said.

“Heh, nice try. How would I know you’ll show up here tomorrow?”

“I swear upon my name, Drakao, that I will not do that.”

“That’s not enough.”

“Then, what would you have me do?”

“How about this? Both of us go to the Dragonspine Valley and work together to explore the place. We might get lucky there.”

Drakao gave it a short ponder and found that this was a good idea. Perhaps Nuah intended to find a partner from the start and he was lucky to meet him at this time.


After reaching an agreement, the atmosphere was not as cold as before. Then, they unleashed their abilities to seal up the entire valley around them. Qin Feng could sense their actions and witnessed how the hills disappeared from his consciousness’ detection.

Then, he saw both of them leave the place.

They went in a completely different direction—to the south.

Qin Feng knew these two were too prideful to go against their words. As such, he came out of his hiding and headed toward the place they had sealed off.

“Just what kind of treasure were these two looking for? Not even two SS-tiers like them could find it?”

“And… What is Dragonspine Valley?”

“Let’s go check it out then!”

When he reached the sealed place, Qin Feng noticed that the two SS-tiers were really good at concealing the place—they even used dark runes. This method was not efficient for Qin Feng. He too had the ability to manipulate dark runes—perhaps even more skillfully than them. The only thing he could not compete against was his consciousness level.

“Dark Shroud!”

Qin Feng morphed into a shade of shadow and phased through the seal. Finally, he could see what was being hidden—a small black hill, made of dark runes. When he took a closer look, it looked like a massive dragon that was resting on the ground.

Perhaps it had detected Qin Feng’s presence, the dragon that was formed by dark runes locked onto Qin Feng before breathing out dark energy from its mouth.


Qin Feng quickly stepped backward while shielding himself using his internal energy shield and dark rune barrier.

It did not take long before the dark breath dismantled the dark rune barrier. Now, all that was left was the internal energy shield.


“Hang on!”

Qin Feng willed up his nine starglobes and strengthened his internal energy shield by nine layers! Now, his originally ten-centimeter barrier had been reinforced to one-meter thick.

However, the dragon’s breath was getting stronger and stronger, continuing on to deplete Qin Feng’s shield.

When his internal energy shield was about to be completely crushed, Bai Li extended her hand from the void and grabbed Qin Feng into it.

In the next moment, the entire place that Qin Feng was standing at earlier had completely turned into utter darkness.

Inside the void, cold sweats were rolling down on Qin Feng’s back. This was the first time he had witnessed exactly how dangerous an S-tier creature could be. He had underestimated his foe.

“No… this can’t be. That was not an S-tier ability. There’s no way an S-tier has such power!”

Then, there was only one explanation left.

It was an ability that was unleashed by an SS-tier…!

It took about ten minutes before everything calmed down. What made this whole thing even more eerie was that the surrounding areas, aside from the obvious increase in dark runes, did not seem to be affected much by the dragon’s breath earlier.

“This dark dragon’s ability is probably a type of specter. A Champion’s consciousness.” Bai Li said.

Upon hearing this, Qin Feng finally understood.

If this dragon was a specter, would that mean that killing it would allow him to master that ability?

“Let’s pull back and observe from a distance.”


They then retreated away via the void to the spot where Nuah and Drakao met earlier. The seal was still unaffected.

After observing for a while, Qin Feng noticed that this black dragon seemed to be a blob of unstable dark energies—he could see dark runes hovering in and out of the dragon’s body from time to time.

This reminded Qin Feng of the runes carved onto the stone tablet in the realm of the Snow Ladies.

Thus, Qin Feng carefully activated his Absorption Ability again.

If this worked like he theorized, he could use his conscious energy as a bait to attract the runes. Sure enough, the runes began to be fished out by Qin Feng’s consciousness. And he was able to fish out about one thousand dark runes in one go.

One thousand dark runes seemed like a lot; but it was just a small portion from the black dragon’s body.

Seeing this, a beam of smile curved up on Qin Feng’s face.


The runes were then absorbed into Qin Feng’s consciousness before fishing up more dark runes from the black dragon.

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