Master of the End Times - Chapter 971 - Dragonspine Valley

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Chapter 971: Dragonspine Valley

The claw clapped down and sent a dozen S-tiers falling to the ground. Their faces were as pale as a sheet. Then, their faces turned as black as coal.

A moment later, their bodies twitched around vigorously and moved around like zombies. Then, due to the specters’ influence, their life essences were sapped away.


Their bodies then turned into dust. As their bodies perished, a large amount of conscious energy fountained out in the area.

However, Qin Feng did not dare to come out from his hiding from the void.

The massive, black claw waved violently around again, trying to search for anything alive in the area. After seemingly having realized that there was no more life form around, it then retracted back into the ground.

It was then, the conscious energy that came out from the corpses dispersed into the realm.

“Ah, what a waste!” Qin Feng lamented.

“It’s alright. There are still so many S-tiers around. There’s bound to be some idiots that have a death wish.” Bai Li comforted him.

They then leaped out of the void and began to pick up all the spatial stones that were left behind by the departed S-tiers.

S-tiers were rare, powerful entities in Qin Feng’s home world. However, these entities could die at any time in this world. Even though these S-tiers were highly powerful and respected, they were not completely invulnerable to harm and mortality.

Still, due to them being strong and powerful, they did not tend to stop and be satisfied with what they had.

After collecting the items, Qin Feng turned and decided to leave. He had already harvested a lot of resources for the whole day and the day was getting late.

Although the Bahamut continent was situated on a dark realm, there still was light that was able to pierce through the dark runes and seep to the surface.

Perhaps it was like the saying, “Where there is light, there must be shadow, where there is shadow there must be light.”

As for where these lights came from, they probably came from another starglobe that was far away. Or perhaps there was a fire starglobe nearby.

As the Bahamut continent moved about, night had finally come. This had raised the stakes for every living creature that was on the planet. After all, there was darkness everywhere they looked.

Yet, Qin Feng did not intend to return to Zolls’ Shuttle Whale. This would be foolish of him to expose himself to further danger. Perhaps Shao Tai was preparing a trap for him back there.


The specters did not bother to slip back into the shadows and hovered around openly in the wild.

It was already quite difficult for them to handle these specters in the day. Now, they were not only much more challenging to take on but they also gave a rather creepy vibe.

Yet, when Qin Feng saw this, his eyes widened with joy.


If he could kill these specters, he could absorb their conscious energy and ascend!

Thus, Qin Feng willed up his conscious energy.

“Frozen Age!”

In an instant, the area was covered in a thick layer of white, icy runes.

A dozen specters were immediately trapped in the snow. They moved rather sluggishly, like wanderers who were lost in a snowstorm. However, they were specters, not people. They already had Qin Feng locked on and they were moving slowly but surely toward him.

Qin Feng unsheathed his Verdant Emperor Saber and rushed toward them.

These creatures were made of the conscious energy of the S-tiers. In some ways, they were like their ghosts. As such, the Verdant Emperor Saber was able to take them all down with ease.

However, these specters were not self-conscious. Although they saw that many of their specter brethren had fallen, they kept on moving toward Qin Feng, intending to attack him. Although they were now hindered by the snow and ice, the specters were still quite threatening to any S-tier that got in their way.

Too bad though. This man they were after was much more monstrous than them.

And to Qin Feng, these specters were moving too slowly.


Qin Feng slashed a specter to pieces, releasing the dark runes and conscious energy it held into the air. He then immediately absorbed them all into his starglobe.

After that, Qin Feng kept on slashing the specters to their death, absorbing their energies as they fell one by one.

Qin Feng’s conscious energy thus got stronger the more battles he went through. On top of that, he could use the excess energy to recharge his Frozen Age along the way.

Slowly, Qin Feng could feel his consciousness ascend to a bottle-neck.

The specters were the continent’s core. Thus, by absorbing them, Qin Feng could feel that his consciousness’ black starglobe was getting stronger each time he absorbed them.


In an instant, a surge of calmness had risen in Qin Feng’s mind. His consciousness had been expanded to a new height.

He was now A7-tier.

Qin Feng stopped and raised his head to look at the sky. The sky was slowly being lit up by radiating light behind the clouds—he had spent an entire night killing these specters; and daybreak had arrived.

Still, Qin Feng was satisfied because he was able to ascend to A7-tier.

“Let’s take a break.” Bai Li said as she walked out of the void.


Qin Feng nodded.

However, the “break” should not be taken at this very spot though.

Bai Li opened up a spatial tunnel and brought Qin Feng with her into a dimension where time moved differently. When they stayed in this dimension, they could take as long as they wanted to rest—in here one day equaled one second outside.

When they got out of the dimension, they had completely recovered.

“This time, let’s head north.”

Qin Feng needed to get his hands on the Hell Stone.

Although Qin Feng’s ice starglobe had only recently been established, he had about three thousand Sacred Ice Stones, making his ice-type abilities quite formidable.

In fact, if he could get over thousands of Gems of Darkness, he would be even more powerful than he was now.

Thus, Qin Feng kept on moving north while harvesting minerals in the day and killing specters in the night.

Seven days went by.

Zolls had arrived at the southern side of the Bahamut continent on his Shuttle Whale.

Originally, there were nine ability users. Now, there were only six left.

Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai were there too. Both of them were not obscenely powerful entities. Nonetheless, Voodoo Lord was quite a dangerous person who could use poison. Shao Tai was not some weakling too.

Besides, they were not too greedy. Hence, they got a good haul.

Still, after such a long time, they still could not find the Black Alp Overlord. The man seemed to have just disappeared into thin air. This made them rather fretful.

After ordering some men into the Shuttle Whale, Zolls opened his mouth, “I won’t be here tomorrow. The Dragonspine Valley will appear soon after all. When I’m back at the base, I will use some funds to send you guys home. If you don’t want to follow me back now, I’ll no longer be responsible for your well-being here.”

“Sir, we want to go back!”

“Yeah! The Dragonspine Valley isn’t something we can handle!”

The others’ faces turned grim when they heard “Dragonspine Valley” and were eager to go home.

It was not Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai’s first time here. As such, they knew exactly how perilous the Dragonspine Valley was.

When they wanted to open their mouths to agree on going home, Zolls took a glance at them.

“Where’s that human that you mentioned earlier? If he’s not coming, you two will then go to the Dragonspine Valley on his stead.”

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