Master of the End Times - Chapter 775 - Wanzong's Spirit Chain Rend

Chapter 775: Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend

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By now, Master Long had already told Long Yue about Qin Feng’s Magical Tesseract and the Sky Demon Sword.

Long Yue glanced at Qin Feng, the face on this person was much too young and they did not have that wizened expression that Master Long had!

“How did you get the Sky Demon Sword? Even knowing that I just so happened to be missing a sword? I think that there’s something fishy about this Magical Tesseract!”

When speaking, Long Yue’s baritone voice seemed as if he was putting out a large amount of pressure onto people.

Qin Feng raised a brow as he said, “I didn’t know that you’re missing a sword, but this sword was snatched right out of He Tianxing’s hand!”

Long Yue’s deep set eyes locked onto Qin Feng. “By you?”

Qin Feng adjusted his jaw. “By my wife!”

Bai Li also looked at Long Yue with a displeased gaze as she said, “Do you think I’m not strong enough to snatch it away? You take out a god weapon right now and I swear that it’ll disappear!”

Long Yue’s gaze fell onto Bai Li and sensed the other’s aura. He was confused, then as if he just realized something, he reflexively raised his eyebrows.

Although it had a human form, he was definitely looking at some kind of Spatial Behemoth, not only that it was at A-tier deity class!

Now he was fully convinced by this.

As for Qin Feng calling Bai Li as his ‘wife’, he was not surprised either. In the end times, sometimes ultra beasts were more reliable than human companions, not to mention, Qin Feng and Bai Li probably had a contract!

Nobody could exceed the amount of trust Qin Feng put into Bai Li!

“Well, in that case, what would you want to exchange for? You can swap for points or items!”

This was exactly what Qin Feng needed.

“I want to take a look at the Dragon Capital’s inventory first!” He said.

“Of course!” Long Yue immediately adjusted Qin Feng’s authorization.

[Beep Beep]

In Qin Feng’s communicator, the battle point exchange page popped up and showed that he had only a pitiful amount of around 8,000 points. For the S-tier items that were on display, he saw that they cost up to millions of points and could not be exchanged for.

He quickly scanned through everything on the list.

S-tier god weapons, S-tier god armor, he even saw a few sacred stones.

These things could be bought outside of this trade, and the thing Qin Feng did not lack was money.

However, he soon found a few that could not be bought outside!

[Solar Cycle] S-tier ancient martial arts.

[Boundless Blade Intent] S-tier martial arts style.

[Apocalypse Star] S-tier machine blueprints.

Qin Feng looked through them one by one, fascinated by many things.

Dragon Capital was much more bountiful than the Northern Region.

He could count the inventory of the Northern Region with his fingers but when he saw the inventory in Dragon Capital, he saw that there were hundreds of selections.

All of these were accumulated over time!

Suddenly, Qin Feng’s attention was locked onto one martial style.

[Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend] S-tier martial arts style!

There was even an introduction for this style written under the name.

[Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend was created by Lin Wanzong, a Dark Coalition monster, about 100 years ago. It allows one’s blade to condense their soul into it and unleash ten thousand strikes at once. Befitting spectral themed techniques, this ability can allow a single person to take on an army!]

[P.S.: Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend needs a weapon built with a Soul-lock Stone in order to achieve its maximum effect!]

A Soul-lock Stone was also an S-tier item. It had the unnatural effect of being able to steal the souls of ultra beasts and humans alike.

After closely reading through Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend’s description, Qin Feng finally pointed to the martial arts style and said, “May I swap for this one?”

While He Tianxing’s god weapon was powerful, Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend was a martial arts style and when put into comparison, the martial arts style was much more valuable.

Long Yue and Master Long were both taken aback.

“You want that one?”


“Maybe consider something else? I mean, after Lin Wanzong created this martial arts style, there hasn’t been anyone who has been able to properly learn it, even those who have studied this martial arts style for decades were unable to use this move to its greatest extent. Not to mention, a Soul-locking stone is extremely rare to find!” At this point, Master Long tried to persuade him.

Long Yue added, “Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend needs to absorb a lot of souls for it to be able to unleash its great power. Besides, Lin Wanzong was a murderous psychopath, I wouldn’t recommend you pick up this skill!”

Qin Feng then asked, “Ultra beast souls, can’t those be absorbed too?”

Master Long was caught off guard by that question, but he remembered that Qin Feng was the number one prodigy. After this, he would have to keep a close eye on Qin Feng, even more so when he knew about Qin Feng’s record!

He had hunted down many, many ultra beasts.

All of a sudden, it felt like Wanzong’s Spirit Chain Rend suited him very well!

“Are you sure about this exchange?” Master Long asked.

“Yes, I am!” Qin Feng replied.

“Very well, I will retrieve it for you,” said the appraiser.

He left the room, exiting Bai Li’s spatial lock and activated a special spatial waymark which allowed him to enter the Dragon Capital’s vault and retrieve the manual for this martial arts style.

Not more than three minutes later, the martial arts style manual was in Qin Feng’s hands!

Qin Feng checked it for a moment and found that there were no problems, then he handed the Sky Demon Sword to Long Yue.

Long Yue touched the Magical Tesseract and after learning about how it could be used, he thought for a moment, then started to insert S-tier materials into the Tesseract as if they did not cost him a lot of money to get in the first place.

It took a full hour before Long Yue changed this weapon. The moment it was taken out, a bright beam of light burst out from the blade!


A sword slash burst out, slamming into the surrounding silver runes.

Not only did this slash into the ground, this slash completely sliced through Bai Li’s Spatial Lock.

Of course at this time, her spatial lock would have had no effect.

That was because He Tianxing’s Sky Demon Sword had disappeared without a trace. The sword in Long Yue’s hand had a completely new appearance!

Not only that, borrowing the light of Qin Feng’s Magical Tesseract, the sword raised in power again.

“This Magical Tesseract is a useful thing!” Master Long said before shaking his head. “Forget it, on a gentleman’s honor I won’t ask you to sell that item!”

Qin Feng then said, “If necessary, I can lend you the Magical Tesseract at any time!”

“Alright, but I’d need to make some preparations! Come come, add my contact number!”

Qin Feng opened up his communicator and added the other’s number. At this time, he also learned of the appraiser’s full name.

‘Long Yunyi? I’ve never heard of him, maybe it’s been too long since this man’s tales were told!’

However, considering that Qin Feng had never heard of the man before only made the appraiser more unfathomable.

After all, even Long Yue referred to him as ‘Thirteenth Uncle’, and his rank was not too far away. This meant that this person had to have been alive for at least two hundred years.

A person like that still alive and kicking in the Dragon Capital was a powerful representative!

The two sides reached a consensus, this exchange was a joy for both the host and the guest.

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