Master of the End Times - Chapter 774 - Master Long

Chapter 774: Master Long

“What? Last year’s Prodigy? He’s already a B-tier, how old is he? A twenty-year-old B-tier?”

“You guys really don’t know who he is! That’s Qin Feng. He should be 18 this year. He killed 30 A-tiers at the Dusk Dragon Auction before coming back from Hell Island!”

“Huh? Hell Island? The guy actually had the audacity to go to a place like that?”

Everyone was surprised, some were full of admiration, while others wallowed in envy.

Qin Feng knew none of this, he was waiting in a private room and after a while, a handsome and mature-looking man entered.

The vibe that this man gave off to others was special.

While he looked to be about thirty five or thirty six years old, upon closer inspection the glossiness of his skin made him resemble more of a twenty year old. He looked confident and at ease, frivolous to whatever the world could throw at him.

That kind of princely nature, combined with his aloofness and the sense of superiority he gave off made him hard to ignore.

When Qin Feng and this other man’s eyes met, in that instant he knew that this man was no pushover.

He had only seen that kind of gaze in one man!

And that was Z!

This person was very old!

“Hello, hello, number one prodigy. So lucky to be meeting you!” The man approached, reaching out to shake Qin Feng’s hand.

“Hello, Sir!” Qin Feng responded to the handshake, he even instinctively used the man’s honorifics.

The man paused for a moment, momentarily raising his eyebrows as he glanced over Qin Feng and the look on his face, then returned to his smile.

The receptionist from before said, “This is the S-tier appraisal master, Master Long! He will be appraising your items and estimating the value!”

“Okay!” Qin Feng nodded his head.

“You may leave first!” Master Long asked the person to leave. They were only a D-tier aptitude user, the woman was only at the very baseline of cultivation and had not seen battle before. If there was an S-tier god weapon present there would be no way for her to resist the pressure brought on by such a powerful weapon.

“Yes, Sir!” The woman respectfully bowed and left.

There were only three people left in that private room.

“Alright, Prodigy Qin. Let me see what kind of treasure you obtained from Hell Island?” Master Long was obviously very curious.

Qin Feng said, “I got this from Dark Citadel. Hell Island is sheer wilderness, you won’t get any god weapons out there!”

The other nodded in approval of Qin Feng’s words.

“Bai Li, seal this space first!”

Qin Feng did not need to say it out loud, but he was worried that Master Long might misunderstand him so he decided to voice out the order.

Master Long did not refute and Bai Li acted to put this place under a Spatial Lock.

Suddenly, the surrounding area warped into a different realm. Not only that but here, it was as if they were inside Bai Li’s space. Not even He Tianxing would be able to feel the presence of his sword here.

Bai Li took out the sword from the space and laid it out on the display stand.

The sword measured up to 1.8 meters long, and the moment it appeared it seemed to have realized it lost its owner and let out a low humming sound that gave everyone present goosebumps.

Master Long was curious at first, but he was a bit more inattentive. At this point, his eyes widened as he got surprised.

For many years, there had not been an incident such as this, he almost lost his composure and audibly gasped.

“The Sky Demon Sword?”

Was this not He Tianxing’s weapon?

Master Long immediately moved his face closer to inspect it, looking up and down before concluding that this was indeed the Sky Demon Sword. Nothing on it would have marked it as a fake.

With that in mind, Master Long raised his head and looked at Qin Feng, he had a very strange expression on his face when he did.

If even something like this could be obtained, would that not drive He Tianxing insane?

However, as an appraiser, Master Long had some things that he could not ask!

That made his mind itch.

Despite that, he quickly recovered his professional composure, politely coughed and said, “This god weapon is indeed an S-tier god weapon. It is very powerful but it has an obvious issue. It is an attunement weapon and its current owner is an S-tier ancient warrior with a powerful consciousness. If you want to erase the trace of this attunement you’d need at least an SS tier aptitude user! For someone like that to even do such a thing, I’m afraid that would cost more than what this sword is worth!”

Qin Feng naturally understood this but this problem was easily solved.

“I believe Master Long can feel it too. We created a space that completely isolates the sword and temporarily seals it up. I also have something else…”

Qin Feng took out the Magical Tesseract and explained its functions. Master Long’s eyes lit up, not expecting Qin Feng to have so many treasures. He felt that this Magical Tesseract was more powerful than the Sky Demon Sword.

When Qin Feng finished the explanation and continued, “I can temporarily put the Sky Demon Sword up on the internal network and wait until there’s someone who can redeem it, then give me the points!”

This was also counted as a compromise.

Mainly, that would also open up some level of authority.

There was a limit when it came to trading items for points, but when normally carrying out tasks for the Human Alliance, there were no limits on the points that could be gained.

Qin Feng was assigned two missions by the Human Alliance, one in Dusan Basin and another in the East Sea. Both missions were rewarded locally but their completion had been recorded by the Human Alliance in point accumulation.

However, the points he gained were those after conversion. Dusan Basin gave 3,400 and East Sea gave 5,200, which only added up to about 8,000.

An S-tier item would cost up to at least a few million points which Qin Feng could not exchange for right now, but as long as he had a goal, the points would flow in naturally!

However, Master Long did not agree with Qin Feng’s suggestion and said, ” No, no, I’ll ask someone to take this sword away immediately!”

He turned on his communicator and began to call someone.

This time, half an hour passed before the other person hurried over.

When the person was at the door, before Bai Li even had time to retract her space they had already made their entrance and stepped in.

This man was about two meters tall and had an incredible physique, like some kind of metal tower. He exuded a tremendous amount of pressure.

Qin Feng’s pupils suddenly shrank!

An S-tier!

This was definitely an S-tier ancient warrior!

“Thirteenth Uncle, you called for me!” The man said in a deep voice.

Master Long looked very happy and waved the man over. “Little Yue Yue, come and take a look at this!”

From what it sounded, it was a pretty ridiculous name* but Qin Feng was able to figure out the person’s identity!

‘If these two are uncle and nephew, both surnamed Long, then wouldn’t this person be the strongest in the Long family’s 25th generation, Long Yue!’

The Long family was an ancient martial arts family before the Great Rift Age, only their internal circles would know how long the family had been around!

However, since the establishment of Dragon Capital, Long Ting was the duke of Dragon Capital. She was two hundred years old and had claims of being the Long family’s 28th generation’s strongest!

Long Yue was her uncle!

Although there were sometimes huge differences in generations and ages in such a large family, what Qin Feng was more concerned about was the fact that Long Yue called Master Long as his thirteenth uncle.

‘Dragon Capital really does have crouching tigers and hidden dragons, even an appraiser is S-tier!’

Translator’s Note: Little Yue Yue in the original text was called ‘小岳岳’ which can be misheard as ‘小月月’ which translates to ‘Little Moon Moon’!

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