Master of the End Times - Chapter 551 - The Sacred Gauntlets

Chapter 551: The Sacred Gauntlets

Qin Feng still had Bai Li by his side, he could go wherever he wanted to because of that and ignored the countless attacking wraiths around him, disappearing from the battlefield in an instant.

The prodigies who remained did not know who was holding onto the Sacred Armor. As soon as someone looked suspicious they would immediately get attacked by those around them. It was only because of the incoming wraiths that they calmed down and joined forces to defend themselves.

It took around three hours before the battlefield completely winded down.

Qin Feng had disappeared to a safe spot long before then. With a flick of his hand he revealed up to 30 extra spatial rune equipment and deposited them inside the Battlegod Tomb.

Back at the Fengli colony, when Xue Xingfu received these new items for the first time he wanted to know just who was behind them.

The first thing he did was call Zhou Hao.

Zhou Hao was still training in the Dragon Capital, cultivating his growing strength.

“Keep this a secret. Find those who aren’t loyal to the company and boot them out first!” Zhou Hao said.

“I was thinking the same thing!”

“That’s good. Do some snooping around first and you can tell the Madman when he comes back!”

Xue Xingfu nodded. He was old but his mind was still sharp. He thought that people who were valuable should stay and be controlled. Unfortunately he did not have the strength to actually suppress these people.

As such, it was best if he started doing some cleaning up!

There were some people who had come out of admiration, but some others still had ulterior motives. Those kinds needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

He had no idea that Qin Feng, the person that he and Zhou Hao put the most faith in, had gone looking for Sacred Armor!

Speaking of which, Qin Feng originally thought that once he escaped from those wraiths that the armor would stop shining. He did not expect it to still be glowing brightly even though it was inside Bai Li’s space. That meant that it could not be taken out.

However, he quickly thought of a way.

Qin Feng gave Bai Li the Magical Tesseract and asked her to put the Tesseract into her space before throwing in a few random ingredients to mix everything together.

After all, things that were made inside the Magical Tesseract did not give off any glow and looked simple and inconspicuous!

Bai Li meticulously studied her space and after a while she decided on adding in some Dark materials. The moment the gauntlets were retrieved they did not give off any bright white light, they had become a pair of completely black gloves.

Qin Feng picked up the gloves and closely inspected the so-called Sacred Armor.

“It’s actually made of metal? Could it have been manufactured?”

He slipped the gloves onto his hands.

The gloves seemed to have a mind of their own, instantly pressing against Qin Feng’s hand but not so that it would feel tight or suffocating. It felt like a layer of film that coated his hand and this coating felt natural, like he had been born with it, as if there were no gaps between his hand and the material of the gloves.

But then, a huge amount of force was suddenly felt.

When this force erupted around his palm area and entered his body, Qin Feng felt pain suddenly spread throughout his body.

This force did not flow with his meridians, nor did it seem to integrate into his body. It was like a wild series of explosions, causing massive damage.

At that moment, Qin Feng felt as if his hands were about to get crushed. He was lucky that his physical form was durable enough that he was able to withstand this pressure.

“What kind of power is this? Damn it!” He did not expect something this dangerous to happen.

“Ability, Absorb!”

He activated his ability and quickly used it to absorb this frightening force. His ability could even absorb this kind of power.

Surely enough, within Qin Feng’s consciousness, the plane of thought rotated as the dark absorption ability activated and began to consume the frightening chaotic energy that was in his body.

Such energy was an extremely pure form of the heaven and earth spirit aura that he was familiar with and it seemed like it could be transformed into any kind of energy.

Qin Feng used it to strengthen his body, adding to his physical strength. He soon learned that his cells did not have the capacity to allow the rampant growth that this energy was generating.

He decidedly used it to surround the source of his consciousness. Due to this, his consciousness began to grow but this power came as quickly as it left.

The amount of growth his consciousness experienced was as if he had spent an entire month meditating with the Godwill Atlas, which was considered as a lot.

He looked back to the gloves again and understood why this armor was so unique.

The Soul Tribe’s armor was like a special high-powered energy converter that could convert consciousness into any kind of energy and unleash it.

Even though Qin Feng believed that it might not be as strong as most believed, something like this needed some testing.

When he raised his hand, a silver light burst out from the center of his palm. This light had the same power as a crystal cannon, but it had a special puncturing effect to it.

“Amazing!” With this thing, he did not have to carry around heavy artillery cannons and if something like this could be mass produced, then who would not want something like it?

However, something like this should remain rare.

“But, it doesn’t feel strong in my hands. I don’t have much use for it. Bai Li, you keep it. Next time some creep tries to get close to you, just give him a slap and you’ll send him flying off into the horizon!”

Qin Feng took off the gloves and handed them to Bai Li.

As for the frightening force, it was actually energy that had been stored within the Sacred Gauntlets over a long period of time. The gloves could gather and unleash energy several times its original power, that was why the prodigies were fighting tooth and nail to obtain it.

However, Qin Feng was not interested in this kind of item. His internal strength was enough for him and he felt like it was not necessary to keep it.

It felt like it was right for Bai Li, and she would not be exposed as a spatial ability user.

She was very happy to receive the Sacred Gauntlets and even activated the Magical Tesseract to change the gloves’ appearance to look like a pair of black lace gloves. Now they looked more like decorative clothing, completely unrecognizable from the object that the prodigies were willing to kill each other for.

“These gauntlets are very valuable and I can make use of the remaining energy inside it. That being said, these just upped my competitive level!”

Qin Feng thought that it was a shame there were not many of these things left nowadays. There were still plenty of treasures out there so he did not feel too bad about it.

Four days passed in the blink of an eye, Qin Feng joined a few raid parties during those times as they journeyed into the Perished Lands. Combined with the prodigies of the other tribes, they numbered up to tens of thousands.

After experiencing enough bloody battles, Qin Feng and Bai Li quietly left.

What they did not expect was that the place they had set up camp was actually the base camp of a bunch of allied prodigies and among them was someone that Qin Feng recognized.

Bai Yu!

Qin Feng’s brows shot up and instantly used Dark Shroud to envelop himself and Bai Li, quietly releasing his consciousness.

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