Martial Peak - Chapter 2571 - Got Rich  

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Chapter 2571 , Got Rich

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The Ten Thousand Beasts Seal obviously had a powerful restraint on the Beast Souls. Those flying Beast Souls, no matter how strong or weak they were, were all suppressed by the Ten Thousand Beasts Soul and were unable to break free. One after another, they were taken into the large seal and disappeared thereafter.

Yang Kai clearly saw many Beast Souls comparable to Twelfth-Order Monster Beast dragged into the big seal.

Ruo Xi was making a killing. After this trip was over, the might of the Ten Thousand Beast Seals would be unfathomable.

As this thought crossed his mind, Yang Kai’s countenance sank again. He was inside the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb and had no idea how to get out of here. He didn’t even know whether tearing space would work here.


As the countless wandering Beast Souls collided with each other, the bone mountain shattered and the white bones turned into dust.

Suddenly, a vague yellow glow caught Yang Kai’s eyes. Curious, Yang Kai reached out, grabbing that glow in his hand. It was warm and round. Also, he immediately felt decent energy fluctuations from it.

“A Monster Core!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as a look of surprise filled his face.

Much to his surprise, it was a Monster Beast Core. Furthermore, judging by the energy fluctuations, it appeared to be the Monster Core of a Tenth-Order Monster Beast.

Yang Kai stood there in a daze for a while; who knows what was going on in his mind, but he seemed extremely excited. Suddenly, he flicked his sleeve, giving rise to a gust of wind.


The bone mountain collapsed into ashes that flew in every direction as if a white storm was blowing, and at the centre of the storm, an open area of tens of metres in radius remained, where several dozen Monster Cores of different colours lay strewn about.

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he stared at the several dozen Monster Cores, excitement filling his face.

Although Zhang Ruo Xi was preoccupied with sealing the Beast Souls, Yang Kai movements hadn’t gone unnoticed by her. At this moment, she asked in a sweet voice, “Sir, could it be that the Monster Cores remained here after the death of these Monster Beasts?”

“It must be so. Ruo Xi, we’re going to be rich!” Yang Kai happily replied before he began collecting the several dozen Monster Cores.

These were several dozen Monster Cores of different grades, but the lowest was still of Ninth-Order, while the highest was of Twelfth-Order.

Countless Monster Beasts had died in the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb, and after their deaths, their Souls transformed into Beast Souls, guarding this place while their flesh and skin disappeared into glowing specks, leaving behind their Monster Core.

It was impossible to calculate how many Beast Souls there were, and similarly, the number of Monster Cores lying here could not be calculated either!

Monster Beast Cores had many uses, but they were mostly used in Alchemy. Many Spirit Pills required Monster Beast Cores to refine, and while Yang Kai had collected many spirit grasses and herbs over the years, he was always short on Monster Cores, but after today, he would have many choices in this regard when refining pills.

Previously, he felt that Zhang Ruo Xi got an opportunity by coming here, but he hadn’t expected an opportunity to fall into his lap in the very next moment.

[If I could clean out the Monster Cores in this tomb, I would be making a killing! Even the Ten Great Emperors might be jealous!]

After collecting the several dozen Monster Cores, Yang Kai waved his hand again, sweeping away the nearby skeletons. Immediately, several dozen more Monster Cores of different grades appeared on the ground.

Zhang Ruo Xi was doing her best to seal the Beast Souls, while Yang Kai was doing everything to collect the Monster Cores. The two were performing their duties without interfering with each other, cooperating seamlessly.

In the beginning, Yang Kai would sweep away the bones to expose the cores, but he soon found that tiresome, so he began to simply spread his Divine Sense to search for every Monster Core he could find then use his Golden Blood Threads to pull them out, saving himself from dealing with the bone dust.

This way, his efficiency had improved a lot too.

In a short time, all the nearby Beast Souls had been collected by Zhang Ruo Xi, while all the Monster Cores within a dozen kilometres had been cleaned up by Yang Kai. Although he didn’t count, he was certain he collected over ten thousand Monster Cores.

Even if only one percent of the ten thousand or so Monster Cores were Twelfth-Order, there would be over a hundred Twelfth-Order Monster Cores! Each of which was extremely valuable.

“Let’s change places!”

Having cleaned the nearby region, Yang Kai immediately dragged Zhang Ruo Xi to a new spot. As for how to get out of here… It wouldn’t be too late to worry about that after getting enough benefits.

Soon they came to another bone mountain, where Zhang Ruo Xi summoned the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal, while Yang Kai spread his Divine Sense to search for the buried Monster Cores.

After a little less than the time it takes to boil a cup of tea, they had cleaned out this mountain as well. Needless to say, Yang Kai wrapped Zhang Ruo Xi with his Emperor Qi and changed positions again.

They kept clearing everything wherever they went. All the Beast Souls were sealed by Zhang Ruo Xi, whereas the Monster Cores were cleaned out by Yang Kai. This was the first time in the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb’s history it had suffered like this.

This was nothing short of wanton plundering!

If the four Divine Venerables of the Ancient Wild Lands came to know about this, who knows how they would feel.

There were no Sun, Moon, or Stars here; no night or day either, but according to Yang Kai’s calculations, he and Zhang Ruo Xi had been here for about three days and had scoured almost the entire tomb.

This should be a Small Sealed World that spanned a small area. The two had spent three days only sealing Beast Souls and collecting Monster Cores, but if they had focused on just exploring, they could have searched this entire place in under an hour.

Their harvest was unimaginable though.

The Yin Qi around the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal was getting darker and darker. Even if Zhang Ruo Xi didn’t activate it, one could feel its tyrannical might. According to Zhang Ruo Xi, the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal was almost saturated, there were at least a few hundred thousand Beast Souls sealed inside, and this didn’t include the Beast Souls devoured by the Soul Devouring Insects.

The Soul Devouring Insects had eaten quite a lot these days in fact. Only half of the Beast Souls were sealed by Zhang Ruo Xi while the remaining half were devoured clean by the insects. Now, the Soul Devouring Insects were transmitting a sense of sleepiness to Yang Kai, showing signs of wanting to enter hibernation.

Yang Kai knew that this was a sign that they were on the verge of an evolutionary leap, which made him very happy.

As for the Monster Cores Yang Kai had obtained, there were more than a million. The Monster Cores had almost formed a hill in the Sealed World Bead, ranging from Ninth-Order to Twelfth-Order.

Not a single great force could have such a large amount of Monster Cores alone. Even the Sects founded by Great Emperors didn’t have such financial resources.

After travelling around the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb once again, confirming that no fish had slipped through their net, Yang Kai finally stopped and looked in a certain direction.

“Sir, are you going there?” Zhang Ruo Xi, putting away the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal, gracefully stood by his side.

The two of them had been running around the entire tomb over these few days, but they hadn’t found any exit, nor did they find any traces of Bing Yun’s Third Disciple. If there were any exits, it would only be possible in that direction as there were no beast skeletons over there, so the two hadn’t gone to search there yet.

That should be the centre of the entire Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb. All the Monster Beasts that had come here to die had surrounded the central region in a circular ring, leaving a large empty space.

Yang Kai had been busy collecting Monster Cores and hadn’t paid much attention to this before.

[I need to check it out. If the Third Disciple is here, she must be at the centre. I wonder if she is dead or alive.]

Nodding, Yang Kai kicked the ground, running in that direction. Zhang Ruo Xi hurriedly followed after him.

Passing through the bone mountains, the two quickly arrived at the open area, and after looking around, Yang Kai noticed a dark grey glow in the distance. Yang Kai squinted his eyes to have a clear look.

After a moment, he happily smiled.

Because the dark grey glow was actually in the shape of the tomb entrance that he had seen before.

Maybe there really was an exit. If he could get out through there, it would save him the trouble of tearing the space to form an exit. Yang Kai wasn’t even sure he could tear a hole in the barrier around this Small World.

Yang Kai immediately increased his speed, but along the way, he suddenly froze and lowered his head to inspect something.

Zhang Ruo Xi’s pretty eyes also widened as she stared at this unexpected sight.

Because down below, there was an extremely fierce aura, the source of which was a thin and skinny body.

The figure’s hair was dishevelled and it cut a sorry figure, but obviously, it was still alive. The thin figure was surrounded by strands of black Qi and glowing specks were escaping from it, bit by bit.

“Monster Race!” Zhang Ruo Xi cried out in a low voice. At a glance, she could tell that the figure belonged to a member of the Monster Race, and a very powerful one at that.

“It’s a Monster King!” Yang Kai added; extremely shocked.

He had no idea how a Monster King appeared here because this area didn’t look like a palace where a member of the Monster Race could step into. Otherwise, this place would not be clean; it would be piled up with bones and skeletons.

Furthermore, the Monster King was still very much alive and kicking. He was trying very hard to resist the passing of his vitality, but by the looks of it, he wouldn’t last for too long.

No wonder Yang You Wei said that even the strongest Monster King would find themselves on a road to their doom after entering the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb; the Monster King before them was the best proof. A Monster Race member had to be as strong as a peak Third-Order Emperor Realm Master to become the Monster King, yet even a Master this strong couldn’t get out after entering this place.

After hesitating for a while, Yang Kai flickered and flew over to the Monster King.

Obviously, the Monster King was taken aback, his skinny figure shuddering as he looked up at Yang Kai.

His gaze was as deep as an abyss and a little dull as well. He had indeed reached his rope’s end.

“How did a Human…” The Monster King’s lips moved as his lifeless eyes revealed a surprised look.

Yang Kai raised his brow. Hearing his surprised voice, he asked with a frown, “Have you seen anyone pass through here before?”

The Monster King had one foot in the grave yet he was still extremely arrogant and unyielding, pursing his lips after hearing this and somehow trying to show a cold smile, but only managing a grin that looked uglier than if he had been crying, “Why would this King tell you?”

A bright flash passed through Yang Kai’s eyes as he pointed at the door of light and suggested, “I’ll be leaving through that. If you want, I can bring you along!”

The arrogant Monster King was immediately moved, his lifeless eyes suddenly regaining their lustre as his expression changed; however, his excitement soon disappeared as he asked with a snort, “Why would you be so kind?”

Yang Kai indifferently replied, “We both need something from the other. As long as you can tell me what I want to know, it won’t be a big deal to save you.”

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