Martial Peak - Chapter 2570 - The Might of the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal

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Chapter 2570, The Might of the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal

Just like Niu Quan, the same thing was happening to Yang You Wei and the other Monster Race present. The specks of light flying out from their bodies were obviously related to their vitality, and the more time passed, the dimmer their vitality became. If this went on, they would undoubtedly die.

Niu Quan could be considered to have come here on his own initiative to die as his end was approaching, but Yang You Wei and the other Monster Race members were all dragged in here involuntarily.

“Sir… Please… Save me…” Yang You Wei, noticing Yang Kai’s gaze, shouted in a trembling voice, Death Qi lingering on his face.

An awkward look appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he clenched his fist and forced a cough before speaking, “I can’t do anything about this. You are on your own on this one.”

He had no clear understanding of the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb, or how to save Yang You Wei and the others. Perhaps he could send them into the Sealed World Bead to escape this disaster, but the Sealed World Bead was Yang Kai’s closely guarded secret. Except for those he trusted implicitly, he would not expose it to others. Exposing the existence of the Sealed World Bead to save these Monsters wasn’t cost-effective at all.

Yang You Wei immediately despaired after hearing this, but he soon looked at Yang Kai in amazement and stated, “Sir, why are you…safe and sound?”

Yang Kai also discovered this as out of everyone who was sucked into this tomb, only he and Zhang Ruo Xi were safe. The other Monster Race members were quickly losing their vitality. If it weren’t for this, Yang Kai wouldn’t have calmed down this quickly.

“I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because we aren’t residents of the Ancient Lands. Didn’t you say that this is the tomb of all inhabitants of the Ancient Lands?” Yang Kai casually explained. Apart from this reason, he didn’t have any other explanation either.

“Is such an amazing thing possible…” Yang You Wei’s face twitched as a look of hatred filled his eyes.

[If you hadn’t asked me to search for the whereabouts of that crazy woman, we would never have been dragged by into this Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb and wound up here. That’s all fine and well, I can blame that on my bad luck, but you still acting carefree even after seeing that we can’t survive is intolerable! You basically don’t need to worry about dying here and yet you are not doing anything to help us!]

Yang You Wei’s heart was burning with indignation and he couldn’t wait to tear Yang Kai apart to vent his hatred.

“Sir, you can’t just ignore our plight!” Yang You Wei grit his teeth and shouted aloud.

Yang Kai furrowed his brow in impatience as he stated, “I said I can’t do anything. Only the damned ghosts know what happens in this tomb!” While speaking, he suddenly looked at Yang You Wei, squinting his eyes as he asked with a cold smile on his lips, “Why? Are you angry?”

[What nonsense! Who won’t feel angry about this situation?] In any case, he was about to die, so Yang You Wei suddenly got bolder, his eyes turning cold and sinister as he stated, “Sir, if you don’t do something, I can’t say that I’ll not drag you down with me.”

Yang Kai immediately smirked and taunted, “Drag me down with you? Did you forget that your life and death are just a matter of this Young Master’s thought? Do you think you can take me down with you?”

“…” Yang You Wei’s face immediately froze. In his moment of anger, he had forgotten this point, but now that he returned to his senses, he realized that he didn’t have any qualifications to threaten Yang Kai as his Soul Brand was in his grasp.

He was overcome with a feeling of sorrow and slumped down on the ground before he began crying out loud, “How tragic!? This Old Yang has been bitterly cultivating till now, but who would have thought that I would die without being able to enjoy my life. The Heavens really have no eyes! Damn you, Heavens! This Old Yang cannot coexist together with you!”

His cry was heart-wrenching and his voice was filled with sadness. Other Monster Race members also felt grief after hearing this.

After having fallen into the tomb, they could also foresee their own fate, but they weren’t reacting in such an exaggerated manner. Nevertheless, they too must be feeling extremely sad in their heart.

Yang Kai snorted, “Don’t cry in such an ugly manner. If you die, everyone will die together with you. Everyone will accompany you on the road to the Yellow Springs. You won’t be lonely!”

Yang You Wei wiped his tears and angrily stated, “If you were standing in my shoes, you wouldn’t say that. This is the tomb of all the Ancient Lands creatures. It has nothing to do with you!”

Yang Kai spat disdainfully and stopped talking. In fact, he also found it very strange why this place had no effect on him or Zhang Ruo Xi. Instead, the vitality of other Monster Race members was passing away with every breath, turning into specks of light and floating off.

[Is it really because of what I just said?]

At this moment, mournful wails rang out as glowing black wisps suddenly flew out from under the white bones. As soon as those pitch-black lights wisps appeared, they transformed into Monster Beasts of all kinds of shapes and sizes that swiftly pinned the surviving Monster Race members to the ground.

Every time the phantom of a Monster Beast crashed into them, it would dim the vitality of the surviving Monster Race, and the speed at which the glowing specks left their body would increase noticeably.

“A Beast Soul!” Yang You Wei turned pale and cried in shock.

Yang Kai’s countenance also changed, because in this short while, thousands of shadows flew out from below the bone mountains. These shadows were similar to Yin Souls and were emanating strong Yin Qi. Obviously, all of them were the residual Beast Souls of the Monster Beasts who had fallen here.

The Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb had existed for who knows how many eons, and countless Monster Beasts must have died here over all those years. After these Monster Beasts had died, at least some of their Beast Souls remained. By now, their number was surely uncountable.

In the blink of an eye, innumerable Beast Souls were stalking around the bone mountain, each of them a different shape and size, retaining the form they had before their deaths. They all had a strong air about them, giving the impression that a black aura had covered the entire tomb. It looked like a swarm of locusts was passing through.

Zhang Ruo Xi’s pretty face turned pale as she stuck closer to Yang Kai; she didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

Having prior experience with Yin Souls, Yang Kai directly summoned the Insect Enslavement Bracelet without a moment of thought, releasing all the Soul Devouring Insects and surrounding themselves with their swarm. He first ensured his own safety before allowing the rest of the Soul Devouring Insects to swarm the Beast Souls.

Once the Soul Devouring Sects appeared, the countless Beast Souls acted as if they had encountered their nemesis and fled away from Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi’s location, not daring to approach them.

Yang Kai was pleasantly surprised. The success of Soul Devouring Insects in this place was too surprising and they were definitely the best way to deal with things like Yin Souls. He secretly decided to focus on training them in the future. When the Soul Devouring Insects fully matured, maybe he would be able to fight off Serene Soul Great Emperor if he ever ran into him again.

[That old fogie relied on his higher cultivation to cover up his daughter’s misconduct, but I couldn’t do anything!] This really made Yang Kai grind his teeth in anger.

The miserable shouts of Yang You Wei and other Monster Race members being annihilated rang out one after another, and within just a few breaths, silence had returned to the tomb. Obviously, all of them were dead. Yang Kai felt the Soul Brand belonging to Yang You Wei under his control shatter, making him sigh with some emotion.

Although he hadn’t planned to pay attention to Yang You Wei’s life and death before, and was controlling him to find the whereabouts of Bing Yun’s Third Disciple, the fact that he died like this was a little out of his expectations.

“Sir, please open a gap!” Zhang Ruo Xi suddenly requested.

Yang Kai didn’t know what she wanted to do now. He was really frightened by Zhang Ruo Xi’s previous actions, and someone bitten by a snake once would be afraid of a rope for ten years; however, once he saw Zhang Ruo Xi take out a huge wooden seal, his eyes immediately lit up and he promptly controlled the Soul Devouring Insects to open a gap.

Zhang Ruo Xi patted the seal with her hand, directly sending it flying through the gap.

Immediately afterwards, she continuously made hand seals, controlling the huge seal’s ability.

After the huge seal flew out, it suddenly grew bigger, turning into the size of a house and making it give off a pitch-black light.


The sound of chains clanking rang out as Zhang Ruo Xi’s hand seals changed. Suddenly, countless black chains shot out from the enormous seal, shooting in all directions.

The Beast Souls flying around were completely helpless against these chains and were bound by them, one after another.

The chains tightened as the tied up Beast Souls were pulled towards the huge seals under Zhang Ruo Xi’s control. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of menacing Beast Souls were pulled into the huge seal, disappearing in a flash, and no matter how the Beast Souls struggled, they couldn’t get free.

“You have already refined the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal completely?” Yang Kai asked, looking surprised.

“I finished refining it a few days ago,” Zhang Ruo Xi stated with joy without stopping her hands, “But who would have thought that such a good thing would happen.”

The huge seal was Earth City’s City Lord, Zu Hong’s Ten Thousand Beasts Seal. After Zu Hong was killed by Yang Kai in the ancient medicine garden, the latter had given the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal to Zhang Ruo Xi to defend herself. In any case, it was an Emperor Artifact that could display extraordinary might depending on the number and strength of Beast Souls sealed in it.

The more Beast Souls that were sealed inside, and the stronger their strength, the mightier the Ten Thousand Beasts Seals would be.

After Zu Hong got the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal, he had worked hard but was only able to kill less than a thousand Monster Beasts and seal their Souls inside this Seal using his Secret Technique. Furthermore, most of those Beast Souls were Tenth or Eleventh-Order. The number of Twelfth-Order Beast Souls he possessed could be countered on one hand, so he simply couldn’t unleash the true might of the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal.

But inside the Ten Thousand Spirits Tomb, Twelfth-Order Monster Beast Souls were everywhere. If all of them were sealed inside the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal by Zhang Ruo Xi, the might of this Emperor Artifact would be unimaginable.

Beast Souls were hard to find; after all, one could only get a Beast Soul by killing a Monster Beast and then refining it with a special Secret Technique. If one’s luck was poor, during this refinement they would damage the Beast Seal and drastically reduce its strength.

But this place was a natural gathering place for Beast Souls, simply tailored for supplementing the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal.

Before, Zhang Ruo Xi was still thinking about where she should go to kill Monster Beasts and increase the might of Ten Thousand Beasts Seal; however, she hadn’t expected for everything to be delivered to her doorstep. One could imagine how many tyrannical Beast Souls were gathered here.

If she could really seal all the Beast Souls present here into the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal, when she went to use it against an enemy, the entire Star Boundary would certainly tremble under its might.

*Hua la la…*

The sounds of chains clanking rang out to no end, and every time Zhang Ruo Xi made a move, hundreds of Beast Souls were dragged into the Ten Thousand Beasts Soul. She repeated it again and again, working without stop.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit envious.

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