Martial Peak - Chapter 2423 - A Big Deal!

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Chapter 2423, A Big Deal!

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Yang Kai had always paid attention to Zhang Ruo Xi’s bloodline. He had always kept the Space Spirit Jade that resonated with Zhang Ruo Xi, and the one time they had experimented with it, some strange and beautiful images had appeared. Yang Kai was still at a loss about what the purpose of this jade was.

Furthermore, in the Four Seasons Realm, Zhang Ruo Xi said that she met an Ancient Divine Spirit Qiong Qi, a Winged Tiger. Qiong Qi was ferocious by nature, but he hadn’t harmed Zhang Ruo Xi in the slightest. On the contrary, he had even gifted her the Pink Clouds Phoenix Robe, an Emperor Artifact with extreme defensive strength!

This matter had made Yang Kai pretty concerned and he vaguely felt that it might be related to Zhang Ruo Xi’s bloodline. However, he couldn’t confirm it.

Maybe after Zhang Ruo Xi became stronger, she could figure out the origins of her bloodline on her own.

Time slowly passed and Yang Kai sorted out the two Space Rings before entering the Sealed World Bead. There, he distributed some cultivation resources to Hua Qing Si, Liu Yuan, and Zhang Ruo Xi before returning to the room.

Before he could make any more movements, a thick sense of oppression suddenly crashed down from the sky.

Yang Kai’s expression changed and he instantly became vigilant.

This feeling was definitely because some Master had used their Divine Sense to scan the building. Although it quickly disappeared, Yang Kai had still sensed the strength of the other party. A Second-Order Emperor Realm Master could not give him such pressure, only a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master could do so!

Seeking Passion Sect’s Sect Master, Feng Xuan, had arrived!

This thought immediately flashed in Yang Kai’s mind as he rushed out of his room.

Outside the inn, An Ruo Yun and the others had solemn looks on their pretty faces. Obviously, they had noticed this man’s arrival as well.

Even the nearby Emperor Realm Masters, who had come to offer congratulations, wore serious looks. They might have known yesterday that Feng Xuan would be coming today, and that once he met Bing Yun, they would very likely fight, but when it was really about to happen, everyone still found the atmosphere suffocating and depressing.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

Continuous explosions could be heard coming from the extremely distant sky. Each explosion sounded closer than the previous, and was followed by another. A figure was rushing over. It was unclear at first, but in just three breaths, it stopped over Ice Moon City, in front of a certain inn.

In the blink of an eye, an oppressive pressure spread over the entire Ice Moon City, causing space to tremble, as if even the world must submit.

Hu Yuan and the others looked up and then hurriedly bowed, “Greetings, Sect Master Feng!”

A man was proudly standing mid-air and raised his hand as he spoke, “Friends, there’s no need to be so polite!”

His every action seemed to carry deep profundity, as if he was in harmony with nature and the surrounding World Principles. Principles lingered about his figure and Hu Yuan and the others felt a subtle force holding them and the others up. They were extremely shocked when they realized that the gap between them and Feng Xuan was like that between Heaven and Earth.

Yang Kai looked up and saw a middle-aged man dressed in scholarly attire standing in the sky. This middle-aged man resembled Feng Xi a little, but he was nobler than Feng Xi. Furthermore, Feng Xuan was far more handsome, brave, and heroic compared to Feng Xi.

He was none other than Seeking Passion Sect’s Sect Master, Feng Xuan. It was uncertain if he was born like this or it was due to the Seeking Passion Supreme Art, but coupled with the gentle smile on his face, everyone who saw him felt as if spring breeze was gently blowing past them.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, felt extremely uncomfortable. This couldn’t be helped as Feng Xi and Yao Zhou were both standing behind Feng Xuan, both of them glaring at Yang Kai, grinding their teeth as if they wanted to feast upon him.

Just a day ago, their Space Rings had been snatched by Yang Kai. They were outnumbered at that time and had to lower their heads. Feng Xi had lost all face but now that Feng Xuan was here, he naturally had a backer. His confidence was also emboldened and he secretly decided that he would make Yang Kai pay for disgracing him before letting him know the fate of offending him.

Feng Xuan only took a cursory glance at Yang Kai, not paying much attention to him; after all, a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator was like an ant in his eyes. His gaze was extremely profound as if he was staring somewhere, penetrating the void, a smile suddenly appearing on his lips as he called out, “Bing Yun, you and I have not met each other in three millennia, this King is truly grateful to be able to meet you again today.”

Once he said this, everyone was shocked.

Whether it was the dozen or so Emperors of Ice Heart Valley or the Masters of various Sects who had come to offer wedding congratulations, up until now, it was just a speculation that Bing Yun was inside the inn. No one dared to use their Divine Sense to confirm it.

An Ruo Yun and the others had been kneeling at the entrance for a day and night, but even then Bing Yun hadn’t graced them with her presence. Hu Yuan and the others were beginning to wonder whether Bing Yun was actually in the inn.

If she really was here, why not show herself? Why leave her Disciples kneeling in the street like some show for others to watch?

But Feng Xuan’s words dispelled everyone’s suspicions.

Bing Yun was definitely inside the inn! Otherwise, it was impossible for Feng Xuan to say such words.

At this moment, since Feng Xuan had already come to Ice Moon City, Bing Yun would have to meet him no matter what, refusing would be extremely rude.

But to everyone’s surprise, after Feng Xuan spoke, there was still no movement inside the inn. Even An Ruo Yun and the others, who were kneeling at the entrance, didn’t say anything.

Hu Yuan and the others quietly waited for a while as they could feel the atmosphere growing slightly strange. Beads of cold sweat began to fill their foreheads as they felt an inexplicable uneasiness rising in their hearts.

Feng Xuan’s face slowly darkened as well since he could feel that Bing Yun was inside the inn. He had taken the initiative to greet the other party but received no response. This was tantamount to a disgrace! How could Feng Xuan suffer such an insult in silence in front of so many Sect Masters of the Northern Territory?

“Bing Yun, after so many years, you’ve grown quite bold,” Feng Xuan coldly smiled, obviously extremely unhappy.

On another side, An Ruo Yun, furrowed her black brow and explained aloud, “Sect Master Feng, Master is busy with some important affairs and cannot reply. Please wait a moment.”

“Important affairs?” Feng Xuan raised his brow. Who knows what was going on in his mind as he simply replied with a nod, “Very well, this King will just wait here.”

At that moment, Feng Xi, who had been grudgingly staring at Yang Kai, approached Feng Xuan and whispered in his ear, pointing in Yang Kai’s direction.

Feng Xuan’s eyes glimmered with a fierce light as he focused his gaze on Yang Kai. The next moment, he shouted, “You there, boy!”

This shout seemed to be mixed with subtle power and Yang Kai instantly felt his head ringing as he suddenly became dizzy. Panicked, he hurriedly mobilized his Spiritual Energy to resist this discomfort. In his Knowledge Sea, the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus also started slowly spinning, brightly shining with seven colours.

A gentle energy rose from his Knowledge Sea, allowing Yang Kai to feel a little better, but blood was trickling down his nose and the corners of his mouth. Not only that, he seemed as if he was about to collapse, his calves going limp as he almost fell to his knees.

Fortunately, the Soul Warming Lotus helped him resist and allowed him to remain standing, only staggering slightly.

After standing firm, fire rose in Yang Kai’s heart.

Feng Xuan had launched a sneak attack against him, concealing it from everyone else around them. Clearly, this Feng Xuan wanted to make him kneel as a show of force, putting Yang Kai in his place.

If Yang Kai knelt down from a single sentence from Feng Xuan in front of so many people, everyone would laugh at his incompetence. This unbearable experience was bound to become his heart demon on his Martial Dao, and if this heart demon wasn’t dispelled, his path in cultivation might end here.

[This Feng Xuan is simply too sinister and despicable!] Yang Kai’s ground his teeth, his eyes burning with fury.

Feng Xuan, on the other hand, raised his brow as a look of surprise flashed across his face.

Contrary to his expectation, Yang Kai hadn’t fallen to his knees. He might not have used too much of his power just now, but it still wasn’t something a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Junior should’ve been able to withstand. Even an inattentive First-Order Emperor would momentarily lose consciousness and make a fool of himself in public.

But Yang Kai just staggered. It was really a surprise.

However, Feng Xuan didn’t pay too much attention to it. The huge gap in their strength made it difficult for Yang Kai to even get his attention.

While Feng Xuan was thinking so though, Yang Kai wiped off the blood trickling down his mouth and nose and sneered before mocking, “The people of Seeking Passion Sect are truly wastes who only know how to bully the weak with strength and numbers! The Vice Sect Master is so, and so is the Sect Master! You have both opened this Young Master’s eyes wide today. Your name Seeking Passion Sect is simply wrong. In my opinion, you should rename yourself as Bullying the Weak Sect!”

Just as Yang Kai said this, Feng Xuan’s expression slightly changed.

He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be so bold, not willing to suffer the slightest loss. He even dared to ridicule Feng Xuan in public!

Hu Yuan and the other Masters present went slack-jawed and all of them broke into a cold sweat. They might not have noticed what just happened, but Yang Kai bleeding from his mouth and nose was visible to everyone. Everyone could easily understand that he had been attacked by Feng Xuan’s shout just now.

But even if Yang Kai suffered a loss, this wasn’t something he should have spoken of aloud.

[This brat must not know how to write the word ‘death’.]

An Ruo Yun and the others, who were slightly late to notice, immediately asked upon noticing Yang Kai’s pale face, “Young Master Yang, are you alright?”

Yang Kai sneered, “This Young Master was sneak attacked by a despicable fellow, and my heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys have all been seriously injured. How could I be okay! This is a very big deal!”

An Ruo Yun could obviously tell that there was nothing wrong with Yang Kai and he was just deliberately making a mountain out of a molehill, inwardly shaking her head at his ability to spout nonsense.

Hu Yuan and the others also felt dizzy. [If your heart, liver, spleen, lungs, and kidneys are seriously injured, how can you speak so energetically? Where did this brat even come from? He actually doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. It seems the ignorant are always fearless. Does a Third-Order Dao Source Realm boy dare to challenge Sect Master Feng Xuan? Sure enough, the young are hot-blooded and aggressive.]

[It will be very difficult for this guy to survive.]

The originally tense atmosphere had been messed up by Yang Kai, and the atmosphere had suddenly turned awkward.

“Little brat, what nonsense are you spouting!?” Feng Xuan was secretly annoyed by Yang Kai’s exaggerations. While he had mixed in some Spiritual Energy into his voice just now, even if Yang Kai had been injured, it should be his Knowledge Sea that took damage. How could it be related to his five viscera and six organs?

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