Martial Peak - Chapter 2066 - Did I Kill Him?

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Chapter 2066, Did I Kill Him?

Under Zhang Ruo Xi’s horrified gaze, the figure of the Jiang Family’s man in white slowly emerged from the darkness.

But at this moment, the face of this First-Order Origin King looked a little hideous.

Anyone in his place would not be in a good mood after someone had evaded him this long and almost been able to escape from him despite the great disparity in their strength.

When he saw the dead-end ahead, the man in white let out a weird laugh. He suddenly became happy and wasn’t as anxious as before. Instead, he approached Zhang Ruo Xi in neither a slow nor fast manner, step by step, and spoke, “Cheap slut, go on! Run, let me see where you can run off to now!”

Zhang Ruo Xi’s figure was pressing dead against the cave wall, her eyes filled with terror. Watching the man in white’s figure approaching bit by bit, she was constantly trembling and shaking her head.

Not only had her delicate appearance failed to receive any pity from him, it had also stimulated the unknown dark side of the man in white. He suddenly looked excited and couldn’t help but lick his lips as if a delicacy was served before him.

The man in white’s sharp gaze travelled along Zhang Ruo Xi’s petite yet growing figure. His eyes flickered with an obscene gleam as he let out an even creepier and perverted laugh.

“Don’t… don’t come closer!” Zhang Ruo Xi vigorously shook her head as she curled into a ball and begged bitterly.

But the man in white remained unmoved. He quickly closed in the short distance of some hundred meters.

And when he arrived before her, the man in white reached out and grabbed toward Zhang Ruo Xi.

Right at this moment, the weak and pleading look in Zhang Ruo Xi’s eyes disappeared in a flash, replaced with determination and courage instead. Saint Qi fluctuations spread from her body as she poured her energy into a dagger-like weapon she had taken out at some unknown point. She then lifted her hand and plunged it straight toward the man in white’s chest.

If their strength had been on the same level, Zhang Ruo Xi’s attack might have had more than 50% chance of succeeding.

But the gap in their cultivation was simply too big. Even if Zhang Ruo Xi’s timing was completely perfect, the moment Saint Qi fluctuations emerged from her body, the man in white had promptly activated his Domain.

And the might of Domain wasn’t something a Second-Order Saint King girl could resist.

So, that dagger was completely imprisoned by an invisible force after reaching three centimetres away from the man in white’s chest. No matter how much Zhang Ruo Xi pushed, she couldn’t push it even a centimetre forward.

Zhang Ruo Xi was really desperate right now. She raised her head and looked at the approaching face.

At this moment, the face that should have been handsome had a devil-like hideous and mocking look on it.

Immediately, the man in white grabbed Zhang Ruo Xi by her hair and slammed her head against the cave wall.


Zhang Ruo Xi felt her brain completely shaken up. Her head was in a tremendous amount of pain. Stars were circling around her eyes.

“Cheap slut, you really have guts! To think you actually dare to attack me!” the man in white hideously smiled, “Very well, I was originally planning to give you quick death, but now, don’t blame this King for being ruthless.”

While speaking, he reached out and grabbed Zhang Ruo Xi by her neck. He directly lifted her up in the air and slowly started squeezing.

Zhang Ruo Xi groaned and gasped for breath as she wildly thrashed her feet, struggling hard. But she couldn’t get free from the man in white’s grip no matter what she did. Slowly, her breathing became difficult, her long eyelashes quickly blinked as her vision slowly started to fade.

Through her fading vision, Zhang Ruo Xi thought saw a figure rushing toward her from a distance. With the help of the dim light in the mine tunnel, she identified it as Sir Yang that she had been thinking about all the while!

[Sir looks anxious, but why are his facial features distorted? He looks extremely terrifying as if he is extremely angry.]

[Great Grandma once said that a person would sometimes hallucinate before they die. It seems this is my own hallucination.]

Thinking like this, her body quickly lost strength as Zhang Ruo Xi slowly closed her eyes.

But right then, a dazzling golden beam suddenly shot over from the distance, instantly dispelling the darkness in the mine.

The next moment, the big hand squeezing her neck suddenly loosened with a muffled groan and Zhang Ruo Xi immediately fell toward the ground.

And before her feet even touched the ground, Zhang Ruo Xi clenched the dagger hard and actually fiercely thrust it forward. Even she had no idea where she got the strength to do it.

To her surprise, the dagger in her hand actually went into the man in white’s chest very smoothly. After she pulled the dagger out, blood immediately splashed all over her face. The warmth and the stickiness of the blood immediately made her hair stand on end.

She was stupefied for a moment but suppressed the fear in her heart and raised the dagger again before stabbing it into the man in white, again and again.

*Squish Squish Squish…*

Every time, she pushed the dagger all the way to the hilt and the blood splashing from the wounds soon turned into a bloody figure.

Zhang Ruo Xi only regained her wits when the man in white fell back on the ground with bulging eyes and a look of disbelief on his face. She kept staring at his corpse in a daze. She didn’t recover from the shock for a long time.

What she couldn’t figure out was how she could stab someone so strong to death…

“Ruo Xi…” an echoing shout came from not too far away.

Zhang Ruo Xi’s figure immediately shook. She looked up and found Yang Kai standing ten meters away from her, quietly staring at her with a guilty look on his face.

“Sir!?” Zhang Ruo Xi involuntarily cried in a tender voice. She could hardly believe her eyes.

Fearing that the figure in front of her was an illusion, she hurriedly rubbed her eyes. However, she forgot the fact that her hands were dyed in blood. When she rubbed her eyes, her entire vision turned red as blood, which was extremely horrifying.

Only at this moment did she seem to finally regain her wits. She looked down at her bloody hands and threw the dagger away. Her tender body started violently shuddering; her emotions in turmoil.

Seeing this, Yang Kai arrived before Zhang Ruo Xi and grabbed her by her wrist and asked in a low voice, “Ruo Xi, are you alright?”

Zhang Ruo Xi slowly raised her head. Her pretty eyes that used to be pure and clear were covered in blood at this moment. After confirming that the person standing before her was indeed Yang Kai and not a hallucination before death, tears kept pouring out of her eyes, falling down on the ground like the pearls from a broken necklace.

All her grievances immediately broke out. Her shoulders shook as she choked up on her own voice, “Mis…ter, Ruo Xi killed… killed someone… I killed… someone… Sir, save me!”

Yang Kai quietly gazed at her, slightly furrowing his brow.

He could naturally tell that Zhang Ruo Xi seemed to have suffered a huge shock at this moment.

And this shock didn’t come from being chased by the man in white, and neither was it because of escaping from the clutches of death, but rather because someone had died in her hands!

Even if that person wasn’t anyone decent, and even wanted to take her life, Zhang Ruo Xi still couldn’t bear it when she stabbed this man to death.

After giving it a bit of thought, everything became clear to Yang Kai.

Zhang Ruo Xi was just a sixteen, seventeen-year-old girl. She was just a budding teenager, and had been spoiled by the Zhang Family since childhood. Even though she cultivated, she had never fought a real life-and-death battle, much less killed anyone with her own hands.

To a young girl like her, everyone’s life was extremely precious.

And today, a life was lost under her dagger. Naturally, she couldn’t take it in a short time.

Yang Kai recalled the first time he killed someone. He felt extremely uncomfortable that time. That restlessness and panic lasted for a long time before it slowly disappeared, and when he killed more people over the years, he didn’t feel anything at all.

But Zhang Ruo Xi was different. This man in white should be the first person she killed!

Considering all this, Yang Kai heaved a sigh before hugging Zhang Ruo Xi. He lightly patted her back and comforted, “You didn’t kill that guy. He died by my hands. He had already stopped breathing by the time you stabbed him.”

Zhang Ruo Xi’s trembling body finally calmed down a little after hearing this. She raised her head and timidly asked, “Really!?”

“Really, look.” As Yang Kai spoke, he stretched out his hand as a Golden Blood Threat shot out of the corpse on the ground and circled around his fingertip. “This is what killed him.”

“I didn’t kill him!?” Zhang Ruo Xi blankly stared at the Golden Blood Thread. The panic in her beautiful eyes finally dissipated. She looked as if a heavy burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

“You didn’t kill him. Take a good rest now, and by the time you wake up, everything will be over.” While gently comforting her, Yang Kai pushed his Source Qi into Zhang Ruo Xi’s body, calming her chaotic Saint Qi.

Perhaps it was because she finally put down the burden in her heart or maybe because she was just too tired, Zhang Ruo Xi really fell asleep in Yang Kai’s arms. She closed her pretty eyes as a gentle snoring sound came from her nose.

After seeing that she was really asleep, Yang Kai finally heaved a sigh of relief and carried her up like a princess.


Suddenly, the sound of something or someone travelling at high speed came from nearby. Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he released his Divine Sense to check. After discovering that it was Mo Xiao Qi, he calmly stood in his place.

After a short while, Mo Xiao Qi appeared not too far away from Yang Kai while the Heaven Escaping Bat let out squeaks as it rested on Mo Xiao Qi’s shoulder.

Mo Xiao Qi looked at Yang Kai, then looked at the bloody corpse on the ground, before finally focusing her gaze on Zhang Ruo Xi, who was held in Yang Kai’s arms, and asking, “Is this Sister Ruo Xi?”

“Mhmm.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Is she okay?”

“I just arrived at the nick of time. Nothing happened, she was just tired and fell asleep.”

“That’s good to hear,” Mo Xiao Qi patted her well-rounded chest as she sighed in relief. But soon, she ground her teeth, “These Jiang Family men are really hateful. Big Brother Yang, I’ve already found out what’s going on here. They actually captured and forced the loose cultivators to mine for them. They are simply assholes!”

“I have a rough idea about it too!” Yang Kai’s eyes flickered with a cold gleam. His face turned colder as he let out a foreboding laugh, “Jiang Family, you actually tried to silence the witness. You just wait.”

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