Martial Peak - Chapter 1934 - Dead End

Chapter 1934, Dead End

“What the hell is that?” Yin Le Sheng looked at Xiao Xiao with flickering eyes, astonished.

Even with his experience and vision, he could not tell whether Xiao Xiao was a living creature or some kind of puppet.

The Stone Puppet Race was simply too rare. If Yang Kai had not had Yang Yan to explain things to him, he likely would not know about Xiao Xiao’s background or origins either, so although Yin Le Sheng had traversed the Grand Desolation Star Field for many years, with the world being as wide as it was, it was only natural there were things he did not know about.

Stone Puppets were one of them!

Transformed into a stone giant, Xiao Xiao had astonishing strength. Wielding the Heaven Shaking Pillar, which weighed millions of tons, he was able to even shatter space.

Having succeeded once, Xiao Xiao did not pause, raising the Heaven Shaking Pillar and smashing it down again.

“Bind!” Yin Le Sheng shouted in a low voice as he pushed his Domain vigorously, wanting to shackle Xiao Xiao and impede his actions.

But his plan failed as Xiao Xiao seemed completely unaffected by his Domain. On the contrary, a strange and inexplicable force pulsed from Xiao Xiao’s body which threw Yin Le Sheng’s Domain into chaos.

“Is this… Principle Strength?” Yin Le Sheng’s face changed wildly as he felt the magical power emanating from Xiao Xiao’s body, a look of pure shock covering his face.

Principle Strength was something that only those as the Dao Source Realm should be able to use. It was vastly superior to Domain and even Yin Le Sheng was unable to grasp it, yet this strange puppet-like creature was able to.

This surprised him greatly.

“Did you also swallow a Source?” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes were sharp, and he swiftly guessed how Xiao Xiao could master Principle Strength, roaring madly, “So what if it is Principle Strength? Do you want to use this broken power to act presumptuously in front of this King? Impudence!”

While roaring, he suddenly formed a seal with his hands and a vigorous power began to condense around his body. In the next instant, he shouted lowly, “Netherworld Bone Spear!”

A giant spear fashioned from jade white bone suddenly appeared in front of him, appearing flawless but exuding a haunting;y eerie power. Trembling slightly for but a moment, it then flickered and disappeared.

The next moment, the bone spear appeared in front of Xiao Xiao.


The bone spear struck Xiao Xiao’s chest and exploded, causing Xiao Xiao to roar fiercely as he was sent flying by the massive impact force. Rock splashed out from Xiao Xiao’s body as he seemed to suffer great damage before disappearing somewhere into the distance.


Liu Yan’s cry sounded as she released countless thunder-fire balls like a rain of arrows to blanket the place where Yin Le Sheng stood.

“Some kind of mutated Thunder-Fire, it seems that you’ve also refined a lot of exotic flames!” Yin Le Sheng glanced at Liu Yan and grinned wickedly, “Good, this King happens to be missing a good Artifact Spirit. You’ll do nicely!”

At a glance, he saw that Liu Yan’s was an Artifact Spirit that had obtained sentience, illustrating just how sharp his vision and insight were.

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Liu Yan.

Up in the air, a huge palm print which seemed to cover the sky suddenly appeared and instantly moved to suppress Liu Yan like a giant falling mountain.

Liu Yan was shocked and rapidly flapped her wings, soaring away from the spot she was hovering at.

However, the giant palm print seemed to have a life of its own and chased after her like a shadow. No matter where Liu Yan ran, she could not escape this palm print and soon was caught by it.

The palm print transformed into a cage and imprisoned Liu Yan the moment it hit. Liu Yan cried out fiercely as she spat out thunder and flame, trying to burn down this cage, but with just a glance, it was obvious it would take her some time to free herself.

At that moment, Yang Kai appeared like a ghost in front of Yin Le Sheng. If it weren’t for the Netherworld Darkness Shroud, it was likely Yang Kai would have stuck right to him.

Yang Kai’s expression was filled with ferocity as his right arm, in its Dragon Claw state, tightly gripped the Verdant Dragon Bone Sword and slammed it towards Yin Le Sheng with all his strength.

“Ant, you dare pester me so!” Yin Le Sheng roared, causing the thick malevolent aura around him to shrink and condense into a giant phantom head above his head which opened its mouth wide and screamed towards Yang Kai.

An invisible force shot forth and, like crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, destroyed Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea defences, shaking his Soul and causing him to become somewhat disoriented.

[Such a strong Divine Sense attack?]

Yang Kai’s heart sank, knowing that if he did not go all out this time, he would be doomed.

Although this Yin Le Sheng was not the most powerful enemy he had ever encountered, Yang Kai knew he was definitely not his opponent. The Wu Sheng Feng Yang Kai had encountered before was definitely much stronger than Yin Le Sheng, but at the time Yang Yan was there to help him, and Wu Sheng Feng was absolutely not a match for her.

Now though, Yang Kai could only depend on himself.

Resisting the discomfort in his mind, Yang Kai poured all his strength into the Dragon Bone Sword and slashed at the Netherworld Darkness Shroud.

With a bang, Yang Kai was sent flying, bleeding profusely as he tumbled through the air, his appearance extremely miserable.

“You still want to resist?” Yin Le Sheng looked at Yang Kai coldly, a smug expression on his face, as if victory was already in his grip. After he landed, he said in a leisurely manner, “Your ability and aptitude in your Star Field is no doubt top-notch, even this King admits he was inferior when he was in your realm, but… you have appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is your fate, obediently accept it, Boy!”

Yang Kai braced himself and struggled to his feet, raising his head to glance over at the other battlefield, his expression cold and severe.

Over there, Gui Zu and the others were still fighting together, but it was clear they were not the opponents of Feng De and Liu Xian Yun.

Their cultivations were all technically the same, but the gap in their inner strength was obvious. The three masters from the Grand Desolation Star Field who had spent five years in this Starlight Corridor had clearly transformed a good portion of their Saint Qi into this new power.

What about them?

Yang Kai and his group had only been here for a month.

How could they compare to these three?

As such, it did not take long for Gui Zu and the others to fall into a disadvantage. Gui Zu was in a particularly bad state, his black Qi almost completely scattered, revealing a bloodied body. Ai Ou was also bleeding from a deep gash on his chest, obviously having suffered a severe injury. The Heavenly Moon Demon Spider manifestation floating behind Chi Yue had become bleak while Wu Dao’s face was pale and Gu Cang Yun was coughing up blood.

They had almost reached a dead end!

The bald man was absolutely ruthless in his approach, but the woman seemed to have some reservation in her actions.

Even so, Gui Zu and the others would not last much longer.

As for his two big helpers, Xiao Xiao had been sent flying, his condition unknown, while Liu Yan was imprisoned in a cage that she was struggling desperately to escape. While there did not seem to be any worry about her life at the moment, once Yang Kai was defeated, Liu Yan would likely have her will erased and be grafted into some artifact by Yin Le Sheng, becoming his Artifact Spirit.

The six of them had all departed in high spirits, with infinite yearning for the Star Boundary in their hearts, but who could have anticipated that what was waiting for them was such a scene?

Yang Kai felt great sorrow in his heart.

“Give up! You and that other one have Star Sources, so this King can’t kill you now, but the others…” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes flashed a cold light. He had suffered a small loss at Xiao Xiao’s hand, causing his appearance to become a bit dishevelled, but aside from that, he was basically unharmed.

“Feng De, leave the one with the Star Source, kill the others!” Yin Le Sheng suddenly ordered.

“Yes!” Feng De shouted before grinning and pushing his strength even more violently, as if he was trying to vent the humiliation he had suffered at Yin Le Sheng’s hand before on Gui Zu and the others a hundred times over.

Suddenly, the situation of Gui Zu and the others became more and more worrying.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment before he gazed towards Yin Le Sheng and said, “You want my Star Source? I can give it to you!”

“Oh? Finally willing to submit?” A sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of Yin Le Sheng’s mouth.

“But you’ll have to take this first!” Yang Kai’s face suddenly became fierce as he stretched out his hand, a small bead glowing a faint purple hue tightly gripped in his palm. This bead was about the size of a pigeon egg and looked quite attractive as faint lighting arcs flickered across its surface.

“That’s…” Yin Le Sheng furrowed his brows as a sense of unease suddenly washed over him, like this seemingly unremarkable bead could bring him great danger.

Before he could identify just what kind or grade of artifact this bead was, a terrifying aura suddenly erupted from it, one that seemed capable of extinguishing all creation, one that was tinged with the aura of death…

Yin Le Sheng’s expression finally changed as he exclaimed in shock, “You actually have a Dao Source Grade artifact?”

He mistakenly regarded the Annihilation Thunder Bead as an artifact at the Dao Source Grade.

Yang Kai grinned and said, “What’s wrong, scared?”

Yin Le Sheng’s expression flickered fiercely before he quickly regained his calm and said lightly, “So what if you have a Dao Source Grade artifact? You can boast after breaking this King’s defence!”

As he spoke, he rushed straight towards Yang Kai.

Although he did not believe that the bead in Yang Kai’s hand could break through the defense of his Netherworld Darkness Shroud, it didn’t hurt to act cautiously, so he did not plan to give Yang Kai a chance to use it.

Yang Kai simply stood in place, unmoving, allowing Yin Le Sheng to rush towards him while he poured all his strength into the Annihilation Thunder Bead.

As Yang Kai’s strength flooded into the Thunder Bead, a single lighting arc condensed.


With a faint puff, a small purple bolt of lightning shot out from the Annihilation Thunder Bead.

This purple bolt flashed forward leisurely, looking completely harmless.

But this tiny, inconspicuous purple lightning arc directly penetrated the Netherworld Darkness Shroud around Yin Le Sheng’s body which had resisted all of Yang Kai’s and Xiao Xiao’s attacks to this point. Before this lightning bolt, the black halo which seemed impenetrable was actually as fragile as paper.

Yin Le Sheng suddenly froze on the spot, as if he had been subjected to some kind of profound binding technique, his eyes trembling violently as he glanced down in disbelief.

The next instant, he witnessed something terrifying. His Netherworld Darkness Shroud unexpectedly had a tiny hole in it!


A loud crack soon followed, together with some chaotic energy fluctuation and the sound of something crumbling.

The Netherworld Darkness Shroud’s protective halo directly shattered!

The Dao Source Grade artifact had directly returned to its original appearance and was now barely emitting any glow, apparently having completely lost almost all of its spirituality.

“An Emperor Artifact?” Yin Le Sheng paled in horror as his eyes shot towards the Annihilation Thunder Bead in Yang Kai’s hand.

It was not until this moment that he realized how greatly he had underestimated Yang Kai’s depths. The bead in his hand was no mere Dao Source Grade artifact, but a genuine Emperor Artifact!

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