Martial God Asura - Chapter 4743: Rank Seven Utmost Exalted Level

Chapter 4743: Rank Seven Utmost Exalted Level

It had been four hours since Chu Feng activated the formation, and during this period of time, Li Muzhi and the others didn’t leave the area at all. They were standing outside the formation, chatting with one another while watching Chu Feng cultivate.

The formation which Chu Feng had set up was obviously a formation that increased one’s mental processing ability. There wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy of it, but even so, the gazes of Li Muzhi and the rest were still drawn to it.


All of a sudden, thunderous rumbling sounded in the sky above as the sunlight dimmed.

This phenomenon caught not just Li Muzhi’s attention but that of the entire Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect was already enveloped in the calamitous phenomenon that threatened to destroy it, but at this very moment, another phenomenon was occurring on top of it.

A brilliant nine-colored bolt of lightning coiled around the sky, commanding a presence s imposing that it looked as if nine lightning beasts were threatening to rip the sky apart and destroy the land.

Even the initial calamitous phenomenon suddenly seemed to pale in comparison in the presence of this nine-colored lightning.

“This is the phenomenon triggered by someone who possesses the Heavenly Bloodline. Is someone going to make a breakthrough soon? But why does the phenomenon we see today appear much stronger than usual?”

“Much stronger than usual? That’s a gross understatement! It looks as if it’s going to destroy everything!”

“What a terrifying aura this is…”

“A phenomenon like this can’t possibly be triggered by any ordinary person. Just who could it be?”

“Could it be that the Zuoqiu Brothers have made a breakthrough again?”

“That’s impossible! The two of them have only just advanced their cultivation not too long ago. It’s impossible for them to make a breakthrough now. Besides, their breakthroughs wouldn’t incur such a frightening phenomenon either.”

“The phenomenon appears to be getting stronger and stronger. It looks almost as if it’s going to fall down!”

“Who in the world could it be?”

Li Muzhi and the others fathomed guesses upon seeing the phenomenon in the sky.


Finally, the phenomenon in the sky descended to the ground, but it caused Li Muzhi and the others to panic. To their horror, the phenomenon was actually racing their way!

“S-surely not?”

Li Muzhi and the others turned their sights to Chu Feng. They knew that the only one who could summon that phenomenon here was here.

While they knew that the phenomenon would only affect the Heavenly Bloodline possessor who summoned it, they still couldn’t help but back away in fear of the immense destructive prowess harnessed within it.

Soon, the lightning bolt fell upon Chu Feng.

Once again, Li Muzhi and the others found themselves dumbfounded once more. Right before their eyes, they saw the terrifying phenomenon being absorbed by Chu Feng into his body!

It was not as if they hadn’t seen Heavenly Bloodline possessors making a breakthrough before. Summoning the lightning was just the first step; one had to survive before its prowess in order to truly make a breakthrough.

However, never had they seen anyone deal with the nine-colored lightning as quickly as Chu Feng did.

“It’s done!”

Chu Feng’s eyes remained close, but joy was swiftly rippling through his heart. He had successfully made a breakthrough, raising his cultivation to rank seven Utmost Exalted level.

This was all thanks to the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor. In fact, the reason why the nine-colored lightning didn’t faze him at all was due to it neutralizing the energy of the bolt of lightning. As long as the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor was looking out for him, he didn’t need to worry about any trials arising from his breakthroughs at all.

All he had to do was to unlock the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, and everything would automatically fall into place.

Despite his breakthrough, Chu Feng didn’t just stop there. He continued trying to decipher the part of the armor, but to his pity, he noticed that the formation had visibly gotten weaken after his breakthrough, and it was still weakening continuously at the moment.

He quickly took a look at the formation and realized that the supporting formation wasn’t providing his formation any energy anymore.

“Senior Li, why did the energy coming in from the supporting formation suddenly weaken?” Chu Feng asked anxiously.

“Weaken? A-ah? It’s really weakening! Why would this happen?”

Li Muzhi was clearly taken aback by the situation too.

“Junior Chu Feng, you really are incredible. Isn’t the phenomenon you caused earlier a little too frightening? It looks like you possess extraordinary bloodline power on top of your spirit power.”

However, Li Muzhi didn’t pay too much heed to the anomaly. He was more concerned about Chu Feng’s earlier breakthrough. The phenomenon was simply so tremendous that it shook him up.

On the other hand, Chu Feng was still unwilling to give up here. He tried to construct yet another stronger formation, but to his dismay, the supporting formation seemed to be rejecting him. It wouldn’t accord him any help at all.

“Could it be that the supporting formation has lost its energy?”

Li Muzhi was initially paying it no heed, but he was starting to get nervous now. One must know that the supporting formation was of vital importance to them. If its energy had really dissipated, it would be a huge loss to them.

“Senior Li, come into my formation core and try activating my formation,” Chu Feng said as he walked out of his formation.

Li Muzhi wasn’t sure what difference it would make, but he did as Chu Feng said anyway. Surprisingly, when he tried to activate the formation, the energy from the supporting formation immediately began flowing in right away.

“This… Why would it be like that?”

Li Muzhi and the others directed bewildered gazes at Chu Feng. They suddenly realized that things might not be as simple as they seemed. Very clearly, the supporting formation was still working normally for the others.

“Let me give it another try.”

Chu Feng entered his formation once more, but this time around, he got Li Muzhi to channel the formation core instead. Astonishingly, the energy from the supporting formation didn’t flow this time around.

Chu Feng proceeded on to try a few other different methods, and eventually, he came to a conclusion.

It was not that the supporting formation had lost its energy, but for some reason, the supporting formation was refusing to lend its help to Chu Feng anymore, or to be more exact, enhance his mental processing ability.

Chu Feng had tried other formations later on, and the supporting formation worked perfectly fine for those. It was only when he set up formations that enhanced his mental processing speed that the supporting formation began playing dead.

“This is weird. Why would it turn out like this? Such a thing has never happened before.”

Li Muzhi and the others were baffled by the eerie happenings.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, had a vague answer in mind. It was likely to have something to do with the Hidden Dragon Soul Armor, though he wasn’t certain what exactly was going on.

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