Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainess - Chapter 370 - 367: Honeymoon IV

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When Serena entered the room, what welcomed her was Geoffrey sitting on the bed, his back leaning on the headboard, and his eyes closed. A blanket was draped over his lower body, but he was naked from waist up. Briefly, she wondered if he was wearing anything underneath. 

Was he asleep? Perhaps he got tired of waiting. She closed the door of the dressing room. When she turned to look at him again, their eyes met. 

His gaze was smothering and made the moisture between her legs become more uncomfortable. She bit her lip.

Geoffrey smirked as he saw her blush despite the dim lighting. He has been waiting for her for almost half an hour and his manhood which has been painfully erect since he exited his dressing room already turned flacid. Now that she's here, dressed in some flimsy attire which he had no idea women wore, his erection came back to life with vengeance. All he wanted to do was tear the sorry excuse of cloth on her body and savor her.

"Sorry to keep you waiting…" Serena said as she walked to their matrimonial bed.

Geoffrey shook his head as he smiled. Then, he placed his feet on the ground before standing up from the bed. 

Serena seeing him do so, had to pause. Now she knew the answer to her question. He was stark naked. 

With confident footsteps despite his state of undress and angry erection he strode towards her. 

It took all of Serena's willpower to keep her eyes from looking down.

Geoffrey now in front of her pulled her to an embrace. Their body pressed together, her breast pressed to his chest, his erection rubbing on her body, it felt so damn good. "It was worth the wait, my princess." He whispered as he bent to pick her up for a bridal carry. 

Serena's heartbeat accelerated as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. She could not wait for the moment he takes her. With her position, she saw her nipples have already turned into hard buds. She wondered if he knew how much she wanted him. 

Geoffrey gently laid Serena on the bed. He stood straight for a moment to take in the vision she presented. Her hair fanning on the pillow, her face flushed, her pink nipples erect and visible through her attire, her body, pale and white. Gods, if he were not careful, this night would end before it even began.

Serena could feel his eyes drinking her in. She knew he liked what he saw but she still needed confirmation. "Do you… like this?" she asked, trying to sound innocent while pertaining to her attire.

Geoffrey took her hand and guided it to his shaft. "What do you think?" he asked.

Serena's hand trembled. Gods, what would he think if she were to suddenly suck his engorged manhood? 

Geoffrey's eyes mooned seeing her expression. Then, he climbed the bed and positioned himself on top of her on all fours. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "Serena, my wife, my princess, I am your husband. Whatever you wear, say, or do, I will always desire you. I love you." 

Then, before Serena could say anything back, he kissed her. It was not a tender gentle kiss. It was ravenous, passionate, and fervent. As if his kiss would show her how much he desired her.

Serena arched her back, pressing her body closer to his. Gods, she wanted nothing more than to push him down and impale herself on his cock.

Geoffrey moved from her lips to her neck, licking, kissing, and nibbling. Wanting to leave his marks on her skin. She was delicious and she was now all his. He continued to move from her neck down to her breast. Without removing the lingerie on her, he took one to his mouth and sucked her pinkish nipple while softly squeezing the other.

Serena can no longer stop herself from moaning out loud. Her breasts were so sensitive that each flick of his tongue sent spasms to her vagina. Out of her wits, she started saying, "Geoffrey… please, please, make love to me now. I can't anymore… I need you so much…"

Geoffrey felt his abdomen tighten. Controlling his urge to just bury himself inside her without the foreplay was already immensely painful, but with her words, it became even more so. "Patience my princess, we will get there." He replied as he pulled on the ribbon which was holding her attire close.

Serena whimpered. Was he punishing her? She was soaking wet, and he was still bent on doing this foreplay? She almost wanted to cry. Perhaps lingerie is not a good thing to wear in front of Geoffrey. She should just go in naked! 

Geoffrey saw her now naked body save for the undergarment she was wearing. She had her legs closed, rubbing one another. He moved down the bed to spread them apart.

He saw that the material was already drenched. To see her so wet for him, it made him greedy. So, he tore her underwear apart. Then, he used his tongue to lap on her dew, slowly moving it up to her pulsating pink pearl. 

Serena's head snapped back as a wave of bliss washed over her. Then, as if what he's doing were not enough, he inserted two long fingers inside while his unrelenting lips and tongue pleasured her. He continued his ministration until Serena started buckling, moaning loudly, as her eyes closed tightly, and tears escaped. Her peach contracted and exploded in a sticky mess. 

Geoffrey drank her juices like a man dying of thirst. Then, he moved up to kiss her lips, making her taste her own juices while his engorged shaft pressed against her pussy. 

Serena was still seeing stars from her first orgasm when she felt Geoffrey's thick meat entering her folds. As she just climaxed, her pussy was more sensitive, and his invasion was sending waves of aftershock to her body. "Geoffrey!!! Ah!!!" she exclaimed as he pushed deeper into her.

Geoffrey could not help but grunt when he was fully sheathed. It was so wet and warm inside. Her tight walls were squeezing him as if trying to milk him. Looking at her pleasure filled face, he started moving.

At first, Geoffrey moved slowly, relishing their union. But then, he gave in to his need and started moving harder and faster.

With Geoffrey pounding and stretching her pussy, Serena did not know left from right anymore. She wrapped her arms around his neck while he continued going in and out of her, "I love you, Geoffrey. I love you! Ah!" she screamed again as another mind-numbing orgasm hit her.

Geoffrey untangled her hold on him as he took a pillow and placed it under her lower back then, he lifted her hips so he can penetrate her deeper. He used his right hand to rub her clit as he continued going in and out of her.

"Geoffrey! Geoffrey! Ah!!! I can't anymore! Ah!!!" she screamed and shouted, as he continued mercilessly. Serena just blanked as waves and waves of pleasure hit her and her voice became hoarse from screaming his name over and over.

When Geoffrey felt himself near, he leaned forward wrapped his hands around Serena. He kissed her lips as he continued pounding until finally his sac tightened and he shot his load inside her.

Geoffrey stayed still in that position, on top of Serena, his arms around her, trying to catch his breath while not suffocating her with his weight. After a while, he whispered, "I love you" to Serena's ear. Not, hearing her response, he looked at her face only to see that she already lost consciousness. 

He chuckled seeing the expression on her face. Anyhow, not pulling out of her, he shifted their position so that they were laying side by side, facing each other. He continued to hug her until he too fell asleep.



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