Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 876 - I Only Have Secrets With You  

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Chapter 876: I Only Have Secrets With You

The voice belonged to Leng Yuxi.

Yan Jinyi’s smile faded immediately as she glanced at the spot behind Huo Xishen.

At this moment, Leng Yuxi finally noticed Yan Jinyi who was standing at the door. She frowned and said with a look of displeasure, “Are you refusing to meet the person Dad introduced you to for the sake of accompanying her to the hospital? Xishen, when have you become so emotional?”

“Miss Leng, you’re making it sound too serious.” Huo Xishen behaved rather distantly when facing Leng Yuxi. “As a husband, isn’t it normal for me to accompany my wife to the hospital?”

Biting her lower lip hard, Leng Yuxi was extremely jealous. “Xishen, do you know that by bailing this time, you might lose a deal that’s worth over a billion?”

“And so what?”

“I-I’m just worried about you. This woman seems to be very healthy, what can be wrong…”

‘No way, that’s impossible. How can Xishen possibly get that shameless woman pregnant!?!’

“Xishen, you’re still so young and it’s time for you to continue promoting the Huo Family. You won’t choose to have a child now, right?”

Yan Jinyi finally couldn’t tolerate it any longer and she snapped, “Miss Leng, how do you manage to do it?”

“What do you mean?”

“How do you manage to be so shameless and thick-skinned? Your skin is thicker than the city walls!”

She was young and was honestly quite a good catch. Yet, she chose to be a home wrecker. People of the 21st century are much more hardworking than people from her time!

The nurses stood around her to watch while Leng Yuxi’s face turned really sullen. “Yan Jinyi, please mind your words. Weren’t you the one pestered Xishen to come to the hospital and disrupted his work? Hmph, your mom is a thief so your character is indeed…”

At this point, Leng Yuxi finally realised that something was wrong and she quickly kept quiet to observe Yan Jinyi’s expression.

Huo Xishen couldn’t help but glance at Leng Yuxi while secretly guessing. “Miss Leng, if you don’t want to lose your current lifestyle, you’d better watch your mouth.”

Leng Yuxi’s eyes reddened immediately. “Xishen, are you threatening me?”

Huo Xishen didn’t reply her and instead, gently put his arm around her waist. “My wife doesn’t care about your things but if you insist on giving her a gift, we won’t mind either.”

Leng Yuxi was stunned because she immediately understood what Huo Xishen meant.

She was overwhelmed with horror. Indeed, Huo Xishen was already aware of what happened.

Yan Jinyi..

“W-What are you saying? I don’t understand.”

“Mind your own business.” Without further ado, Huo Xishen took Yan Jinyi away.

The fear within her intensified and Leng Yuxi clenched her fists tightly, absolutely certain that Huo Xishen was already aware of everything.

Based on his tone, she reckoned that he had probably not informed Yan Jinyi yet and perhaps, he wasn’t sure of it himself.

As long as she made Yan Jinyi vanish from this world, nothingwould be able to threaten her, be it Huo Xishen or her identity as the Bai family’s heiress.

‘Yes, Yan Jinyi must disappear from this world!’

Yan Jinyi felt a chill down her spine.

She shuddered, rubbed her nose, and raised her head in confusion. “Mr. Huo, I feel like someone is scolding me.”

“You may retort then .”


She couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “It must be Leng Yuxi. IS there some hidden secret between you two that you’re hiding from me?”

“You’re thinking too much, Darling. You’re the only person I share secrets with.”

After thinking about it, Huo Xishen still couldn’t help but ask, “Darling, what do you think of the Bai family?”

“If we were in ancient times and I were a bandit, they’d definitely be the first family I rob.”

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