Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 875 - Let’s Divorce  

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Chapter 875: Let’s Divorce


Yan Jinyi really thought Huo Xishen was going to get it on with her in this broad daylight, to her surprise, he stuffed her into the car.

“Where to?”

“To the hospital for a checkup.”


“Doggy Huo, I’m not pregnant!”

After helping her to fasten the seatbelt, he went around again to go to the driver’s seat. He then rubbed her hair comfortingly. “Be good, I can still manage.”


One was the top plutocrat in the city, a former dreamboat and most eligible bachelor; and the other, a top female celebrity. The couple attracted the attention of a large crowd almost as soon as they reached the hospital.

Huo Xishen considerately held onto Yan Jinyi’s hand. Seeing that someone was taking photos, he even specially pulled down Yan Jinyi’s cap, which sparked an uproar around him.

“Mr. Huo is so gentle!”

“My goddess has such a great figure. They’re heading straight to the gynecologist. Is my goddess pregnant?”

“No, it can’t be!”

Huo Chengyu works in this hospital, and it just so happens that he was also there today.

When he saw the two, Huo Chengyu’s first reaction was to look at Yan Jinyi’s stomach. “Is Jinyi pregnant?”

“We’re going to have a check.”

“I’m not a gynecologist, so I can’t help Sister-in-law with this.”

Huo Chengyu was really a well-dressed scum, especially when wearing a white coat with spectacles on.

Except Huo Zihang, the other two male heirs of the Huo family were actually pretty good, but unfortunately, scums are scums. It was a pity that he disliked Shen Yan.

Huo Chengyu sensed the hostility from Yan Jinyi, but he remained smiling and looked at her while speaking with a gentle tone of voice, “Sister-in-law, rest assured, the gynecologist who will be giving you a checkup is the best in the hospital.Go in.”

“Big brother should remain single for the rest of his life. Oh, by the way, Yan Yan plans to marry Mr. Shen Guanzhou this year if she still doesn’t find a partner this year. Ah, Chengyu’s life is so sad, he doesn’t even have a backup plan.”

While shaking her head, she walked into the consultation room.

“Sister-in-law is good to her, you should feel a sense of crisis.”

Huo Xishen didn’t even raise his eyelids. “Sister-in-law is indeed excellent. She’s too good for you.”


‘When did Xishen become so mean?’

“By the way, just now I saw Leng Yuxi coming to see Dr. Chen.” Huo Chengyu suddenly said.

At that, Huo Xishen’s gaze abruptly turned sullen. “Mhm.”

“If it’s true, be careful of Leng Yuxi making a move on Jinyi.”

After patting Huo Xishen on the shoulder, Huo Chengyu then turned around to leave. “I have to go to the research institute this afternoon, so I won’t disturb the two of you.”


Dr. Chen was responsible for delivering Leng Jing’s baby back then.

It was only recently that he found out that she was also in charge of Yan Jinyi’s mother’s delivery.

The test results came out quickly. She wasn’t pregnant.

With the test report in hand, Yan Jinyi looked unusually excited. “See, see, why didn’t you believe me?”

‘How scary is it for a female bandit to be a mother?’

‘A female bandit coaxing, nursing her child, and tucking him or her to sleep is even scarier!’

The thought of it gave Yan Jinyi the goosebumps.

“Mr. Huo, why don’t we just get a divorce?”

Huo Xishen’s face turned sullen. “Darling, do you think I’m not good enough?”

“Mr. Huo, your skills are quite good, but I’m not blessed to be able to take it. Since you like children so much, I can’t hold you back, can I?” Yan Jinyi blinked. “I… don’t intend to have children. It’ll implicate you.”

“I respect your choice, Darling.”

Yan Jinyi’s eyes lit up, “How about we go get di…”

Not waiting for her to finish, Huo Xishen interrupted, “It’s not too bad to stay childless.”

‘Huo Xishen is such a dog.’

“Xishen, what brings you here to the hospital?”

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