Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 711 - Calling Off The Engagement

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Chapter 711: Calling Off The Engagement

‘I’m afraid Yan Jinyi is not so easy to deal with.’

Ren Hanxuan did not bother to remind her either. She simply said with a look of envy, “Yuxi, you’re so lucky and blissful.”

“Only when I get Xishen will I be truly blissful.”

Leng Yuxi suddenly took Ren Hanxuan’s hand and said, “Hanxuan, I have to thank you this time too. Yan Jinyi is really arrogant, how dare she appear in public during this period of time?”

She believed that as long as she paid off some netizens to help publicize the matter, Yan Jinyi would completely lose the chance to make a comeback.

‘Grandpa Huo definitely wouldn’t want a woman with such a rotten reputation!’


At Shenyang Daily.

“Hey, I heard that Tan Sangsang is Yan Jinyi’s childhood friend. Sangsang, you didn’t join her in the fraud, did you?”

Liu Qingqing was leaning against her office chair and fiddling with her newly done nails from time to time.

“Liu Qingqing, don’t go too far.”

“Are you getting worked up just like that?” Liu Qingqing looked aggrievedly at the chief editor, Wang Yunxiao, and said, “Yunxiao, it’s normal for me to suspect it, right? How can she go to interview Mr. Huo Zihang with this kind of temper?”

For some reason, Huo Zihang called the magazine house himself and said that he suddenly wasn’t pleased with the interview Tan Sangsang had done with him previously so he wanted to do another one with Tan Sangsang.

Tan Sangsang didn’t dare to show her displeasure regarding that matter. She was still dating Huo Zihang on the surface and his girlfriend in name. Huo Zihang threatened that he would expose their relationship if she were to disagree.

Wang Yunxiao once asked Tan Sangsang to follow the people of Yixin Finance so he did suspect that Yan Jinyi might have been framed by Yang Qing instead when she was helping Tan Sangsang.

His original intention was to take advantage of the coverage of the groundbreaking news of Yixin Financial to successfully become the deputy editor-in-chief but it now seemed uncertain.

He didn’t expect Yang Qing to be so vicious.

He drank some water, glanced at Liu Qingqing, and said, “This is the magazine press. Qingqing, please be mindful of the way you address others.”

Liu Qingqing pursed her lips and glared at Tan Sangsang menacingly as she thought, ‘Yun Xiao must still like this bitch.’

“Sangsang, come to the office to talk to me.” Wang Yunxiao said gently as he suddenly stood up, turned around, and pushed open his office door.

All of a sudden, everyone turned to look at Tan Sangsang while Liu Qingqing was so furious that she wished she could chop Tan Sangsang up into pieces.

“Editor-in-chief, what did you call her to the office for?”

“About the re-interview with Third Young Master Huo, I still have some things to explain. Qingqing, this is the office, put away your bratty behavior.”

Liu Qingqing felt aggrieved. ‘I’m clearly Wang Yunxiao’s fiancee!’

Tan Sangsang hesitated for a moment but she nevertheless tagged behind Wang Yunxiao, not wanting to be involved with them. If not for the sake of making a living, she would have long tendered her resignation.

The publishing house was now completely different from before.

“Sangsang, Qingqing tends to be rude with her words but she means no harm. She’s just spoiled by her parents, please don’t mind her.”

Tan Sangsang said coldly with indifference, “Editor-in-chief, she’s your fiancée, you should defend her.”

Wang Yunxiao’s smile stiffened for a few seconds, and he met Tan Sangsang’s eyes with a devoted gaze in his. “Sangsang, as long as you want me to, I can cancel my engagement with her.”

“Don’t do that. Editor-in-chief, you must not say that. I’m afraid that some people might hear you and slander me. Editor-in-chief, if that’s all you have to say to me, I’ll go out to work first.”

Seeing that Tan Sangsang was about to leave, Wang Yunxiao suddenly reached out and took her wrist. “Sangsang, all this time I only treated Liu Qingqing as my younger sister.”

Tan Sangsang said expressionlessly, “That is your business, Editor-in-chief, please don’t discuss this with me during work hours.”

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