Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 684 - : How Pitiful

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Chapter 684: How Pitiful

Yang Guifang laughed along and said, “Mrs. Bai, you’re so elegant and beautiful, your daughter must be really pretty too.”

Leng Jing whipped out her cell phone and unlocked it. Her wallpaper was a photo of Leng Yuxi. She said, “This is my daughter. She’s the only girl in the family so she has been spoiled growing up.”

Yang Guifang couldn’t help but raise her hand to touch the screen. With a rare touch of kindness in her eyes, she said, “Ah, she’s really beautiful. Is there anyone she likes? She will definitely marry a good man in the future.”

The smile hanging on the corners of Leng Jing’s mouth stiffened, and she couldn’t help but look at Yan Jinyi. “She does carry a torch for someone.”

“The person that your daughter likes must be very blissful.”

Leng Jing did not answer them and instead just smiled perfunctorily.

“I really wish I’d have the chance to meet your daughter, Mrs. Bai.” Yang Guifang suddenly sighed.

“Meet my daughter?”

Yang Guifang suddenly realized that she had acted inappropriately and quickly coughed a little. “Ahem, I just think that a beautiful girl like her must look better in person. Besides, Mrs. Bai, you said that you’re going to donate the 200,000 yuan to me in your daughter’s name. No matter what, I have to thank her personally for it.”

There was no way Leng Yuxi would be willing to meet Yan Jinyi’s grandmother. When the time comes, God knows what outrageous act she would commit.

Leng Jing politely refuted, “Yuxi has gone overseas to play. Ma’am, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Yan Jinyi saw everything.

‘This family is really hopeless, even my own grandmother is more sincere to outsiders than to me.’

According to her memory, the original owner’s parents weren’t much closer to her either. She felt that the original owner was a pitiful person.

She couldn’t help but touch her face and think to herself emotionally, ‘It’s been hard on you. I’ll treat cherish your body well.’

Huo Qingyuan inched closer to Yan Jinyi’s ear and asked softly, “Second Sister-in-law, do you really want this 200,000 yuan?”

“It’s not for me anyway. It’s none of my business whether you want it or not. Where’s the recording?”

Huo Qingyuan handed her phone to them like she presenting a treasure. “It’s right here. Don’t worry, Second Sister-in-law, even if we get framed in the future, we’ll be able to produce evidence immediately.”

“Well done.”

The recording function of a cell phone is a good thing but unfortunately, she was not in ancient times.

Yang Guifang and Liu Chen really had the cheek to accept the 200,000 yuan. After doing so, they finally left with joy.

The wives of wealthy men present were more or less prejudiced about Yan Jinyi, which she had already noticed too.

Anyway, she would make them come plead with her sooner or later.

Of course, Chen Yu was an exception. When Yang Guifang left, Chen Yu also specifically comforted her.

“Second Young Mistress Huo, don’t be sad, I grew up having a strained relationship with my grandmother too. Since you’ve already done her a favor before, that’s fine. You can’t kept letting her leech off of you.”

Li Mingfang was a social butterfly who had always been good at handling interpersonal relationships. Hence, she chimed in, “Do not take it to heart, come and try this. It was flown here today.”

The tea party lasted all the way till the evening. Li Mingfang intended to have dinner together with them but this time, Leng Jing was the first to refuse.

The crowd left, and Yan Jinyi called Chen Yu over alone.

“Mrs. Chen, shall we go together?”

Chen Yu was a little surprised. “Second Young Mistress Huo, you…”

“It’s okay, my car is parked in the same place as Mrs. Chen’s car.”

The rest of the wives of wealthy men couldn’t help but whisper among themselves.

“Chen Yu is quite capable. She managed to get close to a whale like Second Young Mistress Huo.”

“I bet she just wants to suck up to the Huo Family.”

The few of them were speaking softly but Chen Yu could hear them clearly.

“Mrs. Chen, you don’t need to pay attention to those people. You know the best what kind of person you are. Even your biological parents are in no place to judge you.”

Chen Yu looked at Yan Jinyi, suddenly full of admiration for her.

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