Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 683 - I’m Really Broke Now

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Chapter 683: I’m Really Broke Now

At this point, Yang Guifang’s face turned sullen immediately.

Huo Qingyuan silently pulled down the hem of her skirt and bit her lower lip tightly. ‘Second Sister-in-law doesn’t ever tell me before she decides to put on an act.’

“Growing up, I have seen you only a few times. I didn’t dare to get close to you at all!” Yan Jinyi exclaimed, rubbing her nose forcefully. “Grandma, you often only show concern to my cousins. Do you not care about me, your granddaughter, at all?”

Suddenly, the sound of melon seeds being cracked came from the side. She could see from her peripheral vision that it was Mrs. Fu who organized this tea party.

The corners of Yan Jinyi’s mouth slightly twitched. ‘You don’t have to make it so obvious that you’re watching the gossip.’

Afraid that her image would be ruined, she frantically scurried forward and patted Yan Jinyi’s shoulder. “Silly child, you’re my precious baby too. Ever since your parents passed away, I’ve been thinking about you everyday. Why wouldn’t I care about you?”

Yan Jinyi choked and raised her tear-filled eyes slightly. Staring at Yang Guifang, she asked, “Is it true?”

“Of course it’s true.”

“Then you won’t force me, right, Grandma?”

Yang Guifang nodded.

Yan Jinyi hesitantly looked at Liu Chen and said, “Auntie has taken several millions from me. I secretly transferred the last one million from Huo Qingyuan but they found out in the end. Grandma, I really don’t have any money now. Mr. Huo is very strict with me. Don’t resent me and think I’m heartless and unrighteous just because I can’t give you the sum of 200,000 yuan, okay?”

Seeing that her name had been mentioned, Huo Qingyuan nodded sincerely and said, “Yes, Second Brother is very strict with Second Sister-in-law. She’s definitely the poorest in the circle of wives of wealthy men.”

Leng Jing rather surprised. As far as she knew, Huo Xishen was not such a stingy person.

‘Could it be that the relationship between Yan Jinyi and Huo Xishen is not as loving as it seems on the surface?’

‘Well, it makes sense. How can there be true love in wealthy families? The two of them might just be putting on an act.’

‘If that’s the case, perhaps Yuxi still has a chance.’

The thought of Leng Yuxi crying every time Huo Xishen was mentioned, gave her a headache.

‘How did I give birth to such a stubborn daughter, who is nothing like her brother?’

“Ma’am, I told you that I’d give you the 200,000 yuan, so don’t make things difficult for Second Young Mistress Huo.” Leng Jing had been rather amicable towards Yang Guifang. She said with a gentle smile, “Second Young Mistress Huo’s resort has only just opened. I reckon she has invested all her savings in it and it will take some time for her to recover her capital. Just be understanding towards her.”

‘Leng Jing is actually going to speak up for me? If it was in the past, it would seem possible but now…’

Yan Jinyi looked at her vigilantly.

“Throughout my childhood, I was rarely by my mother’s side. Even when she fell seriously ill later, I hadn’t been able to accompany her often. Fortunately,the field of medicine has been rather well-developed in recent years and she has gone to recuperate in the US,” Leng Jing said. She sighed and continued, “You remind me of my mother. You don’t have to sign an IOU for the loan of 200,000 yuan.”

She had always drawn a clear line between grudges and kindness. Yan Jinyi was a separate individual from Yang Guifang so she felt that she couldn’t vent her dissatisfaction with Yan Jinyi onto Yang Guifang.

She decided to treat is a form of accumulating good karma for Leng Yuxi. God knows how Leng Yuxi would deal with Yan Jinyi in the future.

Leng Jing’s character was indeed a little better than her son and daughter.

Perhaps, it was because of her husband’s influence. Yan Jinyi had heard from Huo Xishen that Leng Jing’s father was quite nice.

Yang Guifang hung her head low, looking a little more hunchbacked than before. “Thank you very much, Madam Bai. You’re such a nice person. Your children must be all grown up, right?”

At the mention of her children, Leng Jing’s eyes were full of maternal love. “Yes, I have a son and a daughter who are both in their twenties. My son is the older child.”

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