Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 646 - Ability To Blow Things Up

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Chapter 646: Ability To Blow Things Up

“My stomach ached for an entire night last night. Do you want my entire family to come here and testify for me?” Tao Wei began to throw a huge fit. “I bet you’re just behaving brazenly because you’re the junior of Mr. Huo Chengyu, huh? I made an appointment with you purely because of my faith in Mr. Huo.”

Ren Hanxuan took a deep breath and told herself that she was still in the hospital so she mustn’t lose her temper. “Mr. Tao, you told me yourself yesterday that you had a stomachache and a history of gastritis. That’s why I prescribed those medicine for you. Yet, you’re claiming that I gave you a wrong prescription. Aren’t you just out to create trouble?”

Tao Wei’s behavior was telling her, “I’m right, what can you do to me?” He then continued to speak. “Do I have gastritis just because I said so? You’re a doctor, how can you take your patient’s word for it? You should have at least told me to go for a medical checkup or something, shouldn’t you?”


“No more buts. You just want to defend yourself. How can there be such an irresponsible doctor like you? You believe everything the patient says. In this case, if I say that I’m delusional and get hallucinations, would you just send me straight to the asylum because you’re too lazy to prescribe me with drugs?”

Finding Tao Wei’s words to be very reasonable, many people began to speak up for him.

“That’s why I was dead against making an appointment with this doctor when my daughter told me to. She’s too young and inexperienced. She should have really sent her patient for a checkup before prescribing him with drugs.”

“Young doctors these days are really lazy.”

Hearing the accusations that were directed at her, Ren Hanxuan flew into a rage and asked, “Mr. Tao, how is it that you can’t differentiate between a stomachache and gastritis?”

“Are you really a doctor? I’m afraid you’re just here to play and woo Mr. Huo, right?” Tao Wei was furious, “Who would be able to think straight when they’re sick and uncomfortable? Do you really think everyone is an oddball like you? Anyway, I don’t care, you prescribed the wrong medicine, so you’re being an irresponsible doctor for leading your patient on. I demand an explanation from you.”

A group of gossip-loving elderly ladies began to chime in again.

“That’s right, that’s right, this girl is really unreasonable. So much for being a medical student. when I had a stomach surgery previously, my head began hurting too.”

“Hmph, doctors these days are really fierce. They treat you with hostility even though you’re just asking for directions. Who would be willing to come if they’re not sick? Ah, this is what society is like these days. When you need someone’s help, you just have to tolerate their attitude.”

The commotion was getting so big that the director of the hospital quickly rushed over while Huo Chengyu tagged along behind him.

As soon as Ren Hanxuan saw Huo Chengyu, her eyes lit up and she scurried forward to complain aggrievedly, “Brother Chengyu, this patient came to see me yesterday and claimed that he had a stomachache so I prescribed him with some medicine for gut issues and pain. Today, he actually came here to complain that I had prescribed him with the wrong drugs and demands an explanation from me.”

Huo Chengyu took a step to the side to increase the distance between him and Ren Hanxuan.

He had come over to take a look because he heard that the person who started the commotion was Tao Wei.

He remembered that Tao Wei was quite close to Yan Jinyi.

“Sir, shouldn’t you be giving me an explanation instead?”

Tao Wei glowered at Ren Hanxuan and snapped, “I had gastritis so I suffer from a stomachache all the time. I was just having a regular tummyache due to bowel movements yesterday but I subconsciously thought that it must be my gastritis. This female doctor sent me away after asking me a few questions, she didn’t even bother to send me for a medical checkup. If she had been more attentive and responsible enough to send me for an ultrasound scan or something, she wouldn’t have committed such a low-level mistake.”

Actually, it was just a trivial matter that didn’t cause Tao Wei’s body to suffer adverse reactions or cause him to be hospitalized.

However, Tao Wei just had the ability to blow things up.

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