Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City - Chapter 645 -  You’re A Heartbroken Girl

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Chapter 645:  You’re A Heartbroken Girl

Yan Jinyi squinted slightly and gibed sulkily, “What’s the matter, Director Tao? Are you hinting for me to pay for your medical bills?”

Tao Wei hurriedly shook his head and said, “No, absolutely not. Jinyi, you’ve helped me so much, how can I ask you to cover these expenses? They’re just a few hundred yuan.”

After thinking about it, Yan Jinyi gave Tao Wei one of the soup dumplings she bought at the roadside store just now. “It’s delicious.”

“Jinyi, since you like to eat, why don’t I treat you to a few more baskets of dumplings?”

The food sold at the entrance of the hospital was much more expensive that that sold elsewhere. Yan Jinyi also hesitated for a few seconds before buying it. After hearing her words, he immediately nodded and said, “I’ll have three baskets. There are quite a lot of people at home.”


No one would believe that the esteemed Second Young Mistress Huo would feel the pinch when buying some buns.

Bright early the following morning, Tao Wei asked the makeup artist to put on some makeup for him.

With the help of makeup, his skin was now pale, his eye sockets were dark, and his chin was covered in stubble. He looked extremely despondent.

When Yan Jinyi saw Tao Wei, she got a great shock and asked, “Director Tao, did you go fool around last night?”

“I’m doing this for work purposes. How can I scare that Ren Hanxuan if I don’t dress up?”


‘It’s quite exaggerated.’

Tao Wei bade farewell to Yan Jinyi confidently and charged straight into the hospital.

After the consultation with her last patient, she saw Tao Wei charging in with anger written all over his face.

“You quack, you actually prescribed me drugs indiscriminately!”

Ren Hanxuan frowned and said, “Who are you? Don’t come to the hospital to babble nonsense. When did I prescribe you with drugs?”

“How dare you ask who I am?” Tao Wei crumpled the receipts into a ball and smashed it at Ren Hanxuan’s face. See for yourself if you’re the one who prescribed the medicine. I was wondering how you became an attending doctor at such a young age. You must have gone through the back door, haven’t you?”

After reading the receipt, Ren Xianxuan finally remembered that he was the patient who said he had a tummy ache yesterday.

‘How dare he malign me for prescribing the wrong drugs? Atrocious.’

“Mr. Tao, don’t spout nonsense. These drugs are for treating gut problems. If you don’t believe me, you can go out and ask any doctor.”

The commotion was getting quite big and it had attracted the attention of many people. Everyone was standing at the entrance and watching them.

Tao Wei sat down on a chair, dangled his legs and said, “It’s drugs for the treatment of gut diseases but I just had a tummy ache last night, not gastric problems. After eating the medicine you prescribed, my symptoms weren’t alleviated at all. Yet you say that it’s not your mistake!”

Ren Hanxuan was enraged. “Since it’s just a tummy ache, why did you tell me that it was gastritis? Mr. Tao, I think it’s you’re just deliberately coming here to pick a fight, right? May I ask how I’ve offended you? This is the hospital, I hope you won’t disturb other patients.”

Hearing Ren Hanxuan accuse him of creating trouble on purpose, Tao Wei couldn’t tolerate it any longer and simply turned around to dash towards the entrance. He hollered, “You guys, come and see what kind of a person this beautiful doctor is. She prescribed the wrong drugs and she has not only not apologized to me, she even accused me of creating trouble. I’m the esteemed Director Tao, why would I come here to create trouble for no reason?”

The elderly might not have heard of Tao Wei’s name but most of the younger generation were aware of who he was, especially after the premiere of Moon, the film that he directed. It was now a huge hit. All of a sudden, many people whipped out their and began to take pictures and videos of Tao Wei.

“Don’t be ridiculous, how can I prescribe the wrong drugs? Mr. Tao, you are delaying my work by doing this.” Ren Hanxuan was furious.

‘So what if you’re a director? Is that a big deal? Once I become Young Mistress Huo, TG Entertainment will be equivalent to my territory! A mere director like you can’t possibly trump an entire entertainment company, can you?’

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