Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 763 - Caught Red Handed

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Chapter 763: Caught Red Handed

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Mike gave a random excuse and said, “I saw a super beautiful girl at the school gate. I think she’s your type.”

Roger was a little doubtful and asked, “Really? At this time, how can there be a girl walking outside?”

“It’s true.” Mike licked his lips and said, “How about I secretly take a photo for you to see?”

Roger said, “Okay, you take one for me.”

Mike took his phone and turned on the camera mode. He walked to a hidden corner and took a photo of Jiang Yu’s back. Then he sent it to Roger.

Roger opened the photo and saw that it was indeed his type.

So he said, “Then wait a moment. I’ll go upstairs to deliver something. I’ll come over to look for you in a while.”

Mike hurriedly said, “Don’t go upstairs. Hurry up and come. I’m afraid that if you’re a step later, this girl will leave.”

“… Tsk.”R oger on the phone impatiently said, “Then you wait. I’ll go over now. The main entrance, right? Then you keep an eye on that girl. Don’t let her go.”

Mike said, “I got it. Hurry up and come over.”

“Okay, okay, I got it, what’s the rush?” Roger cursed in a low voice.

After hanging up the phone, Bessie said, “Okay, he’s going to bring that thing in his arms to find us now.”

Mike had to admit that there was a 50% chance that Roger was the thief.


In less than ten minutes, Roger appeared at the gate.

He looked around but didn’t see the girl. He only saw Mike standing under the streetlight.

Roger walked over unhappily and asked, “Mike, where is she? Didn’t I ask you to keep an eye on her?”

Mike’s Adam’s apple moved up and down and said, “I didn’t stop her. She had already left with her friends.”

“Mike, what the hell are you doing?” Roger gradually became a little irritable. He said, “Are you kidding me? Why did you call me over if you couldn’t stop her? Is it fun to fool me?”

As he said that, Roger turned around and was about to leave.

Mike stopped him and asked, “Roger! What is that thing in your arms?”

Roger’s face changed and he was a little flustered. However, he still said with a strong and calm voice, “Mike, you called me here just to ask me this question?”

Mike turned his face away and said, “There was no girl. I was lying to you just now.”

“You lied to me?!” Roger was furious and said, “Mike! Is it fun to lie to me?! Do you know that I have a lot of things to do?!”

Jiang Yu and Bessie walked out from the darkness and asked coldly, “What important things do you have to do? Hide the treasure in your arms?”

Roger was shocked and the thing in his arms almost fell out. He was so scared that he quickly grabbed his clothes tightly.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Roger pretended to be stupid.

Jiang Yu saw his look and basically concluded that he was hiding her certificate.

So she asked, “Roger, when are you going to return my certificate to me?”

Roger decided to continue playing dumb and asked, “What certificate? Jiang Yu, what do you mean by that? I don’t understand.”

“You don’t understand?” Jiang Yu looked at him coldly and said, “That doesn’t matter as long as you can see it. Take out the thing in your arms and the truth will be revealed.”

Hearing that, Roger took a few steps back, as if he was ready to run.

Mike saw this and quickly blocked behind Roger, saying, “You look so sneaky, what kind of shameful thing are you hiding in your arms?”

“Don’t try to frame me! There’s nothing in my arms!” Roger said loudly.

“Whether it’s real or fake, won’t you know with a glance?” Jiang Yu approached Roger, reaching out to touch the thing in his arms.

Roger subconsciously stepped back, but Mike grabbed him.

Jiang Yu quickly touched the square and hard thing in his arms. She took it out and took a look. It was the certificate that she had lost.

Jiang Yu held the certificate and waved it in front of Roger’s eyes. She asked, “You said you didn’t have anything in your arms, so what’s this? It’s an certificate of honor with my name on it.”

Roger turned his face away and explained stiffly, “So what? I just picked it up on the way back. I was going to return it to you.”

“Listen to yourself. Do you have a clear logic?” Bessie stood at the side with her hands on her hips and asked fiercely.

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