Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 622 - Give Up The Opportunity  

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Chapter 622: Give Up The Opportunity

Kang Xue was brought to the lounge by the security guards. Only Jiang Yu was left on the field.

Carl came over to comfort her and said, “Jiang Yu, don’t worry. I’ve already won a spot for you to listen in.”

Jiang Yu paused for a moment and said very firmly to Carl, “Professor Carl, I’m willing to give up the spot this time.”

“What?” This time, both Carl and the judges who looked down on Jiang Yu were shocked by Jiang Yu’s words.

Jiang Yu said, “We agreed before the competition that there would only be one first place. Now that the results are out, Kang Xue is the first place, so she is the one who can go to the University of Cecilia to study.”

Carl could not believe that Jiang Yu would really give up this opportunity. He asked, “Jiang Yu, are you really going to give up? You have to know that studying at the University of Cecilia is an opportunity that many people dream of!”

Jiang Yu nodded and her attitude was very firm. “Yes, Professor Carl. I am willing to give up this opportunity.”

This time, the atmosphere fell silent again.

But soon, Jiang Yu spoke again, “But, Professor Carl, I hope that you will allow me to participate in the new round of the University of Cecilia’s entrance exam.”

Entrance Exam? The judges were shocked, including Carl.

Carl said, “Jiang Yu, have you really thought it through? The entrance exam is much harder than you think. It’s not something a mere international piano competition can compare to.”

Jiang Yu said firmly, “I’ve thought it through. This is what I think. I don’t need to follow Kang Xue into the entrance of the University of Cecilia to listen in. I need to rely on my own strength to walk in openly.”

Seeing how determined Jiang Yu was, Carl could only grant her request. But at the same time, Carl’s admiration for Jiang Yu increased by a few points.

When Kang Xue heard the news, a mocking smile appeared on her face, she said, “It seems that Jiang Yu is the fool. She didn’t want a good spot to listen in and insisted on taking the entrance exam. She didn’t even take a look at her own strength. Is she qualified to pass the entrance exam?”

Wang Qing and Jiang Ran listened from the side and felt that Kang Xue was also a little strange.

She was clearly the one who couldn’t accept the sudden chance Jiang Yu was given, but after Jiang Yu really gave up the opportunity, she was calling her stupid again.

“But I’m still looking forward to Jiang Yu’s exam results.” Kang Xue smiled and said, “If she really passes, then she can still be a classmate in Cecilia in the future. It’s really not bad.”

Kang Xue’s smile made people shudder. Wang Qing and Jiang Ran couldn’t help but have their hair stand on end.

On the way back, Dai Zhu kept chattering, “Jiang Yu, what are you thinking? Professor Karl has already won a spot for you to listen in, why did you give it up on your own accord?”

Lu Qi also didn’t understand why Jiang Yu did this, he also said, “Yeah. Professor Bai placed all her hopes on you. How could you give up the spot on your own accord? And you even took the initiative to say that you were going to take some entrance exam? Xiao Yu, do you know how difficult the entrance exam for Cecilia is? It’s at least a hundred times more difficult than this competition!”

Dai Zhu said, “Look, everyone thinks that it’s a very unwise choice for you to give up this opportunity. Yet, you still have the mood to… laugh?! Jiang Yu, do you not know how serious this matter is?!”

Jiang Yu smiled and said, “It’s alright. I already guessed that the entrance exam for Cecilia University would be very difficult.”

“You knew? Then why did you give up this opportunity?” Dai Zhu was about to be angered to death by Jiang Yu. She said, “Then did you guess what you would do if you failed the exam?”

Jiang Yu thought for a moment and said, “Then I really didn’t think about it.”

“You don’t even know what the entrance exam is!” Dai Zhu said, “Do you think you can pass the exam with 100% certainty?!”

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