Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 620 - Tie In Votes  

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Chapter 620: Tie In Votes

This was exactly what Jiang ran wanted, so she said, “That’s for the best. More people will know Jiang Yu’s true colors, and they won’t be fooled by her anymore.”

However, Wang Qing still sighed and said, “But there’s nothing interesting in this competition. Jiang Yu will definitely be in first place again, right?”

As they spoke, the votes of all the contestants on the stage had been counted.

The conductor started from the lowest number of votes until she read Kang Xue’s name. There was a total of 523 votes.

Wang Qing said, “Look, I already know that Jiang Yu is in first place.”

Jiang ran was about to agree with her when she heard the conductor continue to read, “Jiang Yu, 523 votes.”


This was shocking news. There were actually two contestants with the same number of votes? It was the first time that the votes were tied in such a competition!

“Tied?” Wang Qing was a little shocked and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen a tie in a competition.”

Jiang ran was also a little surprised and said, “It seems that only the judges over there can decide who is in first place.”

The judges sitting on the far right were also at a loss.

Because they had never seen a tie vote before, it was up to them to decide who was the real champion.

Professor Carl already had a candidate in his mind, and that was Jiang Yu. But the other judges did not really agree with Jiang Yu’s strength. They thought that she had only taught herself for a period of time, and her strength could not be compared with those who had studied piano in other majors.

Even if she had made a name for herself in such a grand competition, she would never be able to compete with others.

Therefore, the other judges unanimously decided to give the first place to Kang Xue.

Kang Xue was very pleased with herself. She walked up to Jiang Yu and said, “Jiang Yu, you have lost.”

Jiang Yu shrugged and said, “Then congratulations.”

Everyone thought that this matter was already set in stone. However, when the final results were announced, Professor Karl raised an objection. “Why did you give this place to Kang Xue?”

Everyone was stunned. Even Jiang Yu was stunned on the spot. They didn’t know why Professor Karl would say such words at such a critical moment.

The other judges looked at each other and asked, “Why not Kang Xue? Do we really have to give it to that Jiang Yu?”

Professor Karl said, “Don’t you think that Jiang Yu’s strength is better than Kang Xue’s?”

The judges looked at each other and then asked Carl, “Do you think Jiang Yu’s strength has passed the test?”

Carl said, “Of course I think so. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have questioned your decision.”

“Are you questioning us?” The judges were puzzled. They didn’t know why Carl was so biased toward Jiang Yu.

So they said, “Professor Carl, you are the most prestigious professor in the music industry, so we all respect you. But this is a decision we made together. Even if you are the most prestigious professor, it can’t change the fact. And among so many judges, only you support Jiang Yu.”

Carl seemed to want to say something, but after thinking for a while, he finally asked, “Can you give Jiang Yu a spot to listen in?”

Listen in? The other judges looked at each other and finally said helplessly, “Professor Carl, it’s too obvious that you’re biased against Jiang Yu.”

Carl said, “I’m not biased, but I really don’t want to lose Jiang Yu, this talent.”

The judges said, “But your idea needs to be agreed upon by Cecilia University and Ivy University.”

Carl said: “I represent the University of Cecilia, so I just need to get the agreement of the Ivy University.”

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