Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 428 - Advertising Lines  

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Chapter 428: Advertising Lines

The mother and daughter struggled for half an hour before they came up with a few advertising lines.

However, Director Zheng did not care about this. After all, these advertising lines were their own idea. It was fine as long as they were satisfied.

At the beginning of the shoot, Jiang Ran first put on an intoxicated look, then put on a surprised look, then, she began to read the advertising lines. “What makes me so beautiful?! What makes me so dazzling?! What makes me so confident that I can reach the peak of beautiful women?! So it’s this!”

Jiang Ran suddenly picked up the pendant on her necklace and said, “That’s it — the Jiang Family Jewelry!”

Jiang Ran was still immersed in her performance. Wei Juan watched from the side and kept clapping for Jiang Ran.

“Ran Ran is amazing!” She kept praising Jiang Ran, as if Jiang Ran’s performance was amazing.

Director Zheng couldn’t stand it anymore, but he didn’t interrupt Jiang Ran and continued to shoot.

Jiang Ran was surprised that Director Zheng didn’t say “Cut” at all throughout the day.

However, she thought that it was because of her strength — because she was too capable, Director Zheng was very satisfied with her performance, which was why she passed so smoothly.

The reason why Director Zheng didn’t say “cut” was that he didn’t want to quarrel with Jiang Ran like the cameraman just now.

“How is it, director?” Jiang Ran asked.

“It… It’s not bad?” Director Zheng’s tone was raised, as if he was asking Jiang Ran or himself.

“Director, who are you asking?” Jiang Ran was puzzled.

“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Director Zheng quickly said, “I think it’s very good. Do you want to take a look?”

Jiang Ran said, “No need. Since you said it’s good, then it’s not bad. When the post-editing is done, director must remember to send me a copy to take a look first.”

Director Zheng probed, “Do you want to… take a look now?”

Jiang Ran waved her hand and said, “There’s no need to look. I believe in you, director. Similarly, I also believe in my own strength.”

Director Zheng wanted to say, “Why don’t you stop believing in your own strength?” But he didn’t dare.

He really didn’t understand where Jiang Ran’s mystifying confidence came from.

Jiang Ran changed back into her own clothes and held Wei Juan’s arm as she went back.

Director Zheng vaguely heard Jiang Ran say something like, “I haven’t used all my strength for today’s shoot.” Then he heard Wei Juan say something like, “I knew that Ran Ran was the best. The future of the Jiang family is all on your shoulders.”.

Director Zheng heard it and could only shake his head and sigh.

The future of the Jiang Family? Was it really going to be on Jiang Ran’s shoulders?

Wasn’t it going to end sooner or later?

Jiang Yu was such an outstanding daughter, yet they insisted on having a conflict with her. Then, they placed all the burden on that disappointing daughter, Jiang Ran.

Director Zheng really did not understand the Jiang family’s brain.

When the post-production team received this video, they immediately complained bitterly.

“Director, do you not like us anymore? Why are you making us edit such a video?!”

“Director, we don’t even know how to fix that photo. You just gave us a video. What do you want us to do?”

“Director, I really beg you. Please don’t work with Jiang Ran anymore, okay? She really can’t do it. She can’t move, she can’t smile, and she has to be so pompous for a commercial.”

“That’s right, director. Don’t work with her anymore.”

Listening to the screams of the post-production team, Director Zheng also knew that Jiang Ran had provoked “Public outrage.”.

So he nodded and agreed to them, saying, “Don’t worry. I won’t work with her anymore.”

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