Loved By An Older Man - Chapter 1136 - 1136 A Deadly Question

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1136 A Deadly Question

Sun Miao laughed delightedly, thinking that she would embarrass Kang Xue if she revealed her past.

But Kang Xue was still very calm. She smiled and said, “Those things were all my fault. I already know my mistakes, and I will never let such things happen again.”

Sun Miao could not hold it in any longer. She did not expect Kang Xue to still be able to speak so calmly after what she had just said. She did not show any signs of anger.

“You’re really shameless. You’ve done so many wrong things. Do you still expect others to forgive you?” She said, extremely upset. “Just because Jiang Yu was a little nicer to you, you wagged your tail and went to heaven? You can’t be thinking that she’s treating you as a friend right? You were so against her before, how could she just let it go?”

Sun Miao’s words caused quite a stir in the livestream. “What? Did this Kang Xue target movie queen Jiang before? is she tired of living? She even dares to target movie queen Jiang?”

“Heavens! This person was actually so bold! and now you’re here to participate in a girl group talent show, and my movie queen sister is a judge!”

“The point is that the movie queen forgave her and even became friends with her! He’s so generous!”

Most of the audience were discussing Kang Xue’s arrogant and domineering actions and Jiang Yu’s generosity in forgiving Kang Xue. Even though some of them said that Kang Xue had targeted Jiang Yu well and hoped that she could continue to target Jiang Yu in the future, it was quickly drowned out by the comments made by the other audience.

Kang Xue did not answer her question, and Sun Miao did not bother to ask further. After all, this was a live broadcast. Even if she really wanted to embarrass Kang Xue, she couldn’t be too overbearing. Otherwise, not only would he embarrass the Sun Group, but he would also ruin the popularity of the audience. It would be difficult to advance through the online voting.

After standing there for a while, the rest of the contestants came in one after another. The director also came in with the three judges.

“Hello, everyone. I’m the director of this talent show. You can just call me director Liu.” Director Liu pushed up his glasses and continued, “Next, I would like to introduce our three judges-the youngest movie queen in the entertainment industry, Jiang Yu! everyone, please give him a round of applause!”

Hua Hua-” warm applause sounded from the audience.

There were even people who shouted, “movie queen! Please give me your autograph later!”

“Movie queen! next, please take a photo with me!”

“It seems like everyone’s enthusiasm is very high!” Director Liu laughed heartily.

Then, he introduced Xue Ran and Xu Ye. everyone, take this opportunity to ask any questions you have! if you don’t have this chance, you won’t have it in the future!”

Someone raised his hand and asked, “movie queen Jiang, there’s a girl named Kang Xue in the competition. I heard that she picked on you in school. Is that true?”

The moment this question was asked, everyone fell silent.

Sun Miao, on the other hand, was taken aback. She had never expected that the person had heard everything she had just said.

Kang Xue was also stunned. She didn’t expect this question to be asked in public.

At this moment, the bullet screen had already begun to flood with comments. “This contestant really has the guts to ask such a question?”

“This is a talent show, not a press conference. Isn’t she making things difficult for the two of them by asking this question?”

Although I also want to know the truth of this matter, I still have to say that this person really has no brain.

“If it’s fake, then Sun Miao must be lying. But if it’s real, does that mean that Kang Xue will withdraw from the competition?”

“I can’t tell if I hope this is real or fake…”

But even so, everyone was still looking forward to Jiang Yu’s answer.

and Jiang Yu did answer, ‘this is a misunderstanding. It has been a long time. If you’re asking me, I don’t really remember, but I’m on good terms with Kang Xue. We’re friends, so I hope no one will misunderstand.”

After a long silence, the other players laughed and asked other questions to ease the awkward atmosphere.

Sun Miao heaved a sigh of relief and glared at the person who had asked the question.

Kang Xue also felt relieved. this way, she could continue to participate in the competition.

In fact, she was already prepared for Jiang Yu to tell the truth. When the time came, she would just have to withdraw from the competition. He did not expect Jiang Yu to answer in such a way. Not only did she save Sun Miao’s face, but she also saved her own.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself.” Sun Miao said to Kang Xue, “Jiang Yu said that to save her own face, not for you.”

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