Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 819 - FV’s Tactical Reserve

Chapter 819: FV’s Tactical Reserve

Three hours later.

“Let us congratulate FV team for the crushing victory of 3: 0 and successfully entering the finals!”

“In a situation where the domestic teams are unanimously pessimistic, FV Team has relied on their extraordinary performance and bottomless tactical reserves to surprise us time and time again. I believe that they will be able to perform as well as they did today on the finals stage next week…”

“Please take a break and don’t leave. FV team members will be interviewed later.”

The two commentators who were broadcasting in the country were very excited. After they finished explaining FV Team’s final 3-0 score, they felt that one of the commentators was almost out of breath. They could not help but want to give him an oxygen tank.

However, this was understandable because FV team played too well!

The pressure from the snowball was too suffocating!

Previously, many people were still worried that FV team was able to achieve 3-0 in the top eight because their opponents were too lousy.

The team in the top eight was also a Western team. While they had won in the group stages, BO3 and BO5 were two different games. Many people suspected that their opponents in the group stages might have been too weak?

However, after the semifinals, no one discussed the strength of the opponents anymore. That was because there would definitely not be any weak teams in the semifinals!

This time, FV’s opponent had also been baptized in the top eight competitions. Even though the opponents entered the top four with a 3: 1, no one doubted their strength.

On the other hand, FV team had ended the battle with a clean 3: 0. They had not lost a single small battle until the finals. This was enough to prove that their strong dominance had begun to show!

There were already people discussing FV Team’s “champion look”.

Pei Qian looked at the bullet screen filled with comments like a party. He looked at the unprecedentedly high popularity of the live-stream, which was at least two or three times more than the group stages. His feelings were very complicated.

Logically speaking, every e-sports enthusiast should be celebrating the fact that domestic teams in the e-sports field had won against foreign teams and entered the finals.

As an E-Sports enthusiast who unconditionally supported domestic teams, Pei Qian should also have had such a mentality.

However, Pei Qian could not feel happy at the thought that he had shares in FV Team.

FV team was in danger now. Pei Qian could foresee that even if FV team lost the finals, as long as they did not lose too badly, they could still become IOI’s number one team in the country after returning to China!

Most people thought that the runner-up was the biggest loser in eSports but there were prerequisites and context to this.

The key was still the audience’s expectations. If the audience felt that there was hope for winning the championship and ended up with a runner-up, they would definitely curse. However, if the audience felt that it was difficult to qualify for the group stages and finally won a runner-up, that would far exceed their expectations!

It was mainly because the other two teams were good green leaves that they were eliminated in the group stages. That greatly lowered the expectations of the audience and gave FV team a wider stage.

After the exciting scenes of the competition, the screen switched to the interview booth. The official host and translator of Finger Games was ready. The target of this interview was FV Team’s captain, Pan Ying.

There were interviews after winning the quarterfinals. However, the host of Finger Games and the members who were interviewed were obviously not well-prepared, especially the host. She might not have expected FV to win.

Thus, the interviews were all very conventional questions. They did not have much effect on the program and did not have much impact.

The host had obviously come prepared this time.

After a simple introduction and greeting the audience, the interview officially began.

Host: “We saw that in the two competitions, you have defeated your opponents cleanly with a score of 3: 0. May I ask if you are surprised by this ending? After all, your opponents are also very strong teams. What are your own estimates before the competition begun?”

Pan Ying was still the same as before. He was silent and did not look too excited. After listening to the translation seriously, he said into the microphone, “It’s not surprising. The estimate was 3: 0.”

The host was a little surprised. “Are you that confident? As far as I know, there are usually two styles to the battle team’s tactics: one is the pre-prepared type, which is to study a few systems and consider all unexpected situations in the competition in advance, so that the competition will always develop according to their own tactics; the other is the improvised type, the coach will care more about the player’s state, choose the best heroes for the celebrity players, and make some changes on the spot. May I ask which FV team is more inclined to?”

Pan Ying said, “99% of the time it would be the first situation.”

Host: “That means everything that happened in these two competitions was actually part of your plan, right?”

Pan Ying nodded. “Yes.”

The host was even more surprised. “Has the team coach never acted according to the team’s condition and lineup?”

Pan Ying thought for a moment and said, “Coincidentally, the other party’s performance was all within our team’s expectations, so there’s no need to improvise.”

The host continued to ask, “FV team has used 22 different heroes in these six small competitions. Is this part of the plan?”

Pan Ying nodded. “Yes.”

Host: “Is this all of FV Team’s tactics? Or are there still many tactics that have not been used? Will you consider using new tactics in the finals?”

Pan Ying: “Let’s see how it goes.”

The emcee smiled awkwardly. Pan Ying was like an interview black hole. He would answer in short responses so the interview was rather strenuous.

However, she was an official host after all and she had to continue to be professional. Finally, the interview was almost done. The host said, “One last question. Choose someone who has always supported you. Tell him something.”

Pan Ying thought for a moment. “I’ll say something to Boss Pei.”

“We are very grateful for Boss Pei’s tactical guidance. Without Boss Pei’s guidance, encouragement, and support, without Boss Pei’s help to build our confidence, we would never have made it this far!”

“We will definitely prepare for the competition seriously and try to get good results in the finals to repay Boss Pei for his support!”

The interview ended. The excited audience had yet to recover from the joy of victory as they sent bullet screen comments to interact.

“Say a few more words! The host is speechless. The black hole can’t be moved!”

“Haha, Pan Ying is really a man of few words. However, he might be tight-lipped so as to not reveal his tactics, right?”

“Say one more word and consider it my loss!”

“Why do I feel like he’s putting on an act? The two 3: 0s that FV team had won were actually within their expectations? They don’t even need to improvise on the spot?”

“How many new strategies has FV come up with for these two competitions? They are different teams with division, there are early-stage infiltration suppression… In the end, isn’t this all the strategies?”

“They used 22 different heroes in six small competitions. If I were the opponent, I would have already vomited. How can I play this game, how do I ban the heroes?!”

“The opponent’s coach has already fainted today. FV snatched a hero that no one has ever used before. The other party was so embarrassed that it felt like the entire week of preparation was wasted!”

“Isn’t it a little too utilitarian to thank Boss Pei in the end? Boss Pei is the boss. He might be a sugar daddy, but how could he give them tactical guidance? Could it be that Boss Pei is a hidden gaming expert?”

“Boss Pei is the designer of GOG. What’s wrong with giving FV Team some tactical guidance? Don’t be deceived by Boss Pei’s identity as an entrepreneur and investor. His original job is a game designer!”

“Boss Pei is behind this? Boss Pei is everywhere!”

“Didn’t Boss Pei come to support FV Team during the qualifiers? That’s not strange at all!”

Pan Ying’s “black hole-style interview” quickly spread across the entire internet, especially FV team’s tactical reserves. It also became a hot topic on the internet.

Others might not understand what Pan Ying meant, but Pei Qian could.

Thank you for your support. This was obviously talking about business class tickets and Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Thank you for the tactical guidance. This was obviously referring to the tactical options of the qualifiers previously!

When they were competing for the top seeded spot in the qualifiers in the country, FV team had fought ten rounds and was in a difficult situation. Some players had doubts about Pan Ying’s playing style and felt that it was not easy to win.

It was Pei Qian who stood his ground and decided to continue playing this way. That was how he unified the team’s thinking and allowed Pan Ying to continue leading and improving the team.

What’s more, it was Boss Pei’s decision to let Ye Zhizhou, Zhou Pengyuan, and the others lead the team and perform tactical analysis.

That was why Pan Ying thought that Boss Pei was the most helpful to FV!

However, Pei Qian felt really hopeless.

I didn’t mean that at all!

He did not expect that a casual sentence from him would give Pan Ying so much confidence. Through a series of coincidences, he managed to create a monster team like FV!

Fortunately, the audience did not know about this.

Most people were still immersed in the joy of winning the competition. They were mainly discussing the exciting operations and tactical details in the game. They did not pay much attention to Pan Ying’s interview and Boss Pei being mentioned in the interview.

Pei Qian heaved a sigh of relief. That was a blessing in disguise.

However, he suddenly saw a new post on the forum just as he was about to turn off the television and the forum for lunch.

‘FV team is obviously using a variant of GOG’s tactics!’

“Previously, I felt that FV team’s playing style was very familiar. Now that I think about it carefully, whether it was the line infiltration or team battle coordination, they all seem to have the shadow of GOG’s playstyle! The tactics of a few veteran GOG teams have all been used for practical use. It’s just that they were playing IOI competitions, so it’s not that easy to tell!”

“You should know looking at the head coach of FV Team, Old Zhou is a celebrity player in GOG, one of the 10 veterans in DGE. He is using GOG’s tactics to play IOI!”

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