Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 804 - Sloth Apartments’ Model Room

Chapter 804: Sloth Apartments’ Model Room

Pei Qian had not expected to be stabbed in the back just by taking a casual look at Sloth Apartments!

Couldn’t you keep the profits for yourself? Why did you take the initiative to give me 20% of the profits?

Wouldn’t that be a double loss?!

Pei Qian was speechless. He was just about to decline when he heard footsteps outside.

“Eh, Boss Liang, Boss Yuan, both of you are here.”

A young man who looked to be in his thirties walked in with a few people behind him. They were of different ages. There was a couple who were not even thirty years old, and two middle-aged couples who looked to be in their fifties or sixties. They should be a couple and their parents.

Liang Qingfan smiled. “Good morning, Little Zhang. There are people looking at houses so early in the morning?”

Little Zhang nodded. “That’s right. Isn’t it all thanks to you? The Sloth Apartments did some publicity for our building. I have more than ten appointments these few days, and that’s not all of them. Many customers are calling us.”

“I’ll go up first, see you later.”

Little Zhang exchanged a few words with Liang Qingfan before bringing the young couple and their parents upstairs.

“Boss Pei, that person just now was Little Zhang, the purchasing consultant of the Golden Residence. Previously, their house had not been selling very well because of its high price.” Liang Qingfan explained.

“Once residents started moving into Sloth Apartments, it brought a lot of attention to Golden Residence in the Huating District. Now, many young people who have just started a family are willing to come and take a look. They want to buy a house to renovate according to our Sloth Apartments’ style.”

“At the moment, the upper echelons of the developers in this district are aware of this matter. They are considering entering into long-term business cooperation with us. There are also two other developers who have sent us invitations, hoping to add Sloth Apartments to their listings.”

“This means that Sloth Apartments’ model rooms are widely welcomed. The market in this area is very wide and promising!”

Pei Qian was stunned. “What about the original model rooms in this district?”

Liang Qingfan smiled. “The model rooms in this district are not completely useless.”

“Their purpose is to serve as a comparison for Sloth Apartments’ model rooms. The difference is obvious!”

Little Zhang brought the couple to the developer’s model room on the third floor and then to Sloth Apartments on the fourth floor.

The couple looked pleasantly surprised the moment they entered the demo room on the fourth floor.

The girl’s eyes lit up. “Wow! This is practically my Dream House! It’s exactly the same as the promotional video for Sloth Apartments 2.0 online!”

“I love this sofa!”

She went straight to the leather electric sofa in Fanglan Residence and sat down comfortably, enjoying herself.

Little Zhang did not hesitate and immediately introduced the furniture, appliances, and overall layout of the room.

A large part of the article was on introducing the furniture from Fanglan Residence and Liang Qingfan’s design.

Things that were already good were exaggerated into something even more supreme by Little Zhang.

Little Zhang did not do his introductions in this way in the beginning as a professional consultant.

Before he moved to Sloth Apartments, he would bring his customers to the model room on the third floor. He would exaggerate the same thing, but no matter how much he said, it did not have any effect.

That was because the developer’s model room was built according to the aesthetic standards of middle-aged people. Young people would definitely not like this style.

Middle-aged people would only feel that this style was “not bad”. It was not a minus but it was not to the extent of being a plus. What’s more, middle-aged people who were meticulous in their calculations would be more concerned about the price-quality ratio. The average price of this house was slightly more expensive than the surrounding area. This was enough reason for them to give it a miss.

However, things changed after he moved to Sloth Apartments.

Little Zhang brought his customers to look at the third floor developer’s model room first then brought them to Sloth Apartments’ model room on the fourth floor. In the end, he realized that everyone’s reaction to the model room on the third floor was still lukewarm, but the young people were extremely enthusiastic about the model room on the fourth floor!

That was what happened to the couple today.

The girl loved the reasonable layout and high-quality furniture in the model room, while the guy loved the big television, game consoles, and comfortable electric sofas.

The entire Sloth Apartments was set up according to the likes of the young people. Therefore, in the eyes of the young people, it was a one-stop home which was infinitely better than the other model room!

As a professional consultant, Little Zhang naturally felt this change as well. After asking Liang Qingfan and Yuan Bo for various details, he placed all the focus of the introduction on this model room.

The entire building might have been bought by Sloth Apartments but this was not the only building in the entire Golden Residence in Huating District. The other buildings were still being sold!

The apartments in these buildings were all the same. The residential area could work directly with Sloth Apartments to use the custom-made design directly.

It did not matter even if the customers had some personalized needs. Some details could be changed.

Therefore, Little Zhang decided to take advantage of the situation. He used the model room in Sloth Apartments as the model room for his own building. The model room from before would just be for comparison.

The effect was unexpectedly good.

The girl’s father walked around and was slightly dissatisfied.

“This style doesn’t seem very lively.”

The girl was unhappy. “Aiya, Daddy, this is lively for us young people. Unlike you, where the entire house is filled with red wood. It’s so boring.”

Little Zhang smiled and explained, “Uncle, our renovation style is mainly for young people. What’s more, we are not lacking in liveliness. Look, our sofa might be a leather electric sofa but the armrest and other parts are made of walnut wood. It’s a combination of tradition and modern design. You won’t feel sick of this style even if you live in it for a long time…”

On the other side, the boy’s father pulled the lad aside.

“Son, I have no objections to the renovation style, but the developer’s model room cannot be trusted. Do you know how bad the corruption is in the renovations and furniture industry? It’s too good at scamming money!”

“You have to consider two questions now: First, if we buy a house, can we install it like the model room? Second, the entire model room might cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. The price-quality ratio is very poor. Do we have to spend so much money on renovations?”

“If we spend less money on renovations, would the effect be much different?”

The young man nodded. “Dad, I understand what you’re saying. Don’t worry, I’ve already investigated beforehand.”

“This model room is different from the one on the third floor.”

“Everything in the developer’s model room is especially expensive. There’s almost no price-quality ratio, but this is a model room for Sloth Apartments. It’s different from that.”

“Sloth Apartments is a rental brand in Tengda. All the furniture here is in collaboration with Tengda. Be it the sofa, coffee table, or table, they are all clearly priced on the internet. They are more expensive, but they are all authentic. We don’t have to worry about being duped.”

“The entire design plan would be provided directly. Wouldn’t that save the design fees?”

“They will definitely make some money from the furniture, but it’s not like the other furniture brands are making any less! Look at how cheap the furniture is, but there would be a lot of trouble there. Who can guarantee that they won’t cut corners? They’ll give us a huge discount, but they will still make a lot of money!”

“Sloth Apartments is here as a verification. They’re all real. We’ll have to live here for decades after buying the house. First, it must be healthy and environmentally friendly for our children in the future. Second, we have to live comfortably. The layout and renovation style of the entire house must be closer to our living habits.”

“Think about it from a comprehensive perspective. Isn’t it worth it if we are to spend more money to buy a better quality of life so that we don’t have to worry so much?”

The man’s father nodded after hearing that. “Yes… if it’s Tengda, it’s indeed trustworthy. Its take-out has even been on television before. It’s such a huge brand locally at Jingzhou there shouldn’t be too much of a quality problem.”

Under Little Zhang’s guidance, everyone walked around the entire model room.

The lady looked at the young man and his parents expectantly. “How is it?”

His parents smiled helplessly. “Alright, buy it since you two have your eyes on this place. After all, you’ll be the ones living in this house.”

The young man nodded. “Yes, I’m quite satisfied with everything. I have no objections.”

The girl was elated. “Alright, it’s settled then!”

Little Zhang quickly said, “Alright, please move to the living room. I’ll tell you more details about our building. Please come this way.”

Little Zhang could not help but feel emotional after leaving the model room.

The effects of viewing the Sloth Apartments were immediate!

Sloth Apartments 2.0 was a simple promotional video. It was more effective than the many billboards bought in Huating District for the Golden Residence. Many young people who had just gotten married and were considering buying a house came to view it not long after it was released.

What’s more, this model room was indeed beautiful. Most of the young people took a look and immediately fell in love with it. There were also many people who decided on the spot.

They were both model rooms, the developer’s model room had been designed by top design companies in the country, but it had no such effect.

He could only say that the designers of Sloth Apartments knew what young people were thinking!

Little Zhang had already reported this situation. The higher-ups seemed to take it very seriously. What’s more, the other property companies seemed to have heard the news and were discussing cooperation with Sloth Apartments.

In the future there might be new districts with two model rooms. One would be the developer’s model room, and the other would be Sloth Apartments’ model room.

Little Zhang could not help but feel emotional. Tengda was indeed a big company. It could even come up with so many tricks for a rental brand. He could not help but feel indignant!

January 4th, Wednesday…

Pei Qian walked out of the study room and prepared to have lunch at a nearby Fish-Catching Internet Cafe at noon.

The school had already entered exam week. Pei Qian would have several examinations in the next week or so, including closed examinations. He was under immense pressure.

He would probably get 60 points by relying on his teacher and himself but the value of the same 60 points was different!

In order to surpass Old Ma, Pei Qian had been in peak condition recently. He planned to ignore everything else and focus on revising this week.

He could deal with everything else after the exams week ended.

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