Losing Money to Be a Tycoon - Chapter 1085 - Boss Pei, Write Me A Contract!

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Chapter 1085: Boss Pei, Write Me A Contract!

Meng Chang came to Boss Pei’s office with the publicity plan not long after work on Monday.

He had intended to head straight to the advertising and marketing department and hand this plan to Yu Yao so that he could push it in as soon as possible.

However, after much consideration, he decided to look for Boss Pei first because there was something very important that had to be dealt with. This concerned the success or failure of the entire publicity plan.

If Boss Pei did not agree…

Meng Chang would rather not do the publicity and not spend a single cent on publicity.

That was because Meng Chang needed a promise from Boss Pei. Without that promise, Meng Chang felt that he still had a chance of failure and it was very high.

However, if Boss Pei gave this promise, his chances of success would greatly increase!

That would be necessary to continue his work.

Yu Yao could take care of the rest of the publicity plan. It would not be troublesome for Meng Chang to do it himself. However, even though it would cost money, if the publicity plan was destined to fail and would bring huge benefits to Boss Pei, Meng Chang would rather let this publicity plan miscarry than let Boss Pei benefit for nothing!

He had no choice. Meng Chang had always graciously admitted that he was a petty person.

Boss Pei has cheated me so many times. How can I repay him with kindness?

No way!

I will definitely not do anything that is beneficial to Tengda!

Meng Chang knocked on the door gently after confirming that Boss Pei was in the office.


Meng Chang pushed the door open and entered. He saw Boss Pei frowning at the computer screen. He did not know which department he was worried about.

Meng Chang could not help but feel emotional.

Boss Pei’s fighting spirit was admirable, putting aside his character.

Meng Chang had also started a business before, but his highest goal was nothing more than to hype up a company and cash out so that he could have financial freedom.

If this goal was 1, then Boss Pei’s current goal was 100, or even 1,000.

Boss Pei had personally created many business myths after all. The success he had obtained spanned many fields and industries. This was not something that a lie could compare to.

Tengda’s businesses were not empty talk. Every industry had its own business model, and they were all very profitable!

Meng Chang asked himself, if he could achieve Boss Pei’s current level, no, even if he could achieve one-tenth of it, create a certain industry in Tengda from scratch, he might have long sold the company to a large company and enjoyed life after achieving financial freedom.

Why did he have to rack his brains to continue developing the company?

However, Boss Pei was completely different.

Boss Pei had just achieved huge success like the smart fitness drying rack and Mission and Choice, but he did not slack off for a moment. He came to the company early in the morning to continue worrying about the other industries.

This fighting spirit made Meng Chang sweat.

Of course, even though he was sweating, this did not affect Meng Chang’s anger and hatred for Boss Pei. It did not affect Meng Chang’s thoughts of using the publicity plan to take revenge on Boss Pei.

Pei Qian was a little surprised to see Meng Chang. “What’s the matter?”

He originally thought that Meng Chang would have to spend at least two or three days researching and researching a few industries before he could decide which industry he wanted to publicize.

Meng Chang said, “Boss Pei, I’ve almost done my research. I already have a clearer idea of the publicity plan.”


“I need you to promise me something before making this publicity plan. It would be even better if you could write me a contract…”

Meng Chang’s voice became lower and lower. The further he went, the less confident he became.

There was a huge gap between his position and Boss Pei’s after all. It would be inappropriate for him to make this request. It would seem like he was taking himself too seriously.

However, Meng Chang had no choice but to raise it in order to ensure that he obtained a commission successfully.

Pei Qian was quite surprised.

Eh, this Meng Chang is up to something again?

You want me to write a contract?

Pei Qian could not help but feel curious. “I can consider it, provided that it does not violate the agreement we signed previously.”

Meng Chang nodded and took out a colorful publicity plan from his pocket and handed it over. “Boss Pei, this is the publicity plan for Zhongdian Chinese Network’s inspiration class.”

“I hope you can write a contract to ensure that Tengda Corporation will not announce the development of the three works of the inspiration class to the outside world through any official channels within two months.”

As the saying went, a fall in the pit, a gain in your wit.

Meng Chang was not stupid. He would definitely not make the same mistakes again.

Back then, he had been promoting Mission and Choice and had almost gotten the commission. However, Boss Pei suddenly changed the release date, causing his plan to fail completely and the commission that he had obtained to fly away.

Meng Chang naturally knew about the development of the three copyrights after going to the inspiration class.

However, he also keenly noticed that they would only be released two months later at the earliest.

Under normal circumstances, it should not hinder him from getting a commission. After all, the commission was based on the publicity effect this month.

What does what’s going to happen two months later have to do with him?

That was why Meng Chang finally chose the inspiration class as his publicity direction in the few options.

However, one could never be too careful.

What if Boss Pei deliberately messed with him and suddenly publicized this matter this month? Wouldn’t there be more variables?

Therefore, Meng Chang specially came to ask Boss Pei to write a contract.

He could use it without any worries if Boss Pei agreed.

If Boss Pei was not willing, it meant that Boss Pei wanted to play a trick on him here.

In that case, Meng Chang would give up on this plan and become a bum this month.

He would rather take a basic salary than work for Boss Pei for nothing!

Pei Qian reached out for Meng Chang’s publicity plan.

It might be a paintball but there was not much color. Some of the words were just different.

Pei Qian immediately thought of the outsourcing of a certain coconut juice when he saw this poster. That was messy enough, but Meng Chang’s publicity poster was even more messy than that!

After all, it was much bigger and could accommodate a lot more words.

He read the contents…

Pei Qian could not help but smile in satisfaction.

Yes, a very good attempt!

Pei Qian knew the figures in online literature and knew that the numbers Meng Chang put on the poster were not just a form of showing off, but a form of humiliation.

If this publicity plan was released, coupled with the bad reputation of the inspiration class on Zhongdian Chinese Network, it would definitely become a laughing stock. It would not have the publicity effect for the inspiration class at all!

It looked like Meng Chang had indeed been inspired after modifying the agreement and increasing his basic salary. It was really worth celebrating that he could come up with such a publicity plan in a short period of time.

To Pei Qian, Meng Chang’s request for a written contract did not make him unhappy. Instead, he felt very gratified.

That was because it meant that Meng Chang was indeed wholeheartedly thinking about the best way to make this reverse publicity plan work.

On this point, Pei Qian and Meng Chang were on the same page.

Since that was the case, what was wrong with writing a contract?

Not only did he have to write a contract, but he also had to expand the content!

Pei Qian immediately took a pen and paper from the side. “No problem, I’ll write a contract for you!”


The hand that was holding the pen stopped for a moment. “We still have to think about the specific content. It’s too important to be careless.”

Meng Chang chuckled inwardly.

He knew that Boss Pei would definitely bargain with him.

However, Meng Chang felt that it was not a big problem. If Boss Pei went overboard, he could still leave directly and give up on this publicity plan.

Pei Qian wrote as he spoke, “Tengda will not use any official channels to announce the development of the three works of the inspiration class within these two months… How is that enough?”

“Don’t you know that Tengda rarely releases information to the outside world through official channels? They are all mysteriously leaked and dug out by netizens?”

“We should do this instead.”

“I’ll send a notice to the relevant departments to tell them that the development of the three works in the inspiration class is temporarily a company secret and is strictly prohibited from spreading. In addition, I can also promise you that if the company’s internal leak caused your publicity plan to have a good publicity effect, I will give you a 30,000 yuan commission no matter the outcome.”

“Er… unless you leaked the secret yourself.”

Pei Qian was also worried. What if Meng Chang saw that he could not complete the mission and deliberately leaked the secret to get a 30,000 yuan commission? Wouldn’t that be a scam?

Thus, he had to close this loophole.

Meng Chang’s eyes widened when he heard the number “30,000 yuan.”

Good lord, this commission was equivalent to the base salary for the previous ten months!

Boss Pei’s conditions were too generous. They were much stricter than Meng Chang’s previous conditions.

Meng Chang only requested for it to be “not announced through official channels”, and Boss Pei added the “leak” rule on this point.

Meng Chang was even a little confused.

Whose side was Boss Pei on?

He felt that Boss Pei was sometimes like a terrifying mastermind, the ultimate boss. He was listless and bad, secretly controlling everything and spoiling his plans. However, at times, he was like a wise man who genuinely wanted to help him. He would help him find loopholes in his plans and fill in the gaps. He would even take the initiative to provide support for him.

The difference between these two images was too great. Meng Chang often felt confused and lost.

However, now was not the time to be confused.

Boss Pei had already written the contract, signed it, and handed it over.

Meng Chang quickly reached out to take it and checked it seriously.

No problem.

It was written very clearly that Meng Chang had obtained a promise that far exceeded his expectations.

Pei Qian smiled and leaned back in his chair.

In fact, this condition was a little disadvantageous for him.

If Meng Chang’s publicity plan became popular because of the company’s internal leaks, it would mean that he would most likely make a huge profit. Pei Qian would incur a huge loss.

Pei Qian would feel very unbalanced if he had to give Meng Chang a commission under such circumstances.

However, after some consideration, Pei Qian felt that Meng Chang had suffered too many blows recently.

He worked hard every month but received a basic salary of 3,000 yuan each month. That was lower than Tengda’s cleaner auntie.

It was not that he sympathized with Meng Chang. Pei Qian was mainly afraid that he would be too beaten down and give up.

What’s more, Meng Chang did not know the difficulty of his job, but Pei Qian knew it very well.

Pei Qian felt that it was indeed a little too cruel to let Meng Chang do this job. It was necessary to relax his requirements and not completely lose his confidence if the conditions allowed it.

Meng Chang received the contract and carefully folded it and put it in his pocket. He was even more sincere than if he were to receive the imperial edict.

The commission for this month was all on this small piece of paper after all!


Meng Chang was just about to leave when Pei Qian stopped him.

“Boss Pei, is there anything else?” Meng Chang was a little apprehensive. He wondered if Boss Pei had changed his mind.

Pei Qian’s expression was serious. “I suddenly thought of something. It would take a lot of work to research three departments and come up with a plan. How did you complete it in such a short time?”

“Did you work over the weekend?”

Meng Chang did not know what Boss Pei meant, but he had long heard that Boss Pei did not like employees to work overtime. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he shook his head. “No.”

“Boss Pei, I completed the research on Friday.”

“I knew that the experience shop would definitely become popular just by looking at its location. Thus, I took a look and left without wasting any time. As for the snack street, I also deduced that it would become popular through some clues.”

“That’s why the research was completed very quickly. I also quickly came up with a design, so I didn’t work overtime.”

Strictly speaking, Meng Chang worked overtime during the weekend. After all, it would take some time to even think of such a rubbish plan. What’s more, it was not easy to make the poster look so ugly.

However, the agreement between Meng Chang and Boss Pei did not include any company benefits or overtime pay. There was only a basic salary and commission.

Meng Chang did not think so much when he signed it. He felt that the commission of 100,000 yuan per month was enough. Why would he need that bit of company benefits and overtime pay?

Of course, if he had known the specific content of Tengda’s company benefits, Meng Chang would have preferred to reduce the commission to let Boss Pei add the benefits…

However, no matter what, there was no way to change the contents of the agreement. There was no overtime pay even if Meng Chang worked overtime now.

Pei Qian remained silent, with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

Ah, even Meng Chang could tell at a glance that the snack street and experience shop would definitely become popular…

Yet, he was still hoping that they would die off.

What a sad story…

However, this also meant that Meng Chang seemed to be able to become his barometer. Any project that Meng Chang did not like most probably meant that the success rate was very high. He had to be more careful.

Pei Qian looked at Meng Chang and felt that it was very precious to have someone in the company who had the same idea as him.

It was a pity that Meng Chang did not work overtime. Otherwise, Pei Qian would not mind changing the agreement and giving him some overtime pay to encourage him.

However, Meng Chang had not worked overtime since he joined Tengda, it was enough to show that he did not like working overtime. Raising overtime pay now would backfire, so Pei Qian did not mention it.

He just hoped he could successfully get a commission this time round!

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