Lord of the Oasis - Chapter 551 - The Ancient Ballad

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Chapter 551: The Ancient Ballad

In order to take down War Temple, Kant had prepared four siege logs.

When placing the four siege logs side by side, they were 12 meters wide.

As for the three-meter diameter siege logs, even if they were placed on the ground and placed side by side, the gap between them would allow Rhodok Sergeants to fight with his arms around his waist.

If 600 Rhodok Sergeants were to carry four siege logs into the tunnel, the distance between each siege log was only about half a meter. It was definitely not enough for a warhorse to pass through.

This difficult problem that had troubled Kant for half a day had been solved by Kant. Kant could not help but feel extremely happy.

“You want to attack my army?”

“Attack the log!”

Kant immediately began to give orders, “Pass down the order: 600 Rhodok Sergeants step out and divide into four teams of 150 people, each team carrying a piece of siege log. Enter the tunnel on the first floor of the guard hall side by side!”

“Humph! I want to see if you still want to charge or not?”

Very quickly, four pieces of siege logs with a diameter of 10 meters and a length of 10 meters were carried by 600 Rhodok Sergeants. They lined up and entered the tunnel, almost filling up the entire tunnel.

“All soldiers, listen up. Follow behind the siege logs and enter the War Temple!”

In the War Temple, the members of the fifth war knight order had already made up their minds to die.

For the God of War, Edmund, they were fearless in the face of death.

As long as they could help the God of War, Edmund, and cause his enemies to suffer heavy losses, they were willing to die.

At first, they saw that Kant’s army, who had destroyed the gate of the guard hall of War Temple, they did not dare to step into the tunnel of the guard hall of War Temple. They could not help but admire the high priest who had thought of this strategy.

They even thought that Baron Kant’s terrifying army would retreat just because they were guarding this end of the guard hall of War Temple.

But now, looking at the four siege logs that were like a wooden wall, the members of the fifth knight order felt a sense of despair in their hearts.

Do they still have to face death and charge?

Charge at the four siege logs and crash into them?

At this moment, the high priest of War Temple walked down from the second floor of War Temple.

She came to the front of the fifth knight order and said to the leader of the fifth war knight order, “Oracle: Surrender to Baron Kant!”

There was an indescribable sadness in her voice.

As her words fell, the red light that had enveloped the fifth war knight order slowly retreated into the main hall of War Temple.

“High priest!”

Suddenly, the commander of the fifth war knight order exclaimed.

The high priest of War Temple who was standing in front of him — the spokesperson of the God of War on the earth — suddenly had tears of blood flowing out of the corners of her eyes.

Blood-red flames were burning all over her body.

She was using the purest faith as fuel to ignite her own flames.

Amidst the blood-red flames, the high priest of the War Temple sang an ancient ballad.

The stars fell on the earth,

the ancient gods fell and died,

the traitors stolen the power,

the Heaven and Earth became a prison,

all of the struggles,

would be in vain,

the demons laughed in the abyss,

the world fell.

When the high priest finished singing the ancient ballad, the blood-red flames gradually burned her. When the wind blew, nothing was left.

Four siege logs were slowly carried out of the tunnel by 600 Rhodok Sergeants.

When Kant led his army out of the tunnel, they were not attacked at all, which made Kant very surprised.

He was very clear that these War Temple soldiers were determined to die, so why didn’t they take the opportunity to attack them?

The charge in the tunnel was useless, but after they came out, these knights could still attack them.

“Rhodok Sergeants, carry the siege log to the aside!”

This siege log blocked the charge of the knights and blocked Kant’s vision.

As the siege logs was carried to the two sides, a scene that Kant couldn’t believe appeared in front of his eyes.

A thousand members of the war knight order who were originally riding warhorses dismounted at this moment and stood beside their warhorses.

A grand knight suddenly left the knight order formation and came before Kant’s army.

He suddenly faced Kant, knelt on one knee, and said, “The fifth war knight order, surrender to the Honorable Lord Kant!”

Kant was at a loss. Why did the fifth war knight order suddenly surrender to him?

“Why did you surrender?” Kant sat on his warhorse and asked in a deep voice.

“This is an oracle!”

Oracle? Was this the will of the God of War himself?

Kant believed it.

These knights were all devout believers of the God of War. This could be seen from the fact that they were able to maintain high morale despite being at an absolute disadvantage. They were not afraid of dying and had to fight against Kant’s army.

Kant was very clear that the God of War was in this War Temple. The system’s mission was not given for free.

If the God of War was not in there, how could the system let Kant capture him?

“Baheshtur, send someone to disarm them. Send 100 Rhodok Sergeants to guard them. If there are any unusual movements, kill them without mercy!” Kant ordered directly.

“Yes, Lord!”

At this moment, 30 war priests and 200 reserve war priests came down from the second floor of the guard hall of War Temple. Because of the surrender of the war knights, the Ravenstern Rangers only pointed their arrows at them, but did not shoot.

“War Temple priest, surrender to the Honorable Lord Kant!”

Kant nodded and immediately agreed.

Needless to say, the war priest who was more pious than the members of the war knight order was willing to surrender because of the so-called oracle.

“Do you know where the God of War Is?”

Kant asked the priests of the God of War. If they knew, Kant would not have to search.

“We don’t know. If it’s the high priest, she should know.”

“High priest?”

“Where is she?”

“The high priest is gone!”

Kant nodded and asked Baheshtur to send people to guard these priests and reserve priests.

Kant thought that of the 300 priests, only 30 were left. The high priest must have been shot to death.

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