Lord of the Mysteries - Chapter 1428 - In Modern Day (26)

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Chapter 1428: In Modern Day (26)

In a daze, I open my eyes.

Holy sh*t, when did I fall asleep? I have no recollection at all!

I glance around blankly and find my colleagues working in their respective cubicles.

I only remember that I was getting ready to listen to a song, and here I am? Did I black out? I didn’t drink… Ouch, my head hurts, I’m so dizzy, I want to vomit… At this moment, I feel like I’ve just woken up from a hangover.

Of course, this is just a feeling, as I’ve never been drunk.

Raising my hands to rub my temples, I glance at the music player and find that it has stopped playing.

Advance! Advance! …Yes, I was listening to this song! I can’t remember its melody at all… Puzzled, I click on the song’s reviews again.


“An unprecedented experience.”

“Excellent pleasure.”

Because I’ve read the reviews on the first few pages, I only take a few casual glances and scroll to the end:

“Thank you so much for this song! It cured my chronic insomnia.”

“The purest and most punk death rock!”

“This song made me faint. This isn’t a description, but literally what happened!”

“I can’t imagine how humans can make such sounds…”

“If you’re a man, try lasting 30 seconds!”

This… This song is a little problematic… I won’t listen to this so-called “death rock” again… I grit my teeth for a few seconds before deciding to add another review:

“An unprecedented form of music! It transcends human understanding!”

I have to let others experience it too. I can’t be selfish!

After getting a preliminary explanation for the mysterious blackout, I take off my headphones and prepare for work.

However, my head is dizzy and my forehead is throbbing in pain. From time to time, I feel disgusted.

This is a lot worse than the heatstroke I previously suffered from. Even the office’s powerful air-conditioning is unable to ease my discomfort.

No, I have to go to the hospital for a checkup. I feel like I’m going to crash… I try to calm myself down, but I still can’t hold on.

Luckily, CEO Huang has always been generous. Every employee has two days of paid medical leave without a doctor’s note.

I quickly write a request for time off and head to Director Ai’s office to ask for his signature.

Perhaps it’s because my complexion is really bad, Director Ai doesn’t make things difficult for me. Out of concern, he even asks me if I need someone to send me to the hospital.

“There’s no need. It’s not that serious.” I still care about my face. I would never ask for help if I can solve it myself.

“Okay, go back and have a good rest. If there’s anything urgent in the afternoon, I will arrange someone else to do it.” Director Ai doesn’t insist.

Out of the building, I get a rideshare without hesitation. I don’t put on a strong front by taking the bus.

I’ve always been willing to spend money when the time calls for it.

“Mushu Hospital.” Very soon, the car arrives. I board it and first verify my destination.

Mushu Hospital is one of the better public hospitals in the surrounding areas, but it’s not one of the best. Hence, there are fewer patients and there wouldn’t be a long line for the Emergency Department.

The hospital that Bai Ailin went to last night is at the district level. Although I haven’t been there before, I have a nagging feeling that it’s very reliable.

“Okay,” the driver answers simply and starts the car.

Time ticks by as I gradually feel alive. My head isn’t that dizzy anymore, and I no longer have cold sweat. The throbbing pain completely disappears.

Holy f*ck… Did I choose a hospital that’s too far away? I’m scared that I’ll be alright by the time I make it to the hospital… I can’t help but have a strange thought.

As it turns out, this isn’t wishful thinking. When the driver arrives at my destination, I’m completely awake and alive. I even feel a little hungry.

There’s no need to go to the Emergency Department… After a round of inspection, I’m certain I’m in a good condition.

Thus, my only option is to enjoy this spare time for myself. After all, I’ve already taken time off, and there’s no way to cancel it.

Return home to play games? Find a movie to watch? Ah, right. I still have to register at the Dream Tutoring Classes. I can’t not do anything after being paid. I happen to be free right now anyway. I pick up my phone, look for the picture of the address of the tutoring center that I took, call another rideshare, and head there.

“Hello, I’d like to know more about your tutoring class.” I don’t directly say that I’m going to sign up while facing the male receptionist.

To be honest, I think this tutoring center is a little strange. It actually uses men as receptionists instead of women.

I’m not discriminating against men, but I feel that women are more patient and gentle.

The receptionist briefly introduces the courses they have before asking, “What would you like?”

This fellow is so silly that he’s comparable to that Dani… Is this the theme of this tutoring center? I cough lightly and say, “Weekend, business English.”

“This is the best course out of our Dream Tutoring Classes. Our principal is in charge of it, and she has even invited a few foreign teachers—real foreign teachers,” the receptionist says without end. “We can still get you a discount if you sign up now. The original price is 8,888 yuan, but it’s only 6,666 now!”

“Is your principal very capable?” I take the opportunity to ask.

The receptionist points to the corridor.

“She’s been studying abroad for many years and has mastered a lot of languages. She even has a PhD in education.”

I trace the receptionist’s finger and gaze at the ajar classroom door in the corridor.

The one holding the class is a woman. Her side is facing the outside, and she’s wearing a pair of loose jeans. Her upper body is wearing a white slim fit shirt with flowers. Her hair is dyed brown, and she has tied her hair up in a bun.

In addition, based on my Assassin vision, I can clearly see the principal’s side profile. She’s not too old—only in her twenties. She has some baby fat on her face, and the contours of her face are very exquisite. She’s probably pretty good-looking.

“Our principal is very knowledgeable. Other than being a polyglot, she knows how to draw, do oil paintings, sketches, watercolor paintings, and all kinds of paintings. She also knows how to appraise antique, and different musical instruments. She’s practically an all-rounder!” The receptionist’s tone is filled with admiration.

Just as I’m about to respond, a man walks into the tutoring center.

“Look, this is our foreign teacher, Mr. Anderson Hood.” The receptionist immediately introduces him, “He’s proficient in at least ten languages. He can communicate with you alone and train your accent.”

From the corner of my eye, I see a foreign young man with blond hair and blue eyes. He’s wearing a white shirt and black vest. With the intention of testing him, I switch to English.

“Hello, what languages do you know? How long have you been teaching at this tutoring center?”

The tutor named Anderson Hood has his hands in his pockets as he smiles and says, “#@%%#*()()——”

Me: “…”

What is he saying…

Also, why does this guy look so familiar with the way he has his hands in his pockets?

Anderson glances at me and chuckles.

“How is it? My Mauritian Creole isn’t bad, right?”

This time, he uses English.

He then translates it into Chinese.

“I don’t understand…” I answer honestly.

I can’t be sure what language he said the first time.

Anderson tsks and says, “It looks like you don’t have any talent in languages.

“Why don’t you learn how to paint from me?”

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