Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 506 - Hong Luan

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Chapter 506: Hong Luan

“Something’s not right!”

Lu Sheng frowned slightly. “Master, I was born on the 12th of August. Ah Han was born on the 14th of August. Why did it become the 15th of July?”

Could this body have been born on the 15th of July?

However, that was not right. She remembered that this body’s birthday seemed to be April, not 15th of July.

What went wrong?


Lu Zhou coughed and said in a low voice, “Originally, your birthday was the 15th of July. However, I felt that it was inauspicious, so I secretly changed it to the 12th of August when I registered you in the household register.”

Lu Sheng was speechless.

She held her forehead and sighed softly. Then, she asked, “What about Ah Han? Isn’t he on the 14th of August?”

Chu Sihan said in a low voice, “14th of August is my birthday in the Netherworld. My birthday in this lifetime is the 15th of July.”

“So, my soul is a great nourishment for the Emperor Ghost. Lord’s body is the best vessel for the Emperor Ghost?”

Lu Zhou, the King of Hades, and the rest nodded at the same time.

She thought so!

Their birthdays did not match. Why was it the 15th of July? So that was the case!


“Why must it be us? There are so many people born on the 15th of July. Why didn’t the Emperor Ghost find someone else?”

Wouldn’t that be much easier?

Lu Ying shook her head. “Those people are ordinary people, but you’re different.”

“What’s different?” Lu Sheng asked seriously.

Lu Ying said, “The two of you are naturally different. One is a cultivator and the other is the son of the King of Hades.”

Lu Zhou gave an example. “The difference between ordinary people and you is equivalent to the difference between plain soup and delicacies to the Emperor Ghost. Understand?”

Lu Sheng nodded. “I understand! But… how did it know about us?”

“Nonsense.” Lu Zhou sighed and said, “Xian Jing and Xian Ya are its subordinates now. How do you think it knows?”

“That’s true.”

Ever since her nightmare, Lu Sheng felt that her mind was not working well recently.

“So, what’s a household register?”

Chu Sihan, who was silent at the side, suddenly interrupted.

They looked at him at the same time.

He looked at Lu Sheng in confusion, seemingly waiting for her answer.

Lu Sheng explained casually, “A household register is a household register. It’s convenient for the country to tabulate the number of people. It’s also a symbol of identity.”

Chu Sihan raised an eyebrow. “So the household register is a census register?”

Lu Sheng nodded. “Something like that.”

No, why was Chu Sihan’s focus a bit strange?

Weren’t they discussing the Emperor Ghost now?

“Your focus is really strange.”

Lu Zhou complained before Lu Sheng could say anything.

She chuckled and Chu Sihan immediately looked at her bitterly.

“I’m not laughing anymore!”

She patted his shoulder lightly and smiled.

Chu Sihan snorted and did not speak.

The others smiled in relief.

“Oh right, Master. How’s Grandmaster and the rest?”

At the mention of this, Lu Zhou’s smile disappeared.

“I heard from your Uncle-Master that the Emperor Ghost did not appear yesterday. He should know that we are in Lin Jiang Mansion.”

“What should we do?” Chu Sihan frowned. “Would it escape again?”

The King of Hades said indifferently, “This thing has always been cunning. In addition to Xian Jing and Xian Ya’s help, it will probably take more than one or two days to seal it again.”

“Then, are we just going to watch him harm the citizens? Is there no way to stop him?” Lu Sheng asked.

Lu Zhou shook his head helplessly. “Not yet.”

“That’s too passive.” Lu Sheng sighed softly.

If they could not catch the Emperor Ghost, wouldn’t they have to continue trembling in fear?

Lu Zhou said calmly, “We’ll definitely catch it. When Grandmaster comes out of seclusion, it won’t be able to escape.”

“Grandmaster? Which grandmaster?” Lu Sheng was puzzled.

Chu Sihan explained on Lu Zhou’s behalf, “Sect Master Kong’s master, Master Yin. He’s also your great-grandmaster.”

Lu Sheng nodded in realization. “Grandmaster’s master must be very powerful!”

Lu Zhou nodded. “Of course, the reason why the Emperor Ghost was suppressed under the ice lake back then was thanks to Grandmaster Zeng.”

Upon hearing Lu Zhou’s words, Lu Sheng wanted to see that Grandmaster Zeng.

“When will he come out of seclusion?”

Lu Zhou said in a low voice, “Soon.”

Even he felt a little guilty, as he was not too sure.

Because Master Yin would be in seclusion for a year. He had just entered at the beginning of the year, and it would take a few months before he comes out.

At the same time, in a remote courtyard.

In a thatched hut, Xian Jing and Xian Ya stood in front of the Emperor Ghost with grave expressions.

“Lord, they’re chasing after us. What should we do next?”

After a long silence, Xian Ya finally couldn’t help but ask.

“Lord, we have to kill Lu Zhou and the rest before that Master Yin comes out of seclusion,” Xian Jing said angrily.

“Kill them?”

The Emperor Ghost laughed coldly. “Why don’t you kill them?”


Xian Jing swallowed his saliva and lowered his head in shame.

Even if he and Xian Ya joined forces, they might not be Lu Zhou’s match. Moreover, Lu Zhou had Shangguan Dian and the King of Hades by his side.

The Emperor Ghost snorted coldly. “Do you think I don’t want to kill them? I haven’t recovered my strength yet. If they join forces, I’ll be sealed in the ice lake again!”

It had been thousands of years. He had spent a lot of effort to escape. He could not return to that godforsaken place again.

“Lord, what should we do next?” Xian Ya was very anxious.

She and Xian Jing used to want to kill everyone from the Five Peaks to avenge their parents.

But now, they only wanted to kill Lu Zhou and the two children.

They had destroyed their revenge plan repeatedly. They could not let them off!


The Emperor Ghost said coldly.

“Then… Do you still want those two young people, Lord?” Xian Jing asked.

“Of course.”

The Emperor Ghost licked his lips. “Those two people’s souls are very nourishing. If I can suck their souls, my strength will definitely recover to its peak again. Also, I’m very satisfied with that boy’s body.”

Xian Ya frowned. “But Lu Zhou and the rest already know our plan. They’re guarding them very tightly now. We can’t touch them at all.”

“Let them relax first.”

The Emperor Ghost laughed coldly. “Focus your attention back on Huang Yang Town and give them a diversion.”

“Lord, you mean…” Xian Jing did not quite understand.

The Emperor Ghost said, “Ask someone to release the puppets hidden in Huang Yang Town. You also release some here to distract them. I don’t believe that we can’t deal with those two children.”


Xian Jing and Xian Ya looked at each other and nodded.

Xian Ya opened her hand and a thumb-sized Hong Luan flew out.

As Lu Sheng felt bored staying in the room, she pulled Chu Sihan out to the courtyard to sit.

The sky was perfect today. The blue sky and white clouds were accompanied by a gentle breeze. It was very cool.

She bent down to pluck a yellow and green flower in the courtyard, then looked up at the sky.

With her good eyesight, she immediately saw a thin red light fly past.

“Lord, what’s that?”

She poked Chu Sihan and gestured for him to look at the sky.

Chu Sihan looked up and suddenly extended his hand. A blood-colored aura flew out from his palm. When he clenched his fist and opened his palm again, a thumb-sized Hong Luan appeared in his hand.

“This is a… mini Hong Luan?”

Lu Sheng poked Hong Luan’s head and spoke hesitantly.

“This is a Hong Luan used for communication.”

Chu Sihan held the Hong Luan and closed his eyes slightly. After a while, he suddenly opened them.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Sheng looked at him suspiciously.

“Let’s go back to our room.”

He held the Hong Luan in one hand and Lu Sheng with the other.

Although Lu Sheng did not understand what happened, she felt uneasy when she saw his grave expression.

“Father, Uncle-Master Lu, look.”

Chu Sihan placed the Hong Luan on the table.

“This is… the Communication Hong Luan from Quiet Peak previously.” Lu Zhou looked at the two of them. “Where did you get this?”

“Sheng Sheng discovered it. I felt that something was amiss, so I captured it. It’s Xian Ya’s Hong Luan. She wants her men to release the puppets hidden in Huang Yang Town.”

When they heard that, their expressions darkened.

Shangguan Dian said, “Something must be wrong for them to do this.”

Lu Zhou sneered. “In that case, let’s do as they wish and beat them at their own game.”

“Junior Brother, what do you want to do?”

The King of Hades and Lu Ying looked at him at the same time.

Lu Zhou smiled faintly. He picked up the Hong Luan and chanted a few incantations. Then, he mumbled a few words before letting the thing fly out.


When Lu Sheng saw this, she said nervously, “Master, why did you release it? What if it goes back and informs them about us?”


Lu Zhou smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, this thing isn’t that smart. It only knows how to transmit information mechanically. I’ve already changed Xian Ya’s words just now.”

Although he had changed Xian Ya’s words, he still kept her aura.

Xian Ya’s men did not recognize anything else, but with Xian Ya’s aura, they would definitely think that Xian Ya had left those words behind.

“Master, what did you say to it?”

Lu Zhou smiled faintly and said, “I said that the people from the Five Peaks already know the whereabouts of those puppets. I told them to clear those puppets and hide themselves. There’s no need to reply.”

“Won’t they suspect anything?” Lu Sheng felt that the change was very obvious.

Lu Zhou said lightly, “They only recognize auras. They will definitely do as I say.”

Lu Sheng nodded in realization. “That’s great!”


Days passed.

Sect Master Kong and Chunyu Dong tried to catch the Emperor Ghost a few times by themselves, but it did not intend to take the bait.

This fellow was very alert. Sect Master Kong, Chunyu Dong, and the rest understood that the Emperor Ghost must have known their plan, so they did not continue probing.

On the fourth day, the Hong Luan flew back itself.

However, it did not return to Xian Ya directly. Instead, it came to Lu Zhou.

Satisfied, Lu Zhou took out a spiritual fruit and fed it. Then, he let it pass the message to Xian Ya that the matter at Huang Yang Town had been settled.

After Xian Ya received the reply, she hurriedly told Xian Jing and the Emperor Ghost.

The Emperor Ghost nodded in satisfaction. “Very good. Let’s begin tonight.”


The duo agreed happily and retreated.

“So that’s where they were hiding?!”

Lu Zhou smiled faintly and hurriedly led Lu Sheng, Chu Sihan, and the rest to the inn to meet Chunyu Dong, Sect Master Kong, and the rest.

“Junior Brother, why are you here?”

Wen Yin was about to go upstairs with the tea when she saw Lu Zhou and the rest walk in.

“Senior Sister.”


“Fairy Wen Yin.”

Everyone greeted her.

Wen Yin smiled and nodded. “Let’s go upstairs first.”

“Senior Sister, please!”

Lu Zhou let her go up first. Wen Yin nodded and went upstairs with the tea.

In the room, there were Chunyu Dong, Sect Master Kong, and the Peak Masters of the other three peaks. They were Peak Master Ji of Rain Peak, Peak Master Luo of Mist Peak, and Peak Master Che of Sun Peak.

Everyone knew them, except for Lu Sheng.

Lu Zhou pulled her and introduced her to the three of them. When the three of them saw her, they said that she looked like Lu Zhou.

Lu Sheng glanced at Lu Zhou and heard him say carelessly, “How can the daughter I raised not be like me?”

The other three looked at Lu Sheng and smiled without saying anything.

They knew what the truth was. However, when they heard Lu Zhou call Lu Sheng his disciple, they knew that he had not told Lu Sheng his identity.

Since Lu Zhou was unwilling to say it, they naturally wouldn’t poke their noses into other people’s business.

When Lu Sheng saw Lu Zhou’s reaction, she lowered her eyes and smiled.

When she was seven years old, she had seen a picture of her master and a woman. She had hidden that picture.

At that time, she kept feeling that that should be her master’s wife. When she grew up, she would find her for her master.

However, as she grew older, she realized that not only did she resemble Lu Zhou, but she also resembled that woman.

She looked at least fifty percent similar to that woman.

Initially, before she transmigrated, she only suspected that her master’s wife was her biological mother.

Until she transmigrated here, everyone said that she looked like Lu Zhou. Also, Official Lu’s attitude towards her forced her to be strict.

Later on, through everyone’s reaction, she slowly obtained an answer.

However, so far, she had not asked Lu Zhou for the reason.

Firstly, she felt that there was no need to. She had always felt that Lu Zhou was her biological father.

Secondly, it was because she was used to their relationship between master and disciple. She also felt that it was quite good to get along in this state.

Lu Zhou turned back and looked at her. Seeing no reaction from her, he could not help but sigh in relief.

“Junior Brother, did you discover anything today?”

After Chunyu Dong poured tea for everyone, he looked up at Lu Zhou and asked with a smile.

Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow. “Why? Can’t I come if I didn’t discover anything?”

Chunyu Dong smiled and nodded. “Of course not.”

He snorted coldly and looked at Sect Master Kong. “Master, I’ve already found the whereabouts of the Emperor Ghost.”


Sect Master Kong, who saw the duo bicker and shake his head helplessly, suddenly stood up and asked Lu Zhou.

“Don’t be agitated. Let me finish.”

Lu Zhou gestured for him to sit back.

“Junior Brother Lu, have you really found the whereabouts of the Emperor Ghost?”

The other Peak Masters were also concerned about this topic.

Lu Zhou nodded. “No hurry. If we go now, we’ll alert the enemy. We’ll set off tonight.”

“Wait?” Sect Master Kong frowned. “No, what if it escapes again?”

Lu Zhou shook his head. “No, it absorbed so many souls recently. It definitely needs time to refine.”

“Junior Brother Lu, do you want to launch a surprise attack when it goes into seclusion?” asked Peak Master Ji.

Lu Zhou chuckled. “Senior Brother Ji, you know me best.”

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