Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild - Chapter 505 - The People Who Lost Their Souls

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Chapter 505: The People Who Lost Their Souls

Gao Xu was speechless.

She had not even said anything but she was saying that he did not know him?

“Although I’m not a big shot in Nanyi Country, I know most famous people. Why don’t you tell me who refined the puppets?”

Lu Sheng smiled faintly and shook her head. “They’re not from Nanyi Country or Xuan Yue Country.”


Gao Xu frowned. “If they’re not from the two countries, why are they here?”

When Chu Sihan heard that, he hurriedly said in riddles, “How can we know things that even Uncle-Master doesn’t understand?”

“If you don’t know, how would you know that they’re not from Nan Yi Country or Xuan Yue Country?” Gao Xu asked sincerely.

“How would ordinary people know the art of puppet refinement? Moreover, they are like the State Minister, people who know magic.”

Chu Sihan’s voice was faint. Perhaps because he was wearing a mask, there was no expression on his face.

“They know magic?”

Gao Xu was shocked.

Everyone knew that the State Minister in Xuan Yue Country knew magic. This was also the reason why the two countries could maintain peace for a long time.

As long as the State Minister was around, even if Nan Yi Country’s wealth and manpower far exceeded Xuan Yue Country, they did not dare to attack rashly because Xuan Yue Country had the State Minister.

“Could it be that the immortal from before has returned?”

If that was the case, Nan Yi Country and Xuan Yue Country would suffer.

Lu Sheng shook her head. “I’m not sure.”

“Then… Doesn’t the State Minister care about this?” Gao Xu asked nervously.

In front of these immortals, he was just an ordinary person. If he fought them, he would probably only have the fate of being slaughtered.

Lu Sheng said in a low voice, “There’s a very powerful person behind those people. The State Minister and the rest are investigating.”

“What? There’s something more powerful?”

Gao Xu frowned. “Why didn’t these immortals stay in that Immortal World and come to our mortal world to harm the citizens?”

Lu Sheng smiled bitterly. “Who knows?”

“Uncle-Master Gao, if you have any questions, ask them later. We didn’t sleep last night and are a little tired now.”

Once Chu Sihan finished speaking, Gao Xu hurriedly stood up and said apologetically, “Uncle-Master didn’t consider this. Rest well. I’ll go down first.”

Although he still had a lot of doubts, Gao Xu was more afraid that the duo would be tired. Hence, he could only suppress his doubts and leave.

After he left, Lu Sheng let Chu Sihan rest first.

Because of her last night, Chu Sihan did not even close his eyes. She had seen everything.


Seeing her take out the talisman, Chu Sihan did not disturb her anymore.

She stood up and returned to her bed to rest.

Lu Sheng took out a pen and paper and started to draw the incantation for the Invisibility Talisman.

Halfway through her drawing, she turned back to look at the bed and realized that Chu Sihan was lying sideways on the couch, staring at her unblinkingly.

Seeing her look over, he even smiled and raised his eyebrows at her.

Lu Sheng rolled her eyes at him and turned back to continue her work.

After thirty minutes, Lu Sheng kept the remaining talisman and pen.

She folded the talisman and placed it back into the Space Bracelet along with the paper and pen.

She had just stretched when she seemed to have thought of something. She turned back and realized that Chu Sihan had fallen asleep.

She pursed her lips and smiled. She rubbed her neck before walking to the couch. She climbed onto the bed lightly and lay down beside him with her clothes.

Perhaps because she was too tired, she fell asleep almost immediately.

Chu Sihan opened his eyes slightly and stared at her sleeping face for a while. His thin lips curved upwards.

He reached out and hugged her waist. Leaning his forehead against hers, he closed his eyes again.

When Lu Sheng woke up, the sky was already dark.

Chu Sihan was gone.

She climbed up and sat on the bed, her expression confused.

The sound of the door opening was heard. She looked up and saw Chu Sihan walking over with something.

It was the long-awaited pork ribs porridge.

Lu Sheng’s stomach growled and she woke up immediately.

She touched her stomach and hurried over.

Chu Sihan looked up at her gently and placed the porridge on the table.

Neither of them spoke. Lu Sheng rinsed her mouth with tea and received the porridge Chu Sihan scooped for her. She lowered her head and ate silently.

“My master is back.”

Chu Sihan sat opposite her and said softly.

Lu Sheng’s hand that was holding the spoon paused and she looked up at him. “Hero Ye is back?”


He poured a cup of tea and nodded slightly.

“Did he say anything?”

“Xian Jing, Xian Ya, and the Emperor Ghost escaped, but the thousand puppets have been dealt with. However, Uncle-Master Lu and Master said that there should be more than a thousand puppets.”

Lu Sheng frowned. “Could there be more?”

Chu Sihan nodded. “Yes, but we don’t know where they hid the other puppets yet.”

Lu Sheng heaved a sigh of relief and her suppressed heart calmed down.

“Thankfully, those puppets were still destroyed!”

Otherwise, she would have blamed herself.


The thousand puppets had been destroyed, which meant that Nan Yi Country had temporarily regained its peace.

Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng stayed in Nan Yi Country for a week. Seeing that there was nothing unusual, they bade Gao Xu farewell and returned to Huang Yang Town.

Lin Jiang stayed in Huang Yang Town for half a month but still did not receive any news.

Just as he was panicking, he met Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan on the street.

When he saw the two of them, he was slightly stunned.

“Lord Chu, Young Madam Chu, didn’t you go to Nan Yi Country?”

Lin Jiang, who saw the duo, was very puzzled.

Logically speaking, Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng should be on their way to Nan Yi Country. Why were they here?

The duo was stunned when they saw him.

They had almost forgotten about Lin Jiang.


Lu Sheng blinked and looked up at Chu Sihan.

However, Chu Sihan explained without changing his expression, “Not long after we set off, Uncle-Master Gao sent a letter saying that it has been resolved. As we were busy with other matters recently, we forgot to inform Young Master Lin. Our apologies.”

Lin Jiang was speechless.

Was he the only one anxious here?

Lu Sheng laughed dryly and apologized, “Sorry, Young Master Lin. We forgot!”

“It’s alright!”

Lin Jiang took a deep breath and forced a smile at her. “It’s good that Master is fine!”

He cupped his hands at the two of them and said, “Since everything is fine there, I’ll bid you farewell first.”

During this period of time, in order to wait for news, he did not dare to go anywhere. He did not even dare to return to Lin Jiang Mansion, afraid that he would miss something.

Now that he knew that his master was safe, he had to return to Lin Jiang Mansion.

After all, he had not seen his father and mother for a year. He had to go back and visit them.

The duo nodded slightly and watched him leave.

Two days after the two of them returned to the Chu Mansion, they received a letter from Chu Yun. He said that there had been a few more murder cases that rendered him and Constable Ji helpless recently, and he wanted Chu Sihan to return as soon as possible.

In order to avoid explaining again, Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan did not tear open the void and go over directly. Instead, they rode the Chu Mansion’s carriage.

The two of them took seven days to reach Lin Jiang Mansion.

After understanding it, they realized that it was a serial murder case.

The coroner also examined the bodies and found no fatal wounds on them.

Even their organs were intact and there were no signs of poisoning. He really did not know why they lost their lives.

“Lord, Young Madam, the bodies are here.”

Chu Yun brought the two of them to the previous mortuary.

After Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng examined the corpses, their expressions became grave.

Seeing their expressions, Chu Yun knew that this was not a small matter.

“Lord, how was it? Did you see anything?”

Constable Ji asked.

Lu Sheng looked at Chu Sihan. Seeing his nod, she explained in a low voice, “These people have lost their souls, leaving only their bodies.”


Constable Ji scratched his head. “What do you mean?”

“A person lives because they have souls. Without souls, they are dead. Their souls have been sucked away.”

Constable Ji did not fully understand Lu Sheng’s words.

However, Chu Yun understood.

He asked in shock, “Young Madam, you’re saying that these people have lost their souls? Where did their souls go?”

Chu Yun knew that Lu Sheng was psychic, so he believed in this too.

“I don’t know where they went. Anyway, their souls are no longer in this world.”

Lu Sheng’s expression was a bit grave. She had once heard Lu Zhou say that the Emperor Ghost relied on absorbing souls to increase its strength.

If she guessed correctly, the Emperor Ghost was probably in Lin Jiang Mansion.

Moreover, it seemed like he was already planning to go against the Five Peaks.

Chu Sihan said in a deep voice, “Chu Yun, Constable Ji, get someone to release the news and tell the citizens not to go out late at night.”

Chu Yun said, “I’ve released the news a few days ago, but there were people who still didn’t listen.”

Those lying here were basically drunkards and playboys who had come out to have fun.

“The brothels must be closed,” Lu Sheng said faintly.

Chu Sihan nodded slightly and looked at Chu Yun and Constable Ji. “Pass the order down that from today onwards, no brothels are allowed to open again.”


After receiving their orders, the duo retreated.

After Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng left the mortuary, they returned to the magistrate court.

At midnight, there was a movement from Lu Sheng’s Communications Talisman.

She hurriedly took out the phone and connected. She shouted happily, “Master, how are you?!”

On the other side, Lu Zhou said in a panic, “Girl, where are you now?”

“Ah Han and I are in Lin Jiang Mansion.” Lu Sheng frowned slightly. “Master, did something happen?”

Lu Zhou did not answer her question. Instead, he said, “Listen to me. Stay in the magistrate court tonight and don’t go anywhere. I’ll meet you there now.”

Lu Sheng’s heart jumped when she thought of those who died because they lost their souls.

It seemed like the Emperor Ghost was most likely in Lin Jiang Mansion.

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Sihan, who had just bathed, walked over.

“Master said he’s coming over to meet us,” Lu Sheng said in a low voice. “It seems like our guess was right. The Emperor Ghost should be in Lin Jiang Mansion.”

Upon hearing that, Chu Sihan’s face darkened.

After fifteen minutes, Chu Yun reported that the Third Prince had arrived.

Lu Sheng initially thought that there were only Lu Zhou and Shangguan Dian. She did not expect Sect Master Kong, Chunyu Dong, and the rest to come over.

Even the King of Hades and Lu Ying came.

Seeing that the duo was safe, the group heaved a sigh of relief.

“Master, did that Emperor Ghost escape to Lin Jiang Mansion?”

After everyone sat down, Lu Sheng asked softly.


Lu Zhou said in a deep voice, “Your Uncle-Master and I only became suspicious after hearing about those murder cases.”

“Then… What should we do next?” Lu Sheng asked.

Sect Master Kong looked at her and said, “Girl, you and His Highness Yan will follow your master. You’re not allowed to go anywhere.”

Lu Sheng felt that something was amiss. She looked suspiciously at Lu Zhou and before she could ask, Lu Zhou said, “Your grandmaster is right.”

Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan looked at each other and saw the doubt in each other’s eyes.

Seeing that it was already late at night, Chu Sihan hurriedly got Chu Yun to prepare a room for everyone and let them go back and rest.

Unexpectedly, Sect Master Kong rejected him. “Don’t worry about preparing anything else. We still have a plan tonight.”

When Chu Sihan heard that, he hurriedly made Chu Yun retreat.

It turned out that they were preparing to get someone to pretend to be a solo traveler tonight to lure out the Emperor Ghost.

As the other sect masters of the Five Peaks were also present, Lu Zhou, Shangguan Dian, the King of Hades, and Lu Ying stayed behind.

Afraid that something would happen, Lu Ying, the King of Hades, Lu Zhou, and Shangguan Dian stayed on both sides of Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng’s room.

Like Lu Sheng, Chu Sihan asked his parents for the reason. However, the result was the same as Lu Sheng’s. They did not say anything.

As the duo had doubts in their hearts, they felt uneasy. This made them toss and turn in bed, not sleeping the entire night.

Of course, like them, the people in the other two rooms did not sleep.

The next day, when the six of them sat at the table to eat breakfast, except for the two young people, the four ‘old people’ were still energetic.

Forget about the other three. After all, there were two ghosts and one demon. Furthermore, they were their original bodies. They would not lose their energy from lack of sleep.

However, Lu Zhou was not his original body, but a human body. He actually had no issues with not sleeping for the night.

This puzzled Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan.

As to how they knew that they did not sleep, it was entirely because they did not turn off the lights the entire night.

Lu Zhou looked up and sized them up. He said lightly, “Don’t worry too much. With the elders around, everything will be fine.”

“Master, is that Emperor Ghost trying to do something to us?”

Other than this reason, Lu Sheng could not think of another reason for everyone to guard them.

Indeed, Lu Zhou paused and sighed silently.

Lu Sheng looked at Shangguan Dian. However, he looked at Lu Zhou, seemingly indicating that he had no right to interfere.

The King of Hades and Lu Ying sipped their tea and did not look at her.

Lu Sheng frowned slightly. “It seems like I guessed correctly?”

Lu Zhou sighed softly and said in a low voice, “The two of you were born on the 15th of July. You’re the best nourishment for the Emperor Ghost and his best vessel.”

Their expressions changed slightly.

Lu Sheng finally understood why Lu Zhou was so nervous when he found out that she was in Lin Jiang Mansion.

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