Lifetime of Bliss And Contentment With You - Chapter 1078

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Chapter 1078: The car flipped

After the strange meal, Lin Yan returned to the yunjian villa. Speaking of which, she seemed to have a lot of peach blossoms recently … A few days after Ji Mingzhe, Xiao Ji appeared. She didn’t know what was going on, but her eyelids had been twitching since she woke up, as if she had a bad premonition … Hey, don’t screw up! No, no, no! PEI Yucheng was so far away and so busy, so he wouldn’t know about this. Lin Yan shook her head and cleared her mind of all the messy thoughts. She then went into the bathroom to take a shower. She still had to do a live broadcast later. Zhao Hongyan felt that she had too little interaction with her fans, so she asked her to do a live broadcast when she was free and chat with her fans. At the same time, at the PEI family’s headquarters. PEI Yucheng was flipping through some documents. Cheng mo, who was standing beside him, was looking at his phone. He didn’t know what he had seen, but his face was full of fear. As Cheng mo watched, he looked up and carefully peeked at his boss. PEI Yucheng noticed Cheng Mo’s strange behavior, but he didn’t even look up and casually asked,””What’s wrong?” PEI Yucheng’s sudden voice startled Cheng mo. He subconsciously put his phone down.”No… Nothing …” PEI Yucheng raised his head and looked at Cheng mo. He glanced at his phone and reached out his hand. Seeing this, Cheng mo didn’t dare to refuse. He could only force himself to hand the phone over. Then, he secretly took a few steps back and tried to stay as far away from PEI Yucheng as possible. Cheng mo didn’t even have time to exit the page on his phone. As soon as PEI Yucheng took it, he saw a picture of his wife walking on the Rose Red carpet with someone else … The set was extremely exaggerated, and the gowns they wore were also quite gorgeous. Those who didn’t know would think that it was a wedding scene. Cheng Mo’s legs trembled in fear, and his forehead was covered in cold sweat. PEI Yucheng’s expression didn’t change. He tapped on his phone and saw all sorts of gossip. “Lin Yan, KNO’s latest spokesperson”,”Lin Yan’s real educational background is the aerodynamics major at Massachusetts Institute of Technology”,”KNO President Ji Mingzhe confesses to Lin Yan in public and calls her his first love”,”KNO President confesses in public ‘if you want, you can be the lady boss of KON anytime’…” PEI Yucheng’s gaze fell on the words “Mrs. KNO”, and his other hand rhythmically tapped on the glass coffee table. Cheng mo gulped and said carefully,”this is how the entertainment industry is. People like to write nonsense. It should be to create these scandals for the spokesperson. Do you want me to take down these rumors?” PEI Yucheng returned the phone to Cheng mo. Hearing that, Cheng mo was full of admiration. The boss had promised Lin Yan that he would not interfere with her work, and he had never done so. He was able to remain calm even in such a situation. He was indeed the BOSS … However, just as Cheng mo was thinking about this, he saw PEI Yucheng suddenly lose consciousness and faint on the sofa … “Boss PEI! Boss PEI …” …… Yunjian Water Village. Lin Yan took a relaxing shower, put on a Facial Mask, and put on some light makeup. Then, Lin Yan took off her bathrobe and got ready to change. She opened her closet and picked out a light – colored dress. Just as she was about to put it on, she suddenly felt an extremely familiar feeling … Lin Yan’s hair stood on end. She had a bad feeling about this. Sure enough, before she could react, her vision turned black. Her hand that was holding the dress suddenly lost strength, and the dress fell on the bed. In the next second, she lost control of her body, and her consciousness felt as light as a feather, as if she was floating in the air.

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