Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 928 - Ice Castle Bell

Chapter 928: Ice Castle Bell

Translator: CKtalon 

As Zhou Wen was carried by the snow-robed woman, he felt a chill run through him as though he had fallen into an ice cellar.

Thankfully, the snow cat was a frost-elemental creature, so it was quite resistant to coldness. Otherwise, Zhou Wen might have to pretend to be frozen by the cold air around her.

The snow-robed woman quickly passed through the billowing black smoke and arrived at the peak of the mountain.

Zhou Wen looked around and was suddenly alarmed to discover that the billowing black smoke that enveloped the ground was transparent. He could see everything below clearly.

Zhou Wen secretly cheered inwardly. Thankfully, he had only used the normal strength of a snow cat when he scaled the mountain. Otherwise, he would have long been discovered.

However, Zhou Wen was still somewhat uneasy. He didn’t know if his snow cat transformation could fool the snow-robed woman. From her looks, she was most likely at the Terror grade.

Thankfully, the snow-robed woman didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with Zhou Wen. After arriving at the mountaintop, she carried him towards a building.

At that moment, Zhou Wen realized that there was an ice sculpture-like castle on the mountaintop. The woman walked into the ice sculpture castle and the snake monster followed.

“Why did you bring such a snow cat back? Why don’t you just throw it back into the void lightning?” the snake monster asked.

“It’s none of your business.” As the snow-robed woman spoke, she walked up the ice stairs and quickly arrived in a room at the top of Ice Sculpture Castle.

This room was empty other than a crystal coffin.

The snow-robed woman walked to the crystal coffin and it automatically opened. After she carried Zhou Wen in and lay down, the crystal coffin automatically closed.

Zhou Wen quickly realized that the snow-robed woman was sleeping in the crystal coffin. She looked human, but her body was colder than ice.

Don’t tell me she will keep sleeping like this? Zhou Wen struggled out of the snow-robed woman’s grasp and crawled to an empty spot in the crystal coffin. He turned to look at the woman and realized that her skin had turned into jade. If he hadn’t seen her walk over, he would have thought that she was a jade statue without any vitality.

Through the crystal coffin, he could see the situation inside. He couldn’t see anything further. Although the castle was made of ice, he couldn’t see anything through the thick ice wall.

With the snow-robed woman beside him, Zhou Wen didn’t dare summon Truth Listener.

If the woman discovered that there was an earring on his ear, anyone would know that there was something wrong with the snow cat.

From the looks of it, there really was a mistake during the teleportation. This isn’t the place where the bronze tripod should have teleported me. I have to teleport back as soon as possible. Zhou Wen glanced at the sleeping woman and thought to himself, Is she really sleeping or is she faking it? Perhaps my attack will be of some use to her when she isn’t in a Terror form.

With this in mind, Zhou Wen didn’t dare act rashly. In the end, he decided to wait a little longer. There was still about thirty hours left, so he didn’t have to worry about the tunnel closing for the time being.

The space in the crystal coffin wasn’t large to begin with, so Zhou Wen didn’t have much space to move around. All he could do was lie in the crystal coffin to rest and wait for an opportunity to arrive.

Time ticked by. Several hours passed, but the woman remained asleep. She didn’t move or breathe at all. It made Zhou Wen suspect that she was an ice sculpture.

He had no choice but to continue waiting patiently. After a while, he suddenly heard a clanging sound. It was like the sound of a bell that reported the time in ancient times, but it was somewhat different. The sound was clearer.

Zhou Wen heard it sound twelve times before the woman finally opened her eyes. Then, she carried Zhou Wen and climbed out of the crystal coffin.

Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief. If the woman continued sleeping like this, he would really be in trouble. He might have no choice but to barge out. Thankfully, that didn’t happen. He still had plenty of time.

The woman carried Zhou Wen downstairs and soon arrived in a hall. The snake monster was already inside.

Zhou Wen was suddenly taken aback. There was a bell hanging on the back wall of the hall. From the looks of it, the sound was likely from this bell.

However, the bell looked very similar to the bell The Thearch had mentioned.

That’s strange. Could it be that I didn’t teleport to the wrong place? This is the tower that The Thearch mentioned? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that something was amiss. If the tower refers to a mountain peak, there’s no reason for The Thearch to not make it clear. Furthermore, she said that the bell is on the highest level of the tower. She didn’t mention anything about an ice sculptured ancient castle.

However, Zhou Wen carefully sized up the bell. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like the bell The Thearch had mentioned. The various details of the bell were identical to The Thearch’s description.

What’s going on? Did I teleport to the right place? Is this the bell? Zhou Wen was momentarily stumped.

“You should know that forcibly retaining the creatures in the dimensional pool isn’t allowed, right?” the snake monster said as he glanced at Zhou Wen in the snow-robed woman’s arms.

“I’ve already said that I don’t need anyone to interfere in my matters,” the snow-robed woman said coldly before placing Zhou Wen on the ground and walking towards the bell.

When she approached the bell, the ice aura over her body quickly rose and her entire body turned into an ice sculpture.

Terror transformation! Zhou Wen immediately recognized the power the snow-robed woman was using.

The snow-robed woman walked to the bell and picked it up before shaking it.


Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the sound wasn’t from the bell. The bell’s sound was completely different from before.

With the bell’s sound, Zhou Wen felt an invisible force radiate out like a blast. Then, he felt the entire ice castle tremble.

After doing all of this, the woman put the bell back. Her body gradually left her Terror form.

Zhou Wen didn’t know what had happened, but the woman still looked exhausted.

“It’s been hard on you,” the snake monster said to the woman with a smile.

However, the woman ignored him. She carried Zhou Wen and left the hall.

Zhou Wen originally wanted to find an opportunity to escape, but when he saw the bell, he hesitated. He wondered if he should steal the bell first.

The woman carried Zhou Wen back into the crystal coffin and began sleeping again.

What’s wrong with this woman? Even if you are a dimensional creature, you can’t just be shaking the bell and sleeping, right? You should at least eat something, right? Zhou Wen really felt hungry when he thought of eating.

However, he couldn’t take anything out of the Chaos Bead to eat. He had to endure it.

Suddenly, a thought flashed across Zhou Wen’s mind. Could this woman be treating me as food?

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