Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1685 - Sword Domain Level Up

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Chapter 1685 Sword Domain Level Up

A large number of Sword Pill particles were arranged in the Minor Heavenly Cycle Sword Formation according to Zhou Wen’s will. As Zhou Wen constantly formulated it, the Sword Pill particles were arranged in an ever tighter-knit pattern.

Just as Zhou Wen’s body was about to collapse, a large number of Sword Pill particles suddenly seemed to gain sentience and a life of their own as they automatically circulated.

All the Sword Pill particles seemed like iron powder that was being attracted by a magnet as they clumped together.

However, this clumping wasn’t without order. Instead, it was arranged according to the Minor Heavenly Cycle Array’s core. It also wasn’t completely arranged according to the rules. It seemed to be instinctively arranged according to some strange rules.

In an instant, all the Sword Pill particles connected tightly, leaving no gap between them. It was as though they had become a natural whole.

The Sword Pill particles were extremely small to begin with. Even if they were arranged under Zhou Wen’s control, it was inevitable that there would be gaps. However, there was no gap between the Sword Pill particles. It was as though they were one-a complete large Sword Pill particle.

However, the Sword Pill particles weren’t in the shape of a sword or pill. Instead, they were arranged in the shape of an egg that enveloped the Chaos Egg as it constantly blocked the attacks from the outside world.

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Zhou Wen was surprised to discover that his Sword Domain had advanced to the Hell level. Furthermore, it was crazily extracting Essence Energy from his body. The eggshell-shaped Sword Pill that enveloped Zhou Wen’s body grew bigger and bigger.

Having advanced to the Hell level, the Sword Domain which couldn’t resist Starlady Polestar’s strength, became stronger and stronger due to the Qi Refinement Art’s absorption of Essence Energy and the infinite Essence Energy in the Chaos Egg.

As long as Essence Energy was available, the Sword Domain seemed to become infinitely stronger. The lack of quality was made up in quantity. Furthermore, the Sword Pill particles had the characteristics of immortality. They would only become stronger and stronger.

Bullets could shoot through steel plates, but they couldn’t pass through a hundred-meter pile of soil. Now, because the Sword Pill particles in the Sword Domain were too dense and there were more and more of them, they gradually stabilized the situation while resisting Starlady Polestar’s strength.

The Hell-level Chaos Egg combined with the Hell-level Sword Domain produced an unexpected effect, allowing Zhou Wen to gain a foothold in such a terrifying battlefield.

As the Sword Domain leveled up, Zhou Wen had already sensed the changes in its effects. It didn’t mean that the Sword Domain would really be an egg-shaped object in the future.

The egg shape was only because Zhou Wen needed it to be arranged in this form. Based on Zhou Wen’s requirements, he could transform it into a sword or other shapes.

What the Sword Domain truly improved was the effect of Sword Pill particles becoming one.

A chopstick could easily be snapped, but a bundle of chopsticks could hardly be snapped. Furthermore, the Sword Pill particles that had combined into one were not as simple as a bundle of chopsticks. They were truly one.

Only now did Zhou Wen have the mood to size up the situation on the battlefield. However, all he could see was starlight and a constantly shimmering golden light.

It was so fast that even with Zhou Wen’s eyesight, he couldn’t see their actions clearly. He couldn’t even see their figures clearly. Wherever Truth Listener moved, there were golden afterimages. In Zhou Wen’s eyes, these afterimages were a golden ribbon of light of unknown length. The ribbons of light intertwined densely in the Star Palace like tangled hemp.

In fact, it was only a delay in Zhou Wen’s vision. The golden ribbon of light he saw was already an afterimage left behind by Truth Listener before it moved countless spots over.

Zhou Wen couldn’t see it, but the Teacher Domain could sense the changes in the nomological powers. In the Teacher Domain, Zhou Wen felt an extremely domineering force constantly collide with a force that resembled a brilliant monarch’s aura. Without a doubt, the destructive force came from Truth Listener, while the brilliant monarch aura came from Starlady Polestar. The two forces were completely different, but they were equally terrifying.

Even if Zhou Wen couldn’t see it clearly, the Teacher Domain continued to replicate and deduce the rules of the brilliant monarch aura, making the power appear more and more orderly in Zhou Wen’s eyes.

From the situation, Zhou Wen roughly knew that the Teacher Domain was about to deduce a new Essence Energy Art.

They were both perfect domain powers, but the Teacher Domain only inferred Starlady Polestar’s powers and not Truth Listener’s powers. This left Zhou Wen somewhat puzzled.

Is it because Truth Listener’s powers are difficult to deduce, or is it because I already have the foundation of the Minor Heavenly Cycle Array? Zhou Wen guessed, but he couldn’t make an accurate judgment.

Regardless, it was an excellent thing for Zhou Wen. This was because as long as the Teacher Domain deduced Starlady Polestar’s Essence Energy Art, it could directly ban this power from circulating in the Teacher Domain.

Now, Zhou Wen was already looking forward to seeing how delightful it would be when the Teacher Domain stopped the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array from circulating.

Thinking of how he could go to Forbidden City to find the other Starlady Polestar and stop her Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array in front of her, Zhou Wen wished he could immediately head to Forbidden City.

It was clearly not an easy task to deduce Starlady Polestar’s Essence Energy Art. It was like a spiderweb as the Teacher Domain constantly perfected the nomological webs, hoping to connect them into a complete network.

However, there were too many missing parts. The speed at which the Teacher Domain weaved the net was too slow. At this speed, it would probably take at least eight to ten years to complete all the parts.

At that moment, Zhou Wen suddenly felt the Major Heavenly Cycle Stellar Array that had gradually become clearer become blurry again. What was even more terrifying was that in the blurry starlight, twelve mysterious celestial palaces seemed to appear. Each celestial palace seemed to contain a mysterious force that seemed otherworldly. Furthermore, each celestial palace had a different style.

It was like divine might that resembled an ocean, danger that resembled an abyss, unfathomable mystery, or immense imperial favor. The power of every celestial palace was shocking. Just seeing the phantom of the celestial palace nearly made Zhou Wen’s will collapse. He felt as tiny as an ant under the Heavenly Dao.

The twelve celestial palaces were like divine temples that controlled everything in the universe. Any one of them could dictate the fate of all things. Life and death were just one thought away.

At that moment, the twelve celestial palaces exerted pressure at the same time. Beneath the celestial palaces was the handsome and wild Truth Listener, who was shimmering with golden light and had blonde hair dancing in the wind.

Holy sh*t! Zhou Wen felt the terrifying power in the twelve celestial palaces. Even if the remnant might swept over, the Hell-level Sword Domain around him shattered like scrap metal. It couldn’t withstand a single blow.

No matter how Zhou Wen extracted Essence Energy to replenish it, he couldn’t restore the Sword Domain.

Just as Zhou Wen thought that he needed to run through the dungeon again, Truth Listener suddenly leaped up and charged towards the celestial palaces under the infinite pressure.

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