Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1673 - This And Nothing More

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Chapter 1673 This And Nothing More

Honn Shinsakura stared at Mohe and couldn’t help but feel his heart turn cold. Although he was determined to fight to the death, he couldn’t draw his sword to fight.

If it were an ordinary opponent, even if their strength was far above his, Honn Shinsakura would still have the courage to fight.

However, Mohe was different. Only he could kill others, while others couldn’t kill him. Even if Honn Shinsakura could slice through celestial bodies, he couldn’t slash at Mohe. Otherwise, he would only injure himself. Honn Shinsakura was instantly thrown into a dilemma.

“Must you do this?” Sei Gasakai walked out of the cabin and stared at Mohe.

When Mohe saw Sei Gasakai, he cracked a smile and looked at him. “I heard that you have the title of Sword Sage overseas. The Niten Flying Immortal-ryū is known as the number one sword art overseas.”

“It’s just flattery,” Sei Gasakai said with a frown.

“Probably.” Mohe nodded.

These words immediately infuriated the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal-ryū. Perhaps Sei Gasakai wasn’t the strongest human on Earth, but his Sword Dao realm made him like a saint in the hearts of the disciples.

“A warrior can be killed but not humiliated. Mohe, I’ll fight you,” Honn Shinsakura said with a sullen expression.

“You aren’t qualified.” Mohe didn’t even look at Honn Shinsakura and said to Sei Gasakai, “Since you are known as the overseas Sword Sage, I believe you might have some true talent. I’ll give you a chance. I’ll only fight you with my sword techniques and suppress my strength to the same level as yours. If you can withstand three of my strikes without being defeated, I’ll let you have your freedom. If you lose, the Niten Flying Immortal Palace will have to come under my Family Clan of Gods. Do you dare to agree?”

Sei Gasakai knew very well that it was impossible for things to end peacefully today. If he agreed, there was still a chance. If he didn’t agree, the Niten Flying Immortal Palace would probably not be able to escape the calamity of destruction.

Furthermore, Sei Gasakai was very confident in his Sword Dao. Ignoring the difference in level, he didn’t believe that he was inferior to Mohe in terms of Sword Dao realm. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t even withstand three strikes.

“Can your words represent the Family Clan of Gods?” Sei Gasakai asked Mohe.

“If I allow you to leave, no one in the Family Clan of Gods will dare touch you. Of course, the premise is that you, the Sword Sage, can withstand three of my strikes without being defeated,” said Mohe indifferently. His goal was to bring the Niten Flying Immortal Palace back to the Family Clan of Gods, not to kill. The killing of the Companion Beasts that pulled the ships was only to intimidate everyone.

“Alright, three strikes to decide the victor.” Sei Gasakai’s mind was calm. He wasn’t moved by Mohe’s words. At the same time, he didn’t really want to remain undefeated after three strikes. Instead, he wanted to win.

If a sword expert didn’t have the intention to win and only had the mentality of surviving three strikes without being defeated, he would have already been defeated.

Sei Gasakai summoned two Companion Beasts —samurai swords, one long and one short. The blades’ material looked the same, and they presented a demonic purple color. There seemed to be a faint sanguine glow amidst the purple.

“My weapons are called Ghost Cry and God Howl. They are both growth-type Companion Beasts. They have already grown to the Calamity grade and are higher than my level. When I fight you with this sword, you don’t have to hold back. Just use your Calamity-grade strength,” Sei Gasakai said.

“They are just external objects.” With a casual wave of Mohe’s hand, seawater surged into his palm like a fountain. Under the effects of the cold air in his palm, it condensed into a rapier.

He casually shook the ice sword and said, “Since you are at the Terror grade, I’ll suppress my strength to the Terror grade. Receive three strikes from me and you can go wherever you want.”

Most of the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace wore looks of indignation. Mohe’s actions were an insult to the Sword Sage, Sei Gasakai.

Some people secretly rejoiced and felt that Sei Gasakai’s chances of winning were higher, but they were also worried that Mohe wouldn’t keep his promise.

“Please.” Sei Gasakai’s mind was calm like an ancient well. He didn’t show any emotions because of Mohe’s words. He stood in the sea like a mountain with his sword calmly.

“You do have the demeanor of a Sword Sage.” Mohe nodded slightly as his eyes turned serious. He thrust the ice sword at Sei Gasakai.

It was completely different from the aura used to crush hundreds of Companion Beasts with one hand. His thrust was ordinary and simple. It could even be said to be ridiculously ordinary. There were no sword beams or sword aura. The thrust was also very slow, so slow that it felt like he was fooling around.

Mohe was still standing on the dock, hundreds of meters away from Sei Gasakai on the sea. When he stabbed out, he didn’t move and continued standing on the dock.

However, for some reason, the slowly stabbing sword tip seemed to be approaching Sei Gasakai.

It wasn’t just Sei Gasakai. All the spectators felt as though the sword was stabbing at their hearts. Those with weak willpower turned pale from shock and involuntarily retreated.

However, no matter how they retreated, they couldn’t shake off the feeling that the tip of the sword was about to stab their hearts. It was as though their hearts would be pierced the next second.

When Honn Shinsakura and Shiraishi Satomi saw this strike, their expressions turned abnormally solemn.

They knew that it was very difficult to master swift sword strikes. The faster the sword was, the easier it was to kill.

However, as long as one continued practicing, the sword would always become faster. It was just a matter of how fast it became.

However, if one wanted to master a slow sword strike, it wasn’t something that could be learned through practice. One had to have extremely high talent in the way of the sword and have an opportunity to gain an epiphany. Only then could one slow down their swift sword.

Mohe’s slow strike was clearly not as simple as being slow. Its realm was so high that even Honn Shinsakura was alarmed.

The sword slowly stabbed over. It looked easy to crack, but when he really tried to crack it, he realized that it was impossible.

This was because he was too slow. No matter how one dealt with him, one would expose their intentions to the other party. The situation that was originally a stalemate would suddenly result in the other party being in a passive position.

However, if he didn’t resolve the slow sword, the sword would slowly stab at him like how hot water cooked a frog. Once it entered the opponent’s killing range, it would be impossible to crack.

Neither staying still nor moving worked. Sei Gasakai immediately fell into a dilemma.

was were worried for Sei Gasakai, but Sei Gasakai remained calm and composed. Without any hesitation, he slashed at Mohe with his weapon, Ghost Cry.

His strike wasn’t slow at all. On the contrary, it was as fast as a fleeting glimpse. It slashed in front of Mohe in an instant.

“Amazing!” Honn Shinsakura couldn’t help but exclaim. This was the most authentic Niten Flying Immortal-ryū.

He used the longer weapon to slash at the enemy and have the shorter one protect the body; the movement was like the spinning of Yin and Yang. It was the best way to resolve a slow sword, but it was only something Sei Gasakai was capable of at his realm.

The terrifying beam produced by Ghost Cry had already slashed in front of Mohe. If Mohe continued stabbing forward, his sword would be blocked by the short blade—God Howl. If he retracted his sword and dodged, he would immediately fall into a disadvantage. Ignoring the three strikes, even if he struck out with three hundred or three thousand strikes, it would probably be impossible for him to defeat Sei Gasakai.

Mohe didn’t retreat or even have the intention of retracting his sword. He used the ice sword condensed from seawater to meet Sei Gasakai’s Calamity-grade blade, Ghost Cry.

“Is he going to break the contract?” Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat.

How could an ice sword condensed from seawater resist a Calamity-grade Companion Beast weapon unless Mohe used his Calamity-grade strength?

However, even when the blades clashed, Mohe didn’t use his Calamity-grade power. The ice sword shattered without a doubt.

Everyone was overjoyed, but in the next moment, everyone’s faces turned ashen. They stood rooted to the ground, unable to believe what they had seen.

When the blades collided, Mohe’s ice sword was shattered. However, his sword was condensed from seawater to begin with. The shattered ice sword melted into water. As Mohe’s sword stance continued forward, it condensed into a sword and pointed at Sei Gasakai’s chest.

“Everything has its own characteristics. The way to interpromotion and interrestraint depends on one’s heart. Yet, you haven’t even figured out this point. It looks like the Niten Flying Immortal-ryū is this and nothing more,” said Mohe indifferently.

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