Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1672 - Everything Beneath the Sky Is Divine Soil

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Chapter 1672 Everything Beneath the Sky Is Divine Soil

“Old Zhou, what do you think we should do?” Li Xuan was a fearless person. He wasn’t asking if he should take in the people from the Niten Flying Immortal Palace, but asking Zhou Wen how he could bring them back to Guide Ancient City.

According to Li Xuan’s intentions, they had to take these people in regardless of whether the An family could withstand the pressure. The problem was that since the Family Clan of Gods was so insistent, they definitely had ulterior motives. They wouldn’t easily let Honn Shinsakura and Sei Gasakai safely bring the group of people to Guide Ancient City.

“I’ll pick them up,” Zhou Wen said after some thought.

“Alright. Since you have nothing better to do, it’s good to take a walk,” Li Xuan said with a smile.

He wanted to pick them up himself, but this was early in Guide Ancient City’s development. There were too many things that he needed to do, and Zhou Wen was a boss who left everything to him. Li Xuan really couldn’t leave.

“Pay more attention to the city when I’m not around,” Zhou Wen said as he packed.

“It’s not like I haven’t done so while you are around,” Li Xuan said with a twitch of his lips.

Zhou Wen thought that it made sense. He hadn’t been taxed with the city’s matters. Li Xuan did all the work.

“Then this is what we’ll tell them. I’ll reply to Honn Shinsakura. He’s still waiting.” As Li Xuan spoke, he walked out without chatting with Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen packed his things and looked at his phone that was charging. He realized that it had already charged to 3%. He estimated that it would take more than a day to fully charge


Before receiving Zhou Wen’s reply, the Niten Flying Immortal Palace overseas had already begun mobilizing people for the migration. It was definitely not a trivial matter for more than ten thousand people to migrate inland. There were too many things that needed to be taken care of.

Dozens of ships were pulled inland by whale-like Companion Beasts.

“From the looks of it, our luck isn’t bad. We didn’t encounter any especially terrifying marine dimensional creatures.” Shiraishi Satomi couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when she saw the coastline from afar.

There were many break-out dimensional zones at sea, and terrifying dimensional creatures would appear from time to time. Even the safe routes they had taken in the past couldn’t guarantee absolute safety now.

Being able to reach inland without any harrowing surprises was a good sign.

“Sometimes, the terrifying ones aren’t those dimensional creatures,” Honn Shinsakura said calmly as he stood at the bow.

“Palace Lord, don’t worry. We have already planned the route inland and have made arrangements along the way. There won’t be too many problems,” the jaundiced Elder said.

Just as Shiraishi Satomi was about to ask something, her gaze suddenly focused. She saw a person standing on the dock by the beach.

“He’s here indeed.” Honn Shinsakura also saw the person. He seemed to have expected it and wasn’t surprised.

“Mohe from the Family Clan of Gods. Why is he here?” The jaundiced Elder’s expression changed as the other Elders were alarmed.

It was impossible for Mohe to come to the beach for no reason. Now, Mohe was famous. He was one of the best humans.

Even in an era with many representatives, his ranking on the Cube had never dropped out of the top three.

The most terrifying thing was that up to now, no one had been able to find Mohe’s weakness. Mohe was very strong and could easily kill Calamity creatures. What was even more terrifying was that no one could injure him. Injuring Mohe was equivalent to injuring themselves. Mohe would be fine, while his opponent would die.

“Everyone, please stay.” The black-robed Mohe stood by the beach. His face was angular like a beautiful chiseled marble statue.

Dozens of ships stopped in front of the dock. The huge whale-like Companion Beast floated above the sea as it stared angrily at the tiny human figure. “Mohe, why are you blocking our path?” the jaundiced Elder asked Mohe.

“I’ve never thought of blocking your path. Instead, I’m here to guide everyone,” Mohe said calmly.

“I wonder what path you will point us in?” the jaundiced Elder asked with a frown.

“A path of survival,” Mohe said indifferently. “Everything below the heavens is divine soil. Only the citizens of the gods can live on it. If they aren’t divine citizens, how can there be a path of survival?”

“Isn’t the Family Clan of Gods too authoritative? If we don’t enter the Family Clan of Gods, are you not allowing us to step onto the ground?” The jaundiced Elder’s expression turned ugly.

“No.” Mohe shook his head and said, “Regardless of whether it’s the sea or the ground, it is all divine soil. If one doesn’t obtain the favor of God, there will be no place for one to have a foothold in this world regardless of how big the world is. One can only sink.”

The disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace heard it clearly as their expressions changed drastically. Mohe had made it clear that if they didn’t join the Family Clan of Gods, they would probably be buried in the sea today.

If anyone else said such words, they would only treat it as a joke. However, they had already seen how terrifying Mohe was on the Cube’s livestream. He had the ability to say such words.

“Is this the only way?” Honn Shinsakura finally said as he stared at Mohe with a burning gaze.

“This is the only way,” Mohe answered with certainty.

Honn Shinsakura didn’t say anything else. He silently pulled out two samurai swords, one long and one short. His aura constantly converged as he stared at Mohe like an abyss.

The disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace on the dozens of ships also summoned their Companion Beasts. They drew their weapons and pointed them at Mohe. The huge Companion Beasts in the sea roared in unison, stirring up stormy waves as though they wanted to devour Mohe.

Mohe stood there motionless as though he hadn’t seen the shocking killing intent. He was like a god that looked down on all life.

Seeing Mohe’s lofty stance, Honn Shinsakura laughed. He looked at Mohe and said indifferently, “Mohe, your strength is indeed very strong and magical, but if you don’t touch me, your strength won’t be of any use.”

With that said, Honn Shinsakura gave the order to steer the ship towards the dock. They were not to attack Mohe.

Hundreds of giant whale-like Companion Beasts roared and swam towards the dock.

Mohe wasn’t surprised or delighted as he looked at the behemoths and ships that were rushing over. He slowly raised his right palm towards the sea. When he was facing the sea, his fingers suddenly clenched tightly.

Bang! Bang!

Explosions sounded incessantly. The hundreds of giant whale-like beasts seemed to be gripped by an invisible hand as their bodies deformed from the pressure and instantly exploded.

None of the behemoths that pulled the boat survived. Blood instantly dyed the entire sea surface. The seawater turned blood-red and churned with the waves like an Asura sea of blood.

The waves that carried the blood struck the ships, splattering onto the bodies of the disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace. Everyone seemed to have fallen into a demonic realm as they lost their ability to think due to the scene in front of them. They stood there in a daze, their faces filled with horror.

Everyone looked at Mohe as though they were looking at a devil from hell. They couldn’t help but tremble. The timid disciples of the Niten Flying Immortal Palace involuntarily retreated.

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