Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1331 - Zhou Wen Clears the Level

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Chapter 1331: Zhou Wen Clears the Level

The Holy Spirit Association and the League of Guardians were also paying attention to this battle. They naturally weren’t as shallow as the average person and believed that Hui Haifeng would not make such a silly mistake. However, they were very puzzled by Hui Haifeng’s lineup.

Although there weren’t many Terror-grade entities in the presidential palace, they wouldn’t use a group of Mythical entities to make up the numbers, right? This wasn’t something that could be settled with numbers.

Zhou Wen unhurriedly led Wei Yang and company to the platform of the metal hemispherical building and entered the dimensional zone by dripping his blood.

“Dripping a drop of blood to enter… This is a situation where they won’t rest until one of them is dead… The presidential palace can’t even find a spatial-type expert… And they actually dared to challenge the rankings?”

As people discussed, Zhou Wen had already given the order to kill the Metal Guard.

Hui Haifeng was right. Wei Yang and company were indeed elites. Not only were they well-trained, but they were also very powerful. Due to the usage of the Mythical Serum, all of them had already advanced to the Mythical stage.

In a one-on-one or even one-on-two situation, they were not at a disadvantage when fighting the Metal Guards.

Zhou Wen saw them skillfully blocking the door. The Metal Guards that rushed out were quickly dispatched by them. Occasionally, one or two escaped, but they were killed by an officer who dealt the finishing blow.

With a glance, Zhou Wen knew that they had worked hard to practice and study the dungeon. Furthermore, their research was quite on point.

This method was still effective against the Metal Guards, but it was useless against the Golden Battle Gods, much less the Calamity-grade creature.

Furthermore, Zhou Wen felt that this speed was too slow. Ya’er was still waiting for him to return for breakfast.

Pulling out his Bamboo Blade, Zhou Wen used the saber as a sword and executed the Heart Defying Sword Art. With a slash, all the Metal Guards piled behind the door were killed.

After six slashes, all the Metal Guards were killed. The alarm on one of the doors sounded.

“Mr. Zhou, what should we do?” Wei Yang asked. The soldiers looked at Zhou Wen.

“Wait.” With that said, Zhou Wen walked towards the door with the Bamboo Blade in hand.

The Golden Battle God’s tall and majestic body walked out and shot at Zhou Wen. The Terror-grade bullet was many times faster than the Metal Guards’ bullets.

Zhou Wen held the Bamboo Blade and ignored the bullets as he charged forward.

Just as everyone thought that Zhou Wen had gone crazy, they saw that the bullet seemed to turn by itself as it avoided Zhou Wen’s body.

Without giving the Golden Battle God a chance to fire a second shot, Zhou Wen’s Bamboo Blade had already stabbed into the Golden Battle God’s body.

With just one strike, it shattered the energy source in its body, causing the Golden Battle God to lose its strength and die. Zhou Wen didn’t even need to deliver a second strike.

Zhou Wen knew the Golden Battle Gods too well. It was difficult for others to find the location of the energy source immediately, but Zhou Wen didn’t even need to look for it to know where it was.

Although they were displeased with Zhou Wen, the officers still exclaimed in admiration when they saw him kill a Golden Battle God so cleanly.

“That bullet just now acted a little strange!” Cave Era said with a frown.

“So what if it’s a little strange? This is only a Terror-grade Golden Battle God. In front of a Calamity-grade bullet, this move will probably be useless,” Hermit said.

The Golden Battle Gods came out one after another. Zhou Wen held the Bamboo Blade and quickly charged forward, killing all of them with one strike. It was so clean that it left one’s heart cold. No Golden Battle God could withstand a single strike from him.

Furthermore, the situation was rather strange. It was as though every Golden Battle God’s bullet automatically circled around Zhou Wen.

Of course, being able to kill them in one strike was mainly because Zhou Wen knew the Golden Battle Gods too well. Not only could he attack their weaknesses, but he could also destroy the energy source. If it were anyone else, even if they were stronger, it would be difficult for them to achieve Zhou Wen’s effect.

It seemed like an ordinary matter to Zhou Wen, but it shocked the Federation.

Zhou Wen was wearing the Heavenly Robe, and no one discovered any traces of him fusing with a Guardian or using the Mythical Serum. He seemed to be a pure human.

However, a pure human had killed six Terror-grade Golden Battle Gods in the blink of an eye with a single slash. Such a scene was unprecedented.

Although Human Sovereign was known as the strongest human, no one knew if he was a pure human.

Zhou Wen’s performance was obvious to all.

“Professor Gu, Zhou Wen should be a pure human, right? Apart from Human Sovereign, I’ve never heard of a pure human having such achievements. He killed six Golden Battle Gods using one strike each. Is such a level really something a pure human can achieve?” The host of the Federation Freedom Investigation Bureau said excitedly with twinkling eyes.

Professor Gu coughed lightly and explained, “After using the Mythical Serum, there are obvious signs of mutation, but there are also some that aren’t too obvious, especially the Mythical Serum created by humanoid dimensional creatures. After using it, almost no characteristics of the creatures are transferred over. Zhou Wen might also have used such Mythical Serums.”

“Is there no possibility of him being pure human?” The host asked, refusing to give up. Obviously, she was also a patriot and hoped for a high-level pure human powerhouse.

“Of course, the possibility still exists. However, based on the information humans currently have, it’s very difficult. There has yet to be a successful precedent.” Professor Gu seemed to feel that there was no need to continue this topic. He continued, “The information on the Terror-grade Golden Battle Gods has almost been grasped. Killing them isn’t difficult for the top experts of the Federation. The next Calamity-grade bullet is Zhou Wen’s greatest test.”

After a pause, Professor Gu said, “I have a guess. Although it’s just a guess, I can’t think of a greater possibility.”

“Professor Gu, what’s your guess?” the host asked.

Professor Gu said, “The Mythical stage clearly doesn’t play an important role in the Venusian dimensional zone, so why did they bring so many Mythical officers in? Furthermore, we’ve already analyzed it in the past. This Calamity-grade creature can only kill one person at a time. Even the sure-kill seventh shot can’t kill a second person.”

“You mean to say that these Mythical officers are actually there as meat shields? To ultimately achieve the goal of getting Zhou Wen on the rankings?” The host’s eyes lit up.

“I didn’t say that. I’m just stating the questions in my heart for everyone’s reference,” Professor Gu said indifferently.

However, Professor Gu’s guess immediately gave many viewers a bad feeling. They felt that it was definitely the case. Otherwise, why would Zhou Wen bring so many useless Mythical officers? They were clearly about to be used as meat shields.

Instantly, there was an outrage on the Internet. To actually use the lives of so many soldiers to get onto the rankings was clearly something that many people could not tolerate.

Hui Haifeng instantly became the target of online criticism. He received even more attention than the day he became the Federation President.

Even some officers had similar thoughts. They couldn’t help but secretly retreat, not daring to get too close to Zhou Wen, afraid that he would use them as meat shields.


The Calamity-grade gunshot finally sounded.

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