Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1321 - I’ll Wait for the Day You Die

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Chapter 1321: I’ll Wait for the Day You Die

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The people of the Zhang family saw that Human Sovereign did not even draw his sword—he just walked casually and resolved Drought Demon Fairy’s ghostly attack. They were thrilled.

However, some people did not agree with Human Sovereign’s actions. They felt that Human Sovereign should not have been soft-hearted. He should have just killed Drought Demon Fairy. There was no need to give her a chance. This was equivalent to allowing a tiger to return to the mountain.

Drought Demon Fairy was confused. If the person in front of her was really strong, why did he bother spouting all that nonsense with her? He could have just drawn his sword and killed her. Why did he give her a chance?

Seeing Zhou Wen walking over step by step, Drought Demon Fairy remained hesitant. After all, she was once an invincible existence. In that era, humans were inferior to ants in front of her. She traveled a thousand kilometers in a day, not sparing them a glance wherever she passed. Tens of thousands of humans were burned to ashes by the Heavenly Fire from her body, and that was just a result of her unconscious actions.

Yet in this era, she had to admit defeat to a human and reflect on her mistakes. She could not take this lying down.

Drought Demon Fairy felt that even if Human Sovereign really had the ability to kill her, it would just be a fight to the death. It was simply a wishful dream of others to make her bow her head before a human.

Of course, Zhou Wen didn’t really want to kill Drought Demon Fairy. He didn’t have the ability even if he really wanted to kill her.

Truth Listener’s ability could scare Drought Demon Fairy and make her think twice, but if they really came to blows, he was no match for her.

Drought Demon Fairy showed no intention of returning to the Fiend Tomb despite him being only a few steps from the Fiend Tomb and closing in.

Three steps… two steps… one step…

Zhou Wen was already standing in front of the Fiend Tomb, but Drought Demon Fairy still had no intention of returning. She continued attacking, clearly determined to risk her life.

Seeing this, the Zhang family felt that Human Sovereign had no choice but to fight Drought Demon Fairy. They even looked forward to seeing whether Human Sovereign could kill her.

Zhou Wen’s hand grabbed the hilt of the Immortal Culling Sword again, but he didn’t pull it out. Instead, he sighed softly and said regretfully, “I am supreme in the world. All the gods and devils in the world want to worship me. Do you think I can’t accept your bow?”

Everyone from the Zhang family was slightly taken aback when they heard Zhou Wen’s sudden words. Although Human Sovereign was powerful and was publicly acknowledged as the number one expert of humanity, it was a little overboard for him to claim supremacy and that all the gods and devils in the world had to worship him. It was too arrogant.

Moreover, anyone could tell that Drought Demon Fairy was prepared to fight to the death. How could she bow before him?

However, when Drought Demon Fairy heard that, her body trembled as she stared at Zhou Wen in disbelief.

She was all too familiar with those words. Back then, the empress had also stood before her and said those same words.

Although she couldn’t see Zhou Wen’s face, Zhou Wen’s tone and expression when he spoke resembled the empress back then. Only she and that empress were present back when it happened. No one else would have known.

For a moment, Drought Demon Fairy felt her thoughts go adrift, as if she was seeing the empress again.

“Why are you still standing there? Are you waiting for me to send you off?” Zhou Wen had only said that because he had read her thoughts and knew about her encounter with the empress.

These words struck Drought Demon like lightning. She looked at Zhou Wen with a complicated expression as though she had seen a ghost.

Something unexpected happened. Drought Demon Fairy, who was ready to fight to the death, gave Human Sovereign a perfunctory bow that showed no signs of reverence and disappeared into the Fiend Tomb.

The Earth fire that soared into the sky also quickly converged with the disappearance of Drought Demon Fairy. In a moment, the flames that filled the sky returned to the Fiend Tomb. Only a voice echoed in the sky. “I’ll wait for the day you die.”

Zhang Siyou and the others were shocked. Drought Demon Fairy’s words were no different from acknowledging what Human Sovereign had previously said. She would not seek resurrection as long as Human Sovereign was alive.

With Drought Demon Fairy’s return to the Fiend Tomb, the Zhang family’s demonization showed signs of amelioration, but they didn’t fully recover. Especially those who had been seriously demonized like Zhang Chunqiu, they didn’t show much change. Their hair remained white, and their eyes and nails were as white as jade.

Their complexions just looked much better, no longer as pale as a corpse like before.

“The Zhang family is unable to repay your kindness. If you need the Zhang family’s help in the future, just say the word. As long as it doesn’t violate human ethics, I, Zhang Siyou, will definitely be there.” Zhang Siyou only said his name, but did not mention the Zhang family.

Although his words sounded like he was avoiding the crux of the matter, on the other hand, it sounded like a serious promise.

“I hope the Zhang family can do as you say in the future—a Zhang family that lives standing on their feet.” After Zhou Wen said that, he glanced at Eldest Uncle Zhang before turning around and tearing through the air, instantly transforming into a stream of light that vanished.

Eldest Uncle Zhang’s face flushed red. He was undoubtedly the representative of the Zhang family who wanted to live on his knees.

Zhang Yuzhi helped up Zhang Chunqiu as she looked in the direction where Zhou Wen had vanished as though in thought.

“Human Sovereign is really beyond our reach. In the past, I felt that Human Sovereign was just one step ahead of me. Sooner or later, I would be able to reach the same level as him. From the looks of it today, it’s not just one step.” Zhang Chunqiu praised before smiling. “Thankfully, that’s the case. Otherwise, our Zhang family would be doomed. Human Sovereign is indeed interesting. I wonder if his true identity is pure human. If he’s pure human, he really deserves the title Human Sovereign.”

“Probably… yes…” There was a complicated look in Zhang Yuzhi’s eyes as though she was somewhat distracted.

On the way back, Zhang Yuzhi suddenly thought of something. She took out her phone and sent a message.

Zhou Wen was riding the Earth Elemental Beast when he arrived at a place where there was reception. When he heard the message chime, he took out his phone to take a look.

He saw that it was from Zhang Yuzhi and almost fell off the Earth Elemental Beast’s back when he opened the message.

“Your Majesty Human Sovereign… Come help me garden… and listen to my music next time…

It should be a guess, right? Zhou Wen was alarmed and puzzled. He didn’t know how Zhang Yuzhi could tell that he was Human Sovereign, so he hurriedly replied: “You sent it to the wrong person, right? You know Human Sovereign?”

After Zhou Wen sent the message, he nervously waited for Zhang Yuzhi’s reply. However, after waiting for a while, his message was like a rock sinking into the sea. There was no response at all.

Zhang Yuzhi looked at Zhou Wen’s reply on her phone and revealed a sly smile. She closed the chat box and held her phone to her chest. She closed her eyes and muttered to herself with a smile, “With you around, I won’t be afraid of the darkness anymore.”

Zhang Yuzhi’s mind kept echoing the words: “The one who deserves death isn’t you, but the people who made you cry.”

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