Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 1320 - Ba Killing Technique

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Chapter 1320: Ba Killing Technique

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen had attempted to anger the Drought Demon Fairy from the beginning. It was not because he was really arrogant, nor did he really believe that he could surpass a Calamity-grade creature.

It was true that the Immortal Culling Sword was very strong, but Zhou Wen was too weak. He wasn’t able to utilize all of the Immortal Culling Sword’s abilities. It was fine if he occasionally delivered a strike, but if he failed, he basically didn’t have the ability to continue fighting.

The reason why he wanted to anger Drought Demon Fairy from the beginning was because of Truth Listener’s ability.

Zhou Wen had basically figured out Truth Listener’s ability. Just as he had imagined, Truth Listener could indeed hear people’s thoughts.

However, it wasn’t perfect. Under normal circumstances, one couldn’t hear the other party’s thoughts. Only when the other party’s emotions were especially intense could he hear their thoughts.

Drought Demon Fairy had never been the victim of such wrath. At that moment, her emotions were in extreme undulation. Zhou Wen finally felt the voices around him gradually dissipate. Although Drought Demon Fairy didn’t say a word, a voice sounded from her body.

I want to roast him inch by inch. I want him to experience all the pain in the world until he begs for death and regrets being born into this world… However, the sword in his hand is a little odd. It can actually injure me… I can’t leave the Fiend Tomb without fusing with a human due to the suppression of Earth’s rules… Drought Demon Fairy didn’t say a word, but her thoughts betrayed everything to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen was immediately overjoyed when he heard Drought Demon Fairy’s inner thoughts. However, his face remained unperturbed as he wore a composed look.

He had plans of escaping if he couldn’t fight the Calamity grade creature after his single strike failed and Truth Listener couldn’t be summoned.

At best, he could escape with Zhang Yuzhi. With a limit to his abilities, that was all he could do.

He immediately felt relieved knowing that Drought Demon Fairy couldn’t fully unleash her full combat strength due to her inability to leave the Fiend Tomb and the suppression by Earth’s rules.

Zhou Wen thought to himself, Since you can’t come out and can’t use your full strength, and I can hear your thoughts, this matter might still be feasible.

At that moment, Drought Demon Fairy was calculating in her heart. That sword is somewhat strange. It can even slice through my Drought Demon Body. It’s really impressive. However, that human’s strength shouldn’t have reached the Calamity grade yet. He only borrowed the power of the sword. I don’t have to fight that sword. As long as I kill that human, the sword will naturally be useless.

Drought Demon Fairy sized up Zhou Wen and thought to herself, I can’t leave, but if I use a large area of Heavenly Fire, it might be too slow and incapable of injuring him. From the looks of it, I can only expend some of my Intrinsic True Essence and use the Ba killing technique to kill that human.

Drought Demon Fairy stared at Zhou Wen as her Essence Energy flowed towards her fingers.

Zhou Wen sensed the gradual weakening of Drought Demon Fairy’s inner voice. He knew that it had been a while, and her emotions were gradually stabilizing. Therefore, he continued provoking her. “Why are you still standing there? I already told you that I’ll spare your life since I can’t kill you with one strike. However, although you can be spared from death, a punishment still needs to be meted out. Return to the Fiend Tomb and reflect on your mistakes. As long as I’m alive, you’ll never be resurrected. Go.”

Drought Demon Fairy’s anger was instantly stirred up by Zhou Wen despite having already calmed her emotions.

She was a hot-tempered person to begin with. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to defeat two terrifying existences like Count of the Wind and Lord of the Rain alone in the Mythical era.

However, it was also because of that battle that Drought Demon Fairy was severely injured. She had no choice but to recuperate in the Earth fire. Later on, she was sealed by the Zhang family’s ancestral Celestial Master.

Ba killing technique… Die… Drought Demon Fairy was already enraged. One of her hands turned invisible as she grabbed at the void.

At the instant Drought Demon Fairy attacked, Zhou Wen’s figure gracefully moved to the side. After he moved away, the rocks that had turned to crystals beneath him suddenly split apart. A cylindrical crystal several meters in diameter was pulled out of the crystal.

The crystal pillar was pulled hundreds of meters high before it strangely vanished. All that was left was a circular hole that was hundreds of meters deep.

Drought Demon Fairy was alarmed. Her Ba killing technique was unique. It killed people without any warning. The enemy wouldn’t sense any attack and it would be too late to escape when the Ba killing technique showed itself.

Previously, Drought Demon Fairy had relied on her Ba killing technique to dominate the world. She had killed countless terrifying Guardians and dimensional creatures, making people tremble in fear at the sound of her name. The name Drought Demon was synonymous with death.

Even if there were people who could withstand it, they were powerful beings who were in the extreme minority. Almost all of them were invincible powerhouses of their era, but most of them could only barely withstand the Ba-Killing Technique.

Drought Demon Fairy only had one person in her memories who could dodge it like Zhou Wen.

Could this fellow be related to that empress? Drought Demon Fairy sized up Zhou Wen in surprise.

However, from the Essence Energy fluctuations emitted by Zhou Wen, he didn’t have any similarities to the one in Drought Demon Fairy’s recollection. Or rather, they were two completely different powers. They had nothing to do with each other.

Is it a coincidence? Drought Demon Fairy activated her Ba killing technique again.

Drought Demon Fairy never expected that the reason Zhou Wen could dodge her Ba killing technique was because of her inner thoughts. She had already told Zhou Wen the timing and location of the Ba killing technique. All Zhou Wen needed to do was dodge it ahead of time.

If he only relied on his senses, Zhou Wen wouldn’t be able to dodge the Ba killing technique.

Zhou Wen naturally dodged Drought Demon Fairy’s Ba killing technique again.

Impossible… Drought Demon Fairy was alarmed when she saw Zhou Wen successfully dodge again.

“I’ve said it before. If you can withstand one strike of mine and survive, I’ll spare your life. However, if you insist on courting death, I can fulfill your wish.” Zhou Wen slowly walked towards Drought Demon Fairy. As he walked, he said, “If you haven’t returned to reflect on yourself by the time I reach the Fiend Tomb, there’s no need for you to return.”

Drought Demon Fairy was alarmed and furious. She steeled her heart and struck out repeatedly with her Ba killing technique.

Unfortunately for her, Zhou Wen had already heard all her thoughts. It even formed an image in his mind, allowing him to know where her next strike would land.

Therefore, Zhou Wen’s figure floated like an immortal as though he was taking a stroll. Every step he took happened to dodge Drought Demon Fairy’s Ba killing technique. Drought Demon Fairy’s crazy attacks failed to touch Zhou Wen at all.

Seeing that Zhou Wen had already arrived in front of the Fiend Tomb, Drought Demon Fairy was extremely alarmed. Could it be that he really has a great divine power? He’s so powerful that he has hidden all that power deep down, preventing me from telling… Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to easily dodge my Ba killing technique… It’s like he can predict the future…

The way Zhou Wen dodged the Ba killing technique made Drought Demon Fairy think of the empress. Although their Essence Energy fluctuations were completely different, the way they dodged the Ba killing technique was very similar.. This only served to alarm her even more.

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