Legend of Swordsman - Chapter 3500 - Lowest Risk

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Chapter 3500 Lowest Risk

“Life Fall King? Elder Dark Bone?”

Hearing these two names, even the three Saint Realm Masters’ faces darkened.

“Life Fall King is an extremely powerful ruler from the outside world, and he also comes from the Cang Heaven World. However, he is an expert from the outside world after all, so he will be greatly suppressed by the Heavenly Dao in the Divine Beginning Realm. His strength will also be greatly weakened. To put it bluntly, even the three of us Saint Realm Masters can easily suppress him in the Divine Beginning Realm. If the three of us join hands, we can even kill him!”

“He should also know this, so he shouldn’t be so stupid as to stand on the side of Heavenly Sword Marquis,” Flame Saint Realm said.

“Yes, he is a mighty ruler who can call the wind and summon the rain in the Universe Battlefield. There is no need for him to come to the Divine Beginning Realm to take risks. As for the Cang Heaven World behind him, although it isn’t weak, it is too far away from the Divine Beginning Realm. It doesn’t have the right to meddle in the internal affairs of our Divine Beginning Realm,” Destruction Saint Master said.

“Sorcerer God, are you sure that Life Fall King is completely on Heavenly Sword Marquis’ side?” Life and Death Saint Master looked at Sorcerer God.

“Well…I can’t say for sure, because in the battle of the blood kindred, Life Fall King didn’t make a big move at first. But later, because one of my subordinates used the secret technique of the Fantasy Alliance, he decided that my subordinate had an inseparable relationship with the Fantasy Alliance, so he went all out,” Sorcerer God said.

“That’s it.” Life and Death Saint Master smiled. “The Fantasy Alliance and the Cang Heaven World are mortal enemies. If he sees someone related to the Fantasy Alliance, he will not let them go.”

“It seems like this Life Fall King doesn’t want to meddle in the internal affairs of the Divine Beginning Realm. He only acted because of your subordinate,” Destruction Saint Master said.

“Hmph, I knew it. A ruler shouldn’t be so stupid,” Flame Saint Realm snorted. “You don’t need to care about this Life Fall King, but that Elder Dark Bone is a little tricky,” Life and Death Saint Master said coldly. “When we were on Saha Island, our three great holy realms set up an inescapable net to kill Heavenly Sword Marquis. At that time, Elder Dark Bone helped Heavenly Sword Marquis get out of danger. Although at that time, he said it was just to return a favor for his disciple…but is it really worth him to offend our three great holy realms with just a favor for a disciple?”

“At that time, I felt that his actions were a little strange. This time, he appeared to help the Heavenly Sword Marquis. It seems that he is indeed on the Heavenly Sword Marquis’ side.”

“Hmph, it seems that this old thing is also restless.” Flame Saint Realm snorted coldly.

“That’s normal. He’s someone from the same era as Temporal Temple Master and Heaven-cleaving Alliance Master. He’s extremely old and has stayed in the Divine Beginning Realm for god knows how many years. Moreover, his strength has already reached the peak of the Principles Masters. With his strength reaching this level and being alone, he should have no qualms about going to the depths of the universe to explore. However, after so many years, he has been staying here. How could he not have other motives?” Destruction Saint Master narrowed his eyes.

“Now it seems that the old ghost bone has chosen to stay, it is likely to be related to the Star Palace.” “This old thing…”

The eyes of the three masters of the Saint Realm were cold, but at the same time, they were helpless.

Elder Dark Bone was famous for his tyrannical methods. Even if he was facing a true ruler-level expert in a cosmic battlefield, he could still survive. However, in the Divine Beginning Realm, just the three of them…it’s almost impossible to kill a ghoul.

Just as they could not do anything to Jian Wushuang, they could not do anything to Elder Dark Bone.

“Forget it, let them be proud for a while. After 20,000 years, when the people there arrive, they will uproot the Star Palace, the Heavenly Sword Marquis, and the Elder Dark Bone. This time, we must get rid of all the things left behind by the Seven Star Mysterious Sect. We must not leave any trouble behind!

The three masters of the Saint Realm had already made their decision, and they quickly disappeared into the chaotic void.

As for the Sorcerer God, after the three masters of the Saint Realm disappeared, he also gave a strange smile and disappeared with them.

Second Heaven, Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley.

After leaving the Third Heaven, Jian Wushuang, Demon Master Chenhuo, and Spirit Ancestor came straight here.

After they arrived, Jian Wushuang directly sent a message to the old Valley Master, Ma Yi, who led them into the hinterland of the valley.

“My young friend, I heard that you have caused a lot of trouble in the demon realm recently?” Ma Yi asked casually.

“Yes, senior, do you know about it?” Jian Wushuang glanced at Ma Yi.

“Of course, although I have long ignored the matters in the valley, once something big happens in the Divine Beginning Realm, someone will inform me immediately, especially you. Of course, I, the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley, also care about it.” Ma Yi smiled. “I heard that you went to the Blood Clan and killed the clan leader of the Blood Clan? If I’m not wrong, you went to kill the clan leader because of Spirit Ancestor, right?”

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded. “Killing the clan leader was a condition set by Spirit Ancestor. Now that the condition has been met, Spirit Ancestor will follow me to the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley. Senior Hemp Yi, with Spirit Ancestor’s knowledge of the soul, you should be able to minimize the risk by stripping Shuang ‘Er’s soul, right?”

“Of course, although I have stayed in the valley all year round, I have heard of the great name of the Spirit Ancestor. In the Divine Beginning Realm, in terms of the attainments in the soul, the previous clan leader of the Nine-tailed Clan, Da Ying, and the Spirit Ancestor of the Heavenly Ancestor Daoist Sect were the two strongest. However, now that Da Ying is dead, the Spirit Ancestor has the highest attainments in the soul in the absolute beginning divine tribulation. If she were to take action personally, the risk would naturally be the lowest.” Ma Yi smiled.

In fact, Da Ying had a good relationship with the Supreme Emotion-forgetting Valley. He was also good friends with Ma Yi.

When he first decided to strip Leng Rushuang’s soul, Ma Yi wanted to ask Da Ying for help. However, because of Jian Wushuang, he had to give up. He did not expect that the world was unpredictable and that Da Ying was already dead, moreover, her death was largely caused by Jian Wushuang.

However, Da Ying’s death was closely related to Jian Wushuang. However, Ma Yi and the supreme emotion-forgetting valley would not have any prejudice or resentment toward Jian Wushuang

After all, their relationship with Da Ying was not good enough to avenge Da Ying.

“My young friend, have you prepared the hundred-million-year star-moon agarwood?” Ma Yi asked.

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