King of Gods - Chapter 1561 - Sweeping Away All

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Chapter 1561 – Sweeping Away All

Up in the sky, the Gods battled with the Heaven Lord, the scene inspiring dread in all who beheld it.

On the God Eye side were the five God Eyes, the Bright Sun God, the Celestial Sword God, and Sikong Dao, eight Gods in total. The Myriad Forms God Eye and Life God Eye together wdth the genius God Sikong Dao were responsible for defense. The Death, Divine Punishment, and Spacetime God Eyes together with the Bright Sun God and the Celestial Sword God were responsible for offense.

But in this situation, they still didn’t have much of an advantage.

“No matter who you are, none of you can stop me.” The Heaven Lord’s calm face radiated majesty and tyranny. Hwooooom!

Around the Heaven Lord, wind, lightning, and fire, all of them infused with Destruction energy, wreaked havoc, making it so that no one dared to approach him.

After absorbing the Destruction Origin, the Heaven Lord had reached a whole new level of offensive power. Ordinary Gods were incapable of blocking his attacks. Thus, the God Eye alliance had three Gods focused on nothing but defense.

“Kill!” the Death God roared.

The three God Eye Deities responsible for offense simultaneously attacked. A pitch-black stream of energy mixed together with Divine Punishment lightning and then was further shrouded by Spacetime energy. The final result shot toward the Heaven Lord.

At this time, the three God Eye Deities were better able to cooperate, as they could now fuse their attacks together to increase their power.

On the other side, the Celestial Sword God gripped an ancient sword and lightly waved it. A heaven-shaking white sword beam instantly shot forward.

The Bright Sun God had already transformed into a massive golden-red crow. He opened his mouth and unleashed a scorching storm of fire.

“Scram!” the Heaven Lord coldly bellowed, his Ancient God-Devil Body unleashing a terrifying Divine Power that caused space around him to crumble.

He punched again and again, his fists of energy obliterating everything in their path.

The fierce battle occurred at lightning-fast speed. In the space of a second, the two sides had already exchanged several dozen blows.

“What a powerful Ancient God-Devil Body! It’s somehow gotten even stronger!” Zhao Feng was internally quite shocked.

The Heaven Lord should have only evolved his Heavenly Dao God Eye, but Zhao Feng sensed that the Ancient God- Devil Body had also gotten stronger.

Even without the Heavenly Dao God Eye, the Heaven Lord could rely on his Ancient God-Devil Body to fight against any single God Eye Deity. If this was indeed the case, the Heaven Lord definitely possessed a complete Ancient Race bloodline, and he was capable of using the full extent of its power!

Thumpthump! Thumpthump!

After focusing on the battle of the Gods for some time, Zhao Feng felt his left eye beginning to pulse. The dreamy silver ball was trembling constantly, his Dream Origin quaking.

“For now, I should just do what I can.” Zhao Feng turned away from the God battlefield.

Although he had the Ninth God Eye, his current level of strength was not enough to intervene in the God battlefield.

On the contrary, he would just end up creating a gap that the Heaven Lord could exploit.

In addition, Zhao Feng’s Dream God Eye was apparently very stimulated by the battle between the God Eyes and the Heavenly Dao God Eye, and large amounts of Dream Origin were flowing out of it. Zhao Feng felt like he had an endless stream of Dream Origin energy available to him, and this war was the perfect place to use it all.

“Kill!” Zhao Feng’s body vanished as he charged forward.

With the Space Pseudo Ancestral Artifact and his own Spacetime Law, Zhao Feng possessed an unsurpassed advantage in speed.


He flew through the battlefield, a silver streak of light that left blood and gore in its wake as it swept aside all opposition.

When he used his full strength, Zhao Feng could kill even top-class God Kings. There was basically nothing on this battlefield that could threaten him. To his enemies, he was a god of death, a forbidden existence.

“Retreat…!” Cries of panic rang out as the nearby experts tried to run, but Zhao Feng was just too fast. If he wanted to kill someone, there was basically no chance of escape.

Zhao Feng was an unrestrained beast on the battlefield, ceaselessly massacring all his foes.

“Oh no!” Divine Emissary Wu trembled in fear. Zhao Feng had noticed him!


Divine Emissary Wu’s body erupted with a tyrannical and wicked demonic power, black streams of light revolving around him as he fled.

“Die!” Zhao Feng went after him, rapidly closing the distance.

“No…!” Divine Emissary Wu was enraged.

He had watched Zhao Feng’s battle with the two God Kings. Once the two God Kings were defeated, he did his best to stay far away from Zhao Feng, but they still ended up running into each other.

Two Samsara Immortal Body God Kings died to Zhao Feng, so what hope did he have? Even running was a pointless endeavor.


Zhao Feng waved a palm, creating several dozen Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords that flew forward and sealed off all of Divine Emissary Wu’s escape routes. Two of the swords pierced through his body, making his body go stiff.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!” A powerful eye-bloodline technique shot out of his left eye.


A twisted lightning sword brand suddenly appeared on Divine Emissary Wu’s head. In a thunderous explosion, Divine Emissary Wu was dead!

After killing Divine Emissary Wu, Zhao Feng continued to go around the battlefield, specifically targeting the remaining Divine Emissaries.

Wasn’t it fine to just remain dead? They just had to come back to life so that he could kill them again.

But Zhao Feng would not be stingy with his sword! The cold and vicious killing intent he exuded caused all the enemies around him to scatter in panic.

A few moments later, another Divine Emissary was killed. Then a second, a third, a fourth…

The upper echelon members of the Heaven Defying Faction were watching all this from their black-gold warships.

“If this kid continues his slaughter, we’ll be finished!” a Heaven’s Legacy Race elder said, his eyes burning with rage.

To think that he would mature so quickly!” Yu Liuping was stunned. Zhao Feng’s strength had already left a shadow on his heart.

“We can only send a God King to hold him down for a moment….” The Right Protector gnashed his teeth in helplessness.

The God Eye alliance had come very prepared, and it had the Sage Faction’s help. Its strength far exceeded the Heaven Defying Faction’s imagination. Despite that, the Heaven Defying Faction still had the advantage.

But now, Zhao Feng’s massacre was having a rather large effect on the battlefield and was on the verge of turning the tables.

The Right Protector concluded that there was almost no one on their side capable of killing Zhao Feng. Since that was the case, they could only suppress Zhao Feng so that he could no longer keep massacring their forces.


Zhao Feng continued to kill his way across the battlefield, his enemies fleeing in disarray.

At this moment, a bloody roar rang out; “Brat, cease your impudence!”

A dark red streak of light shot over and turned into a middle-aged man wearing a red robe.

“The Blood Spirit Sacred Land’s God King Fiendblood.”

The Blood Spirit Sacred Land was one of the Sacred Lands conquered by the Heaven Lord, and God King Fiendblood was now a Samsara Immortal Body.

“If you want to fight, then fight!” Zhao Feng exploded forward, his body crackling with Primal Chaos and Tribulation Lightning energies.

As he got close to God King Fiendblood, he created several dozen Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Swords and shot them forward.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

God King Fiendblood began to dance, creating various bloody ripples in the air as he avoided Zhao Feng’s attack while minimizing the damage he received.

“Die!” Zhao Feng focused, a massive and heavy Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword forming in his hand, which he then swung.

God King Fiendblood waved a hand, created a blood-colored vortex to block the attack. The Divine Power within this vortex was violent and murderous, possessing immense strength.


As Zhao Feng destroyed the vortex, God King Fiendblood backed up, dodging the swing of the sword. “He wants to hold me down?” Zhao Feng understood what was going on.

Although God King Fiendblood had charged in so valiantly, he was actually there to just hold Zhao Feng down. The killing intent he exuded was innate to his body and was not targeted at Zhao Feng at all.

“It doesn’t matter if you know.” God King Fiendblood bizarrely smiled.

He was a top-class God King, so if he didn’t fight with Zhao Feng, would Zhao Feng still be able to kill him? He also did not think that Zhao Feng would choose to avoid this battle.

“You’re too confident, and you’re still underestimating the Ninth God Eye.” Zhao Feng couldn’t help but smile.

Dreamy lights began to spin within his left eye as Dream Origin energy poured out.


The world around Zhao Feng was covered in a dreamy haze. Everyone in this dreamy region felt an inexplicable feeling of weakness.

Zhao Feng instantly focused the effects of Dreamification entirely on God King Fiendblood.


God King Fiendblood immediately began to retreat, hoping to escape the range of Dreamification.

“Spatial Isolation!” Zhao Feng activated Heaven Ascendant.

As a Pseudo Ancestral Artifact, it didn’t just have defensive abilities. Spatial Isolation was one of the other abilities it possessed.


Space seethed in front God King Fiendblood, transforming into a thick spatial wall that blocked his way.

“Pseudo Ancestral Artifact!?” God King Fiendblood’s face turned dark as he cursed and changed directions.

Zhao Feng had already used Spatial Isolation to temporarily stop God King Fiendblood, so he wouldn’t let his prey so easily run away.

“Primal Chaos Domain!”

Primal Chaos energy spread outward. A region of dark and twisted energy overlapped with the Dreamification region.

The effects of the two domains increased the suppression on God King Fiendblood. He possessed rather decent speed and movement techniques, but they were rendered completely ineffective by the dual suppression.

“Blood Spirit Explosion!” God King Fiendblood’s face hardened as a fiendish and bloody energy erupted from his body.

Boom! Bang!

God King Fiendblood turned into a ball of dark red blood and burst apart. That fiendish and bloody energy instantly scattered the Primal Chaos energy, allowing God King Fiendblood to flee the scene as a bloody streak of light.

“You can’t run!” Zhao Feng’s face chilled as he brought his hands together, the Primal Chaos Domain seething at his command.

With his Dream God Eye, Zhao Feng had a complete understanding of God King Fiendblood’s movements, and he had already prepared a way to deal with God King Fiendblood’s secret technique.

God King Fiendblood only needed to hold down Zhao Feng, which involved two things. The first was that Zhao Feng couldn’t kill him, and the second was that he needed to fight with Zhao Feng so that Zhao Feng didn’t kill anyone else.


Using large amounts of Dream Origin energy, Zhao Feng activated his Realization ability. God King Fiendblood’s speed suddenly slowed to a crawl.

Just a second was enough.

“Primal Chaos Lock!”

The energy of the Primal Chaos Domain completely engulfed God King Fiendblood.

Once the Primal Chaos Lock was formed, it would constantly devour all the energy an enemy possessed.

After using his secret art, God King Fiendblood was already in a weakened state. Now, not only did he fail to escape, he was captured by Zhao Feng.

“Extinguish!” Using even more Dream Origin, Zhao Feng activated Dreamification again.

He had abundant Dream Origin energy at this time, so he could use as much as he wanted.

God King Fiendblood was incapable of blocking the Dream Origin energy, and his body began to vanish. Not even his Samsara Immortal Body could outpace the devouring of the Primal Chaos Lock and the oblivion of Dreamification.

God King Fiendblood began to disappear.

“I didn’t think that I would die again so quickly.” God King Fiendblood chuckled.

It was not his will to attack Zhao Feng. As a Samsara Immortal Body, he could only follow the orders of the Heaven Defying Faction.


A few moments later, God King Fiendblood was gone. Zhao Feng had singlehandedly killed a God King!

The members of the Heaven Defying Faction were stunned, their minds trembling.

At this moment, Yu Tianwu suddenly sent Zhao Feng a message; “Zhao Feng, I have a mission for you. Distract the enemy warships, and if you can destroy some of their weapon systems, that would be even better!”

The two warships of the Heaven Defying Faction possessed immense offensive power and were some of the most lethal weapons on the battlefield.

“Okay! I was going to do that anyway.” Zhao Feng nodded. Thwish!

Turning into a streak of light and shrouded in Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy, Zhao Feng began to kill his way toward the Heaven Defying Faction warships.

The upper echelon members of the Heaven Defying Faction could already guess at Zhao Feng’s objective.

“He’s coming for us!” Yu Liuping began to shiver in fear.

“Hmph, perfect! If he dares to approach our warships, I’ll make sure he doesn’t go back!” The Left Protector’s dour face twisted in savagery.

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