King of Gods - Chapter 1559 - Two God Kings

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Chapter 1559 – Two God Kings

Zhao Feng didn’t expect that the Divine Emissaries that he had mostly wiped out would all be revived so that he was now facing the complete set of seven.

The Eye of Samsara was divided into Life and Death. The Samsara of Life could revive the dead and use other Samsara skills. Of course, one could not revive any dead person that they wanted; if they were dead for too long, they could no longer be revived. The Samsara of Death could imprison someone’s soul within the Samsara God Eye, where it could be controlled and made into an undying slave.

Using the Samsara of Life to revive the dead came at an enormous price, but for the Heaven Lord, reviving some dead Third Heavens was a mere trifle.

“Zhao Feng, as followers of the Heaven Lord, we will never die. But for you, death is inevitable!” Beiming Hui stared at Zhao Feng, his eyes burning with hatred and his voice oozing derision.

“Is that so? If you’re revived, I’ll just kill you again.” Zhao Feng nonchalantly chuckled.

These people he had once killed might have been powerful foes to him before, but that was now a matter of the past. Zhao Feng was constantly getting stronger, and he had long ago surpassed his past self.

“Such arrogance!” Divine Emissary Wu couldn’t help but laugh, and he rushed over, shrouded in a domineering black aura.

“Demonheaven Palm!” With a wave of his palm, he sent forward a massive demonic palm covered in black patterns.

“Break!” Zhao Feng waved his hand, immediately forming a Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword that shot forward.

Boom! Bang!

The giant demonic palm was instantly obliterated.

“How…? So strong!” Divine Emissary Wu was stunned by this sight.

He wasn’t dead for long, but after his revival, Zhao Feng had already grown to a level where a casual strike of his could obliterate one of the combat skills of the Demon God Race bloodline.

“Primal Chaos Fist!”

“Time Blade!”

“Destruction Dragon Breath!”

The other Divine Emissaries used their own bloodline skills.

Unperturbed, Zhao Feng took his seething Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning energy and formed it into a lightning storm that revolved around himself.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The powerful attacks slammed into the lightning storm, and all of them were devoured into nothing.

At this moment, outside the lightning storm:

“Zhao Feng, as expected of the holder of the Ninth God Eye! We’re no match for you, but anyone who offends the Heaven Defying Faction will not have a good end!” Beiming Hui roared.

“Form the Seven Stars Profound Array!” Divine Emissary Wu roared.

At some point, the seven Divine Emissaries had each taken out a black and silver banner. The moment the banners appeared, a profound Heaven’s Legacy array energy began to surge. This immense energy constructed a starry space that imprisoned Zhao Feng within.

“So they came prepared?” Zhao Feng softly muttered.

He had not interacted with the Heaven Defying Faction while he was improving himself, but the Heaven Defying Faction was not made of fools. They knew of Zhao Feng’s potential and that the seven Divine Emissaries would not be enough to deal with Zhao Feng. Thus, the Heaven Defying Faction prepared an array for the Divine Emissaries. Even a top-class God King would find it very hard to escape.

“Die!” The seven Divine Emissaries used the Seven Star Profound Array to attack Zhao Feng.

In truth, they actually found this rather difficult to accept. The seven Divine Emissaries were working together, but they still needed to borrow the power of a Heaven’s Legacy array to deal with Zhao Feng.

However, it was fortunate that they had this array, or else Zhao Feng probably would have killed them all again.


Several silver flashes of starlight appeared in the gloomy space around Zhao Feng, growing stronger and stronger as they hurtled toward Zhao Feng with lightning speed. These stars concentrated the strength of the seven Divine Emissaries and the array, and they were capable of wounding top-class God Kings.

Zhao Feng dodged, but at the same time, another massive star flew at him from his left.

“As expected of a Heaven’s Legacy array. If you dodge it once, there’s still a second attack. Even if I dodge it seven times, there might be an even more powerful attack waiting for me!” Zhao Feng would not look down on an array of the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

If he continued to dodge, he would only immerse himself deeper and deeper into the array, where he would eventually encounter its ultimate killing move. Immediately shattering the array was the far superior strategy.

In addition, Zhao Feng’s Ninth God Eye had been constantly relaying a sense of danger to him. These trifling seven Divine Emissaries posed little threat to Zhao Feng, but one could never be careless when fighting against the Heaven’s Legacy Race.

And since this was the case, there was no need to keep hiding anything. For Zhao Feng, breaking the array was extremely simple.


His left eye surged with Dream Origin, and he gathered his Thought power and focused on an approaching star. “Change course!” He concentrated on a single thought.

A moment later, the massive silver star moved to the right.

Boom! Bang!

The shifted silver star collided with another star, causing a massive storm of Divine Power to spread through the array.

These stars flew according to the rules of the array. Once an error occurred in their trajectory, the entire array would start having problems. At this moment, the Seven Stars Profound Array fell into disarray.

“What’s going on? There’s an error in the array’s operation!” Divine Emissary Wu roared. How could such a low-level mistake appear in an array of the Heaven’s Legacy Race?

The seven Divine Emissaries did their best to repair the array, but at this moment, a voice resounded in their minds; “Detonate the array!”

The messenger was the Heaven’s Legacy Race’s Right Protector.

Yes!” Though they didn’t understand the reason, the seven Divine Emissaries still executed the order.

The array suddenly began to pulse with frightening Divine Power.

Boom! Bang!

An immense Primal Chaos Tribulation Lightning Sword shrouded in world-shaking power slowly began to protrude from the top of the array.

The disorderly Seven Stars Profound Array was greatly weakened in all aspects, and by accumulating his power in a single strike, Zhao Feng managed to easily break out.

“How could this be?” Divine Emissary Wu’s face twisted in fear. He had never imagined that Zhao Feng would be able to easily break through their array.

The seven of them rapidly retreated.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The array pulsed with energy and then exploded. However, since the Seven Star Profound Array had already been damaged and the seven Divine Emissaries had fled – depriving the array of its power source – the explosion’s strength was greatly reduced.

Activating Pseudo Ancestral Artifact Heaven Ascendant, Zhao Feng emerged unscathed from the explosion.

At this moment, Zhao Feng sensed two abnormally powerful energies.


A vicious wave of icy energy imbued with an Ice Law flew forward, freezing the world around it.

A black vortex appeared at the edge of the explosion and began to devour its power.

“Two God Kings!” Zhao Feng’s face immediately chilled.

These two God Kings were both Samsara Immortal Bodies. One of them was the blue-haired elder Zhao Feng had fought with in the Heaven Defying Faction Divine Kingdom, and the other was God King Swallow Devour.

Zhao Feng now understood that the sense of danger from his left eye originated from the Right Protector.

If Zhao Feng was directly confronted with the blue-haired elder and God King Swallow Devour from the beginning, he would have definitely been cautious or even retreated. Thus, the Right Protector had the seven Divine Emissaries act as bait; the Seven Stars Profound Array would hold Zhao Feng down while the two God Kings launched a sneak attack.

But Zhao Feng’s speed in breaking the array had surpassed the Right Protector’s expectations. If Zhao Feng had looked down on the seven Divine Emissaries, the combined power of the array and the two God Kings might have left him heavily injured.

In one of the black-gold warships of the Heaven’s Legacy Race, the Right Protector had a savage expression. “That kid seems to have noticed. But still, I’d like to see how you do against two God Kings!”

“Die!” God King Swallow Devour’s face chilled.

Zhao Feng had advised him to join the God Eye alliance, but he refused. In the following duel, he conceded in front of Zhao Feng, and in the end, his Sacred Land was taken by the Heaven Lord, with the Heaven Lord killing him and turning him into a Samsara Immortal Body.

The God King Swallow Devour was burning with hatred. Hatred over the unjustness of his destiny! He focused this hatred on Zhao Feng, wanting Zhao Feng to end up in the same situation. Kabooom!

After absorbing the explosion’s power, God King Swallow Devour’s attacks were strengthened. On the other side, the blue-haired elder used his Ice Law to lock down Zhao Feng’s movements. Thwish!

Activating his Spacetime Law and Heaven Ascendant, Zhao Feng turned into an indistinct silver blur.

The two God Kings were rather troublesome opponents, particularly because they were Samsara Immortal Bodies. But Zhao Feng wouldn’t escape just because of something like that.

“Primal Chaos Domain!” Zhao Feng unleashed a massive amount of Primal Chaos energy, creating a dark Primal Chaos Domain around himself.

Within the Primal Chaos Domain, he was strengthened while his enemies were suppressed.


Pushing his speed to the limit, Zhao Feng flew at the blue-haired elder.

“I’ll kill you first!” Zhao Feng’s face chilled as his hand began to pulse with Primal Chaos Divine Power.

“Haha, kill me?” The elder couldn’t help but laugh.

First, he was a God King and was not so easily killed.

Second, he was a Samsara Immortal Body. As he long as he was not swiftly eliminated – destroyed until nothing was left – he could slowly recover.

Third, he was working together with another God King, and God King Swallow Devour was a top-class God King possessing immense power.

Then let’s try it out….” Zhao Feng muttered to himself.

“Absolute Ice Seal!” the blue-haired elder roared.

A chill instantly surrounded him while a storm of ice and snow gathered in front of him. Freezing ice clashed with chaotic streams of energy.

Zhao Feng had the perfected Space Law of the Pseudo Ancestral Artifact and his Primal Chaos energy though, so his Primal Chaos Domain had the upper hand.

“Heaven-Closing Primal Chaos Hand!” Zhao Feng finally unleashed the Primal Chaos energy he had been gathering.

The dark hand of a God-Devil appeared in the sky, absorbing the energy of the world as it descended.

The Heaven-Closing Primal Chaos Hand was a high-level combat skill that Zhao Feng had learned. Although it wasn’t as flexible as the Primal Chaos Lightning Sword, its explosive power was far superior.

Kaboom! Hisss!

As the palm slammed down, it erupted with Tribulation Lightning energy. This energy surged into the blue-haired elder, devastating his Samsara Immortal Body.

“Primal Chaos Lightning Eye!” At the same time, Zhao Feng launched his powerful eye-bloodline technique from his left eye. A dark Tribulation Lightning sword brand stamped itself onto the blue-haired elder’s head.

He was still not finished. To kill a Samsara Immortal Body, one had to be swift and thorough.


Zhao Feng activated Heaven Ascendant, creating a formidable Spatial Blade. The Spatial Blade pierced through space and appeared in the elder’s body.

In the back, God King Swallow Devour was stunned. In terms of speed, he was inferior to Zhao Feng, but he didn’t expect Zhao Feng to instantly unleash such a fierce offensive on the blue-haired elder. Even when he was alive, he would have found this barrage very difficult to block.

“Don’t even think about it!” God King Swallow Devour bellowed as he activated his Devouring Law. He could not permit Zhao Feng to kill the blue-haired elder.

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