King of Gods - Chapter 1503 - The Terrifying Ninth God Eye

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Chapter 1503 – The Terrifying Ninth God Eye

Within the Light Race Divine Kingdom, the blue-haired old woman took action, once more reversing the course of the battle. The Sacred Land forces had recovered and began a counterattack.

But this was only the beginning.

“All of you, enter the battle!” God Lord Dreamcolor turned to the many half-step God Lords and top-class Ancient Gods at her side.

They were already in their arrays. If they attacked together, they could unleash impressive power.


Several dozen members operated three large arrays in moving toward the battlefield. Each array had seven or eight experts of the sub-God-Lord level. When they worked together to unleash the array’s power, they were somewhat stronger than a First Heaven God Lord.

This also meant that these experts entering the field was like three top-class First Heaven God Lords joining the battle. This strength was enough to instantly widen the Sacred Land’s advantage and allow it to crush its foe.

“Let me see what moves you have left!” God Lord Dreamcolor’s beautiful eyes were fixed ahead.

She had these Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords enter the battle to force her foe into making a move. Although the Sacred Land was strong, this was enemy territory and they could not be careless. God Lord Dreamcolor did not underestimate her foe and was very cautious in this battle.

The Giant God Race and Light Race forces did not panic upon seeing these three arrays approach the battlefield.

In the fog behind them, Zhao Feng smiled. “It’s your turn to enter the field!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

His Spacetime Robe flapped, upon which his three clones appeared.

At this time, Zhao Kong, Zhao Wang, and Zhao Wan were all First Heaven God Lords. Zhao Wang and Zhao Wan had only recently broken through and had not participated in a major battle yet. This was the perfect chance to temper them.


The three charged out of the fog to support the Light Race and Giant God Race.

“These three are…?” The bewitching man appeared confused. These three weren’t in their intelligence reports.

At this moment, Zhao Feng’s three clones used the abilities of their eye-bloodlines.

“Extreme Space Blade!”

“Death Spear!”

“Sword of Piercing Metal!”

The three clones formed powerful eye-bloodline techniques and attacked the three formations sent by the Sacred Land.

“They’re all God Eye descendants!” The bewitching man was alarmed. He even conjectured that these three might be from a faction of God Eye descendants, but when would the Giant God Race or Light Race have had time to build a relationship with such a faction?

“They actually had allies like this?” God Lord Dreamcolor had also not expected for her opponent to counter in such a way.

Descendants of the Eight Great God Eyes normally had rather thin bloodlines, making them weaker than Illusion God Race bloodline descendants. However, these three were rather formidable, particularly Zhao Kong. He was the first to become a God Lord, and his Quasi God Eye level Eyes of Spacetime placed him far above the rest.

And their opponents were just groups of Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords gathered together in arrays.

This unexpected move from her foe made God Lord Dreamcolor even more cautious, and she decided to wait and see before she gave another order.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

The three God Eye descendants each had a supreme-quality divine artifact, and with their high-level eye-bloodline techniques, they soon seized the advantage. The arrays of the Illusion God Race Ancient Gods and half-step God Lords were repeatedly pushed back. Zhao Kong even had the time to occasionally attack the bewitching man and take some pressure off Xin Wuheng.

Twilight Valley, who was still controlling the Tree of Time, couldn’t help but shout, “Good!”

In truth, he could mobilize the God Lord level powers in the Divine Kingdom to join the battle, but that would distract himself, causing him to lose ground in the struggle with the blue-haired old woman. It was for the best if Zhao Feng could handle the plans of the enemy on his own.

“Break!” Zhao Kong activated his supreme-quality divine artifact and his Eyes of Spacetime, forming an extremely long and slender blade of silver.

Whoosh! Bang!

The moment the blade appeared, it pierced through space and instantly struck an enemy array and blasted it apart. The people controlling the array instantly paled, vomiting blood as they hurriedly retreated. Without the formation, they naturally did not have the strength to fight against Zhao Kong.

“Kill!” Zhao Kong’s handsome face was cold, and his eye pulsed with energy. One tiny Space blade after another flew through the air.


A Rank Nine Ancient God was instantly killed by one of these blades, unable to put up any resistance.

On the other side, Zhao Wan and Zhao Wang were also dominating their opponents. It wouldn’t take long until they also broke the arrays opposing them.

The current situation was extremely favorable to the Light Race, but none of them seemed very happy.

“The next part won’t be that easy to deal with….” Zhao Feng turned his focus onto God Lord Dreamcolor.

The Sacred Land still had the Third Heaven God Lord Dreamcolor waiting in the wings, and beside her were still three Second Heavens and one First Heaven. This God Lord force far outnumbered the Light Race Divine Kingdom’s.

Zhao Feng could hold down God Lord Dreamcolor, but he couldn’t do much against the other God Lords of the Illusion God Sacred Land. Thus, Zhao Feng could still not recklessly move. He needed to wear out his foe a little longer. Once he did move out, the enemy would probably mobilize its entire force.

At this moment:


The yellow-robed man on the Sacred Land side suddenly charged forward to attack Zhao Kong. He thrust out his palms, firing off several dark yellow palms of energy that shattered Zhao Kong’s attacks.

“Sir, thank you for saving us!” The remaining four half-step and Ancient Gods were filled with gratitude as they hastily retreated.

“If Sir dares to meddle with the affairs of the Illusion God Sacred Land, we will not be polite!” the yellow-robed man shouted as he fiercely attacked Zhao Kong.

The dark yellow palms of energy rumbled forward, and every time these palms shattered, they would turn into a dark yellow fog that filled the area.

“Illusion Heaven Prison!” The yellow-robed man suddenly formed a spell. The dark yellow fog instantly came under his control and began to converge on Zhao Kong.


Zhao Kong sensed that something was wrong and tried to dodge, but it was too late. More and more fog attached itself to Zhao Kong, the Illusion Dao energy within affecting his mindset.

But at this moment, a powerful Soul Intent surged out of Zhao Kong’s body. This Soul Intent naturally belonged to Zhao Feng.


Spiritually, countless bolts of lightning attacked the yellow fog, obliterating it.

“What?” The yellow-robed man immediately retreated, sensing danger from this Soul Intent.

But at the same time, he was furious that his attack had been ruined. Otherwise, he could have killed Zhao Kong!

“It’s that Soul Intent again! But that person hiding in the rear isn’t taking part in the battle. Is their goal to draw out the battle?” God Lord Dreamcolor’s expression darkened, and then she shouted, “You lot, get in there!”

She once more ordered a large-scale attack. She wanted to see what sort of plan her foes had this time.

At the same time, the eyes of the two Second Heaven God Lords and one peak First Heaven God Lord at God Lord Dreamcolor’s side began to twinkle.

“Is it finally time to exert some strength?” The blue-haired old woman smiled.

Other than God Lord Dreamcolor, all the other members of the Illusion God Sacred Land were being sent into the fray.

This powerful force was far more than the Light Race Divine Kingdom force could deal with. The only option was to retreat.

Within the fog:

“Has she seen through me?” Zhao Feng mentally noted.

From the start, he had been attempting to draw out the battle and wear out the enemy. After all, this was the Light Race Divine Kingdom, so his own forces could recover faster.

But God Lord Dreamcolor had seen through this plan and launched a powerful assault. If Zhao Feng didn’t intervene now, they could only retreat. After all, the enemy force was stronger overall.

“Retreat!” Zhao Feng suddenly called out.

The Giant God Race, Light Race, and Zhao Feng’s clones all put on fearful expressions and began to flee.

“Is that all?” God Lord Dreamcolor chuckled.

She thought that they would still have some trump card, but in the end, they simply retreated.

“After them! Don’t let a single one go!” God Lord Dreamcolor shouted.

The many experts of the Illusion God Sacred Land set off in pursuit.

But God Lord Dreamcolor remained in the rear, observing the entire battlefield, ready to respond to any unknown variables.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Xin Wuheng, the Grand Elder, God Lord Cheng Yun, and the others all retreated into the heavy fog.

The Illusion God Sacred Land forces came in pursuit.

“Let me!” Zhao Feng suddenly charged forward.

In the face of this immense enemy force, the only two choices he had were to personally intervene or to retreat, but Zhao Feng couldn’t possibly retreat. This was just a means of confusing his enemy. His true choice was to… strike!

And Zhao Feng had to catch his enemy off guard and deal them a heavy blow, shrinking the gap in strength. Thus, Zhao Feng could not hold back.

“Dreamification!” The Origin energy in Zhao Feng’s left eye crazily surged, dreamy mist spewing out into the surrounding region.

“The Ninth God Eye, Zhao Feng!” the bewitching man, God Lord Dreamcolor, and all the others called out in surprise. Their goal in this operation was none other than the Ninth God Eye, and now, it had finally appeared.

But this was too sudden.

“Retreat!” God Lord Dreamcolor sensed that something was wrong and immediately shouted.

But it still came a little late.


Everything around Zhao Feng for a certain distance became covered in dreamy colors.

At this moment, everyone’s condition suddenly plunged, and all of them inexplicably felt like they were in danger. Even the members of the Light Race and Giant God Race had this sensation.

“Extinguish!” Zhao Feng extended a hand, his Thought power pouring into a certain thought.

A strange energy descended upon the world.


The body of a First Heaven God Lord of the Illusion God Sacred Land inexplicably vanished. At the same time, a Second Heaven God Lord next to him became blurry and indistinct.

“No!” The Second Heaven God Lord tried his utmost to resist, but his efforts were fruitless.


His body vanished as well.

Several half-step God Lords and Ancient God next to him also disappeared like popping bubbles.

Zhao Feng’s Dreamification was an area ability. He had his own forces retreat so that he could exert the maximum effect of this ability in the shortest amount of time possible. This was so that only the enemy was left in his field of vision.

And their retreat had also caused the enemies to drop their guard.

“This… what’s going on?” This dreadful scene had all the Sacred Land members shivering in fear.

In a flash, a little less than half of the sub-God-Lord forces brought by the Sacred Land had been killed. Two First Heaven God Lords had been killed, as well as one Second Heaven God Lord.

“Is this the ability of the Ninth God Eye?” The bewitching man’s voice was shaking, and then he suddenly realized that his own body was becoming blurry.

“Oh no!” He immediately began to burn his bloodline energy and retreat.

“Stop!” At this moment, God Lord Dreamcolor suddenly charged out from the rear.

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