Journey To Become A True God - Chapter 1317 - Almost Failed

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The situation seemed to be starting to become less conducive between Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei, these two women looked like they could erupt at any moment.

People tried to stay away from Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen, they stayed away so as not to get involved in the deadly battle that would ensue between Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei.

Everyone had a bad feeling when they tried to get close to Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei, they could all be dragged into difficult troubles.

"Hemp" Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen simultaneously sniffed coldly at each other, it was obvious that they were enemies.

Back to Ye Chen, Ye Chan looked very serious in making a pill, he looked very serious, if Ye Chen made a small mistake, then the result was very fatal, Ye Chen's Cauldron might be destroyed when Ye Chen Chen made a mistake.

Ye Chen's speed in concocting pills was quite slow, Ye Chen couldn't be too fast in concocting a pill, if Ye Chen was too fast, it would make the Cauldron unstable and the probability of exploding much higher.

Ye Chen currently wanted to train himself, he hoped to improve when faced with difficult situations in concocting a pill.

"Shit, why didn't it explode" Mao Chao bit his finger, he was extremely annoyed that Ye Chen's Cauldron didn't explode.

Ye Chen's Cauldron should have exploded, there was no way one could make a pill inside a Cauldron that was broken and cracked everywhere, not even Mao Chao himself would be sure he could do such a thing.

"Hurry up and explode." Mao Chao kept praying for Ye Chen's Cauldron to explode quickly so that Ye Chen would be eliminated in this competition.

Time quickly passed, some of the participants had almost finished concocting the pills they had.

"Done" Fai Tui snapped his fingers, pills flew directly from inside his Cauldron.

Fai Tui became the first person to complete this challenge, he became the fastest person among all the participants in this place.

"Clap . . ." the audience applauded when they saw this, as everyone expected, Fai Tui had indeed been the first to complete this challenge.

In second place was Kun Paen, he had also successfully finished concocting pills, Kun Paen was a bit slower than Fai Tui, even though it was like that Kun Paen could still get second place.

It was again Mao Chao's disciple who took the lead, these two people were truly geniuses.

Mao Chao was extremely proud of this matter, he was proud of the results Fai Tui and Kun Paen had achieved, both of whom had done their job very well.

After Fai Tui and Kun Paen finished concocting the pills, one by one the participants started to finish concocting their pills.

The number of quotas became less and less due to this, the participants who had not finished panicked when they found out about this.

The audience was very curious about Ye Chen who previously got the best score, they wanted to know why Ye Chen still hadn't finished while Fai Tui and Kun Paen had already finished first.

Many spectators had placed their hopes on Ye Chen, they even bet for Ye Chen's victory in this second round.

Unfortunately, their hopes would be in vain, it looked like they had to lose money because Ye Chen couldn't even enter the top 10.

"Huuuuuu" the onlookers started screaming towards Ye Chen, they all shouted at Ye Chen who failed to make them any money.

Ye Chen didn't care about the insults and exclamations made by the audience, all Ye Chen had to think about was winning this match.

Ye Chen didn't care if he wasn't able to get first place, the most important thing was that Ye Chen could enter the top fifteen.

The quota is getting smaller and smaller, with only 1 place left.

All participants used all the strength they had to get the last place, they should be able to get the last place.

"Ye Chen why are you taking so long" Fairy Zhen and Yan Fei were both worried about Ye Chen, both of them seemed very worried about what happened to Ye Chen.

Right now there was only one place left, it was a battle of dozens of people for one place.

"Looks like you don't have the ability, the first round is just luck for you" Fai Tui started mocking Ye Chen, himself mocking Ye Chen for not having any ability in alchemy.

Ye Chen tried not to respond to Fai Tui, there would be a time to fight against the extremely arrogant disciple of Mao Chao.

Now that Ye Chen only needed to focus on his goals, Ye Chen must not allow himself to lose in this place.

The current Ye Chen had reached the end of refining, now all Ye Chen needed to do was to make a pill using the Essence of the refined material.

"Boom. . ." In this process, Ye Chen's Cauldron began to vibrate, it seemed that this process was extremely dangerous. Just a little mistake could cause Ye Chen to fail and crash.

Ye Chen had to use all the abilities he had, Ye Chen used all the abilities he had to be able to complete this process, it would be an achievement in itself when Ye Chen could make a pill using the broken Cauldron.

"boom" Another explosion occurred inside Ye Chen's Cauldron, smoke began to billow from within Ye Chen's Cauldron.

" finally . . . , hahaha" Mao Chao smiled when he saw this, Mao Chao guessed that Ye Chen made a mistake and exploded his pill.

Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen grew tenser when they saw what was happening, both of them seemed to be getting tenser and tenser due to the black smoke coming out from inside Ye Chen's Cauldron.

Ye Chen snapped his fingers, he took out a pill that was inside the Cauldron.

When Ye Chen took out the pill he had made, all the spectators could finally see that the pill Ye Chen had made looked good, there was not the slightest flaw in the pill.

"That's how it's possible" Mao Chao couldn't believe what he saw, he couldn't believe that Ye Chen had managed to make a pill using a Cauldron which was very, very ugly.

"He succeeded" Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen looked overjoyed when they saw Ye Chen succeed, both of them looked very familiar when they saw Ye Chen who had succeeded in making a pill.

"Eh" Yan Fei and Fairy Zhen looked surprised when they both saw the closeness that occurred, they both immediately separated and returned to their respective selves.

Whereas just now they all seemed very close when they saw Ye Chen who had succeeded, but now the two of them seemed to be a cat and mouse who didn't get along.

"Alright, the match is over, all of you who haven't succeeded is declared failed" Gou Teng informed that the match was over, all participants who had not finished were declared failed.

All participants who had not finished immediately stopped, they all stopped because they knew that they had failed in this second round.

All the participants who failed to get off the stage, all looked sad because they failed.

Now only 15 participants still survive to reach the final round.

"Congratulations to all of you who have made it to this stage, I'm happy with this" Gou Teng gave congratulations to everyone in this place, he gave congratulations to the 15 participants who made it to the last round.

"The last round will be a very, very tough one, so make sure your condition is good, so you are given a moment to rest and recover your power," Gou Teng said that all participants were given a short break.

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