It’s Lonely to Be Invincible - Chapter 335 - I will wait for you at the peak of the mountain  

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Chapter 335: I will wait for you at the peak of the mountain

“Very strong!” It was not something they could fight against. However, how was this possible? the other party was clearly only at the fifth level of heavenly Dipper. How could he give them such a huge pressure? His blood began to coagulate, and even the heaven and earth energy began to slow down. In the air, the laws of energy spread out and suppressed the other laws. “You want to kill us?” Jin Yun didn’t dare to believe it and angrily shouted. “Are you kidding me? why would I kill you? you are from the heaven sect Palace.” Suddenly! Black Emperor Zhen Yue drew her blade and slashed. This was the first blade, and also the most perfect blade. The black light came, tearing the void. “How can that be?” Jin Yun’s body seemed to have been locked down. He could feel that his laws were being suppressed by the black light. This was a difference in strength, as well as a difference in their comprehension of laws. “Save me!” “I’m the disciple of the heaven sect’s judgement, the eternal judgment. If I die, you won’t be able to explain yourself.” “Alright, I’ll save you. This person is very strong. You go first.” Lin fan grinned. He clenched his fist and punched towards Jin Yun’s face. BOOM! The power of the punch was ordinary, but it sent the Golden cloud’s body flying into the distance. It crashed into a mountain and sank in. “Bastard, you …” The Golden cloud roared in anger, but suddenly, an inexplicable power exploded in its body. Bang! Bang! The corpse exploded, and blood filled the deep pit. They didn’t even know what had happened until they died. Points +5000. “Not bad, a very weak 5th rank, but the points are not bad.” Lin fan raised his hand and smashed down, shattering the black light. He floated a few steps and casually walked towards the other three. With the first slash, Black Emperor Zhen Yue’s blade intent became even more powerful. A black light flickered on the black blade, and the veins on his arm bulged. “Black God nine-fold slash!” Instantly, an extremely black light rose into the air. Nine blades stacked on top of each other, causing the void to float down and crack open. “Interesting.” Lin fan laughed. He didn’t care about this aura at all. However, he still had to act. “Zhen Yue, your blade intent is really strong. I can’t even block it.” Clayon raised his hands with difficulty and tried to pull out the two scimitars on his back. However, he couldn’t resist the blade intent at all. “Judge Ryan, this battle is none of your business. Grab my sword intent and leave.” Lin fan raised his finger as a stream of sword will shot out and floated in front of Lai en. “Alright, thank you.” He knew that this battle wasn’t something he could interfere with. He could only grab the sword intent and be instantly brought far away. His destination was the pothole created by the Golden cloud. Clayon heaved a sigh of relief when he entered the cave. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen. It was truly terrifying. Even now, his hands were trembling. All of a sudden. The sword intent that was floating in front of him did not dissipate. Instead, it gradually split. “What’s this for?” “What?” Clayon was shocked. His eyes widened in disbelief. Just as he was about to shout, a sword will pierced into his mouth. Then, the sword intent split out. Although no one was controlling it, it knew what it was going to do. It instantly pierced through Ryan judge and turned him into a Hedgehog. Points +5000. “Another one settled.” Lin fan was secretly pleased. Black Emperor Zhen Yue was really not bad. He came at the right time. As for the consequences of killing these four judges, he had thought about it, but what did it have to do with him? In a battle between experts, sending them away was already the best he could do. As for why they would die later, it was hard to predict. Han caifei and Eagle judge’s faces turned pale. Under this powerful blade intent, they could not move. The person who used the black blade was too powerful. It was not something they could fight against. “Peak Master Lin, save me.” “Lin fan!” Eagle judge’s voice trembled as he shouted. The way he addressed Lin fan had changed. It was now filled with respect. “Alright, grab my Mace. He’ll take you to the place you should go.” Lin fan punched out and blocked the blade light. The mace flew out. The Eagle grabbed it, and with the help of its Mace, it broke through the aura that had frozen its body and flew into the distance. “It’s too terrifying. The magnificent flame sect has the divine religion, so there has always been internal strife. I didn’t expect it to be so chaotic.” He had been prepared when he came to the magnificent flame sect. However, it seemed that he had underestimated the situation. This place was too dangerous. The people he met were also very dangerous. “Where are we going?” At this moment, the Eagle didn’t understand where the mace was taking him. There was a hole in front of him, and he might be hiding there. After that, he jumped into the cave and saw a flash of light. He didn’t know what it was, but he still walked in curiously. Suddenly! The hole was sealed and it was pitch black. “What’s the situation?” Yingjiu was shocked. He raised his palm and a bright light covered him. When he saw the situation around him, his expression changed. The walls of the cavern had been impaled by the sword intent, and sharp blades were embedded into the walls. “What are they doing?” He immediately felt that something was wrong and wanted to leave as soon as possible. However, at the entrance of the cave, the mace that had sent him here suddenly became bigger and was stuffed into the cave, trying to fill it up. “No!” The Eagle screeched, but suddenly, the spiked club occupied the entire space, and he was crushed into a pulp. Points +5000. Lin fan blocked Black Emperor Zhen Yue’s blade light and sent another one away. It felt good. Now, there was only one left, and it was a woman. Look at how pale this woman’s face was, it was as white as a piece of paper. Han caifei stood in the air. The saber intent in the void was crisscrossing and blocking all paths. The vast saber intent was pressing down on her heart. He had cultivated his saber technique to the extreme and comprehended his saber intent to the extreme. Suddenly! Han caifei lowered her head and saw a black light, like a giant black snake, opening its bloody mouth and biting towards her. If he was hit, he would be cut in half. However, at that moment, a hand was placed on her shoulder and a gentle voice was heard. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you. If there’s anything, we can talk about it later. ” BOOM! Han caifei’s body was thrown into the air and kept floating upwards. “Black Emperor Zhen Yue, come …” At this moment, the two forces collided with each other. The power reached its extreme. Between heaven and earth, the two extreme forces burst out with a brilliant light. She didn’t expect that things would turn out like this. She was actually saved just like that. However, even though she had escaped, she could still feel two terrifying forces shaking around her. Suddenly! Her face changed as a power pierced through everything and broke through the void. “My body …” She felt that her body was expanding as if it was going to explode. “Die!” Black Emperor Zhen Yue shouted as he attacked with his killing move. The black blade in his hand condensed all kinds of blade intent into one point. He raised the blade and turned into a stream of light, slashing down. Bang! Bang! Pa! Two different sounds could be heard. Zhen Yue’s pupils shrank as he caught the knife. At the same time, he heard a voice that he did not expect. “Don’t mess around. Take a good look. It’s a beautiful firework.” Lin fan raised his hand and grabbed the black blade. He raised his head and looked at the blood red world that had just exploded. These fireworks could not be created with just a casual punch. It required skill. After several experiments, he had found the best way. He focused his power and exploded at the center of his body. The beautiful fireworks were like flowers blooming and formed a circle. They then fell and withered. “Seeing fireworks again, it’s like I’m alive.” Lin fan sighed. He then flicked his finger and the black blade shook, pushing black Emperor Zhen Yue away. “Alright, I’m done. You’re not my match.” “What did you just say?” Black Emperor Zhen Yue’s aura paused for a moment, and then suddenly soared to the peak. “Don’t be too careless. ” Lin fan placed his hands behind his back and shook his head,”whether you are careless or not, the result is obvious. You are not my match. If you have your strongest move, then use it.” Black Emperor Zhen Yue stared at it, and runes appeared on the black blade in his hand. An unprecedented power burst out. “Alright, then I’ll use my strongest move. It’s also the limit of what I can comprehend now.” Suddenly, the black blade trembled violently. The surrounding void was devoured by the black blade, forming a vortex. “Interesting.” Lin fan’s smile was wide. He had not seen wrongly. This Black Emperor Zhen Yue was interesting. Not long after, his strength had increased greatly. “One!” The name wasn’t domineering, and even the saber intent had dissipated. This was returning to the original and reaching the peak. In a short moment of distraction, a black blade had already slashed down. This was a blade that could turn something rotten into something magical. It was not that gorgeous, nor was it that earth-shattering, it was just a simple blade. However, the power contained in it could not be ignored. When the black blade was about to reach Lin fan’s head, it seemed to be blocked. Flames shot out in all directions and a bright light exploded. “Not bad. You’ve become stronger, but it’s not enough,” Lin fan raised his hand and touched the blade. He flicked it and forced it back. Zhen Yue was shocked, as if he had not expected that his most powerful attack would be blocked so easily. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. He had thought that he might be defeated, but he had never thought that he would be defeated so easily. In the past, both of them had suffered great losses. Now, the gap between them was actually so great. How was this possible? With such a powerful cheat, if he still couldn’t widen the gap, he would be a failure. “Zhen Yue, I will wait for you at the peak. You are not my opponent now.” Just as he finished speaking. Lin fan tore through the void and left this place immediately. However, before he left, he did not forget about his storage ring. Other than the storage ring of the fireworks being destroyed, everything else was still in perfect condition. Masachizuki stood in place, his hand holding the black blade trembling. “Master, what’s wrong? did you win?” Zhen Yi ran over in a hurry and looked at his master expectantly. “We lost!” Said Zhen Yue. “Master, squat down.” A tender voice entered Black Emperor Zhen Yue’s ears. Zhen Yue squatted down, and Zhen Yi reached out his little hand to wipe the sweat on Zhen Yue’s forehead,”master, let’s work hard and work hard in the future. If master can’t win, Zhen Yi will definitely train hard and beat him in place of master in the future.” At this moment, Zhen Yue laughed, threw the black blade to his disciple, and walked away. Zhen Yi hugged his black knife and followed behind him. “Master, wait for me. Don’t walk so fast.” [PS: thank you, Big Boss lqySDR. Here’s a tip of 10500 Qidian coins.]

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