Invincible - Chapter 3094: What Are You Laughing At?

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Chapter 3094: What Are You Laughing At?

“Stop you?” Wind Cloud Dao Venerable sneered. “I was saving you.”

Jiang Meng’s anger had already hit his limit, and he roared in rage, “Saving me?! Shouldn’t I be thanking you if that was the case?” It was clear he didn’t believe the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable. Huang Xiaolong and the others wouldn’t dare to kill him even if their brains were screwed on wrongly. After all, he was a marshal of the World Master’s Manor! Not to mention the fact that he couldn’t feel the strength of those before him!

“That won’t be needed.” The Wind Cloud Dao Venerable sneered.

Succking in a cold breath, Jiang Meng suppressed the rage in his heart as he waved his hand to stop Qu Jian and the others.

“Huang Xiaolong, I’ve heard that you have some Pure Soil in your possession.” Jiang Meng glared at Huang Xiaolong and continued, “You said that you were willing to trade it for Liquid of Life, Green Wind Wings, or Profound Concentrated Earth?”

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback that he could control his anger, but he quickly replied, “That’s right.”

Jiang Meng took out a fistful of the earth as soon as Huang Xiaolong replied. As soon as it appeared, a mysterious wave of energy settled in the space around them.

Profound Concentrated Earth!

Huang Xiaolong was shocked once again. He didn’t expect Jiang Meng to be able to bring out some of that.

Laughing in his heart, Jiang Meng explained, “This is indeed the Profound Concentrated Earth. It’s a priceless treasure, and I have thirty pieces just like this. Huang Xiaolong, since you still have some Pure Soil in your possession, I’ll buy it all off you for these thirty pieces.”

“Pfft…” Lei Yu, who had remained silent all this while, finally found himself unable to control his laughter. The Profound Concentrated Earth might be previous, but it was extremely lacking when compared to the Pure Soil! In fact, it wasn’t even as good as the Dazzling Gold Stone Huang Xiaolong had obtained in the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce! Now, this joker in front of them wanted to obtain all the Pure Soil Huang Xiaolong had for thirty pieces of Profound Concentrated Earth!

If Huang Xiaolong was generous, he would be willing to give Jiang Meng a single grain of soil for a piece of whatever Jiang Meng held!

After all, Profound Concentrated Earth was also split into different grades. The ones in Jiang Meng’s possession were mid-grade at the very best. There were still two more grades higher than it!

Seeing how Lei Yu was laughing at him, Jiang Meng’s expression sank once again. “What are you laughing at?!”

“I’m laughing at your stupid face. Do you think the Profound Concentrated Earth in your hand is some sort of priceless treasure? Hahaha! What a joke! Trading all the Pure Soil His Highness has for thirty pieces…”

Stupid face?!

The rage in his heart exploded when he heard how Lei Yu addressed him. “You’re asking for death!” After he spoke, he shot through the air and sent a punch flying out towards Lei Yu.

Fiery light swallowed everything present, and as an expert ranked in the top forty on the Extermination List, he was leagues ahead of the Old Monster Flame.

Jiang Meng’s killing intent soon reached Huang Xiaolong and the others.

He wanted to kill the three-headed beast under Huang Xiaolong in order to show off his might!

Moreover, he had made profound calculations before choosing to attack Lei Yu. Even the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable wouldn’t be able to stop him in time.

Just as Jiang Meng’s fist was about to shatter Lei Yu’s head apart, he saw a sneer form on the face of the beast before him. Lei Yu looked at him like he was looking at a fool.

Opening his mouth all of a sudden, Lei Yu shot out a beam of purple light.

When it appeared, every color in the world dimmed. It shattered Jiang Meng’s strike instantly, and it blasted Jiang Meng into oblivion.

Qu Jian, who had his arm severed a moment ago, saw how Jiang Meng was sent flying god knows how many miles away! He didn’t stop until he left the headquarters of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

The commanders stared at Lei Yu in shock.

Even with the Wind Cloud Dao Venerable’s strength, he wouldn’t be able to defeat Jiang Meng in such a straightforward manner!

“Perfection… Absolute lightning at perfection level!” someone stammered.


Qu Jian and the others snapped out from their shock, and they quickly ran over to support Jiang Meng. They tore through the air as they saw Jiang Meng’s body scorched black by the terrifying power of lightning unleashed by Lei Yu. There was a massive hole in his armor, and a smell of cooked flesh assaulted their noses.

When Jiang Meng was finally dug out from the ground, he vomited a mouthful of blood. He glared at Lei Yu and roared, “Who… Who are you?”

“Go back and ask Xuan Kong.” Lei Yu sneered.

Xuan Kong?!

Jiang Meng and the others were stunned for a second, but he quickly regained his composure. Rage overwhelmed him as he roared in anger, “I, Jiang Meng, will remember what transpired here today!”

After he spoke, he brought the great commanders and left the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

“Your Highness, do you wish for them to disappear? I’ll kill them all right now.” The well-built old expert behind Huang Xiaolong finally spoke. A mysterious wave of energy filled the air as soon as he spoke.

“There’s no need.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head. “Let him leave.”

Lei Yu sighed, “Jiang Meng will never be able to take this lying down. Since he can’t take his anger out on Your Highness, he will definitely direct his sword to the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.”

“He wouldn’t do that if he knows what’s good for him.” Huang Xiaolong muttered. “The only reason I didn’t kill him was because of Xiao Tianqi. If he dares to cause trouble again, kill him and hang his body outside the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce!”

Lei Yu and the others nodded in acknowledgement.

After the episode was over, Huang Xiaolong returned to the secret room and resumed his cultivation.

As Jiang Meng and the others tore through space, they headed straight back to the World Master’s Manor.

“Marshal, we should go back and gather the Origin Army! We’ll kill both Huang Xiaolong and his mount!” Qu Jian growled in anger.

Even though Jiang Meng didn’t reply, his expression was as dark as thunderclouds. Weird light flashed in his eyes, and no one knew what he was thinking of.

“Xuan Kong… Is he currently in the manor?” Jiang Meng asked all of a sudden.

Qu Jian and the others were shocked by his sudden question.

“Marshal Jiang, the Golden Emperor Heavenly Cave was invaded by the Death Beasts. They requested help, and Lord Xuan Kong brought the army over along with His Highness in order to assist them! They’re still on their way back,” a great commander hastily reported.

“Golden Emperor Heavenly Cave…” Jiang Meng frowned.

“Marshal, it doesn’t matter if the three-headed beast knows Lord Xuan Kong! Even if Huang Xiaolong hails from a terrifying background, nothing matters! He dared to go against the World Master’s Manor, and it’s the same as going against the Origin Holy World! He’s asking to die!” Qu Jian sneered as hatred filled his eyes.

The Mystical Pavilion might have been strong, but at the end of the day, it was only an individual faction. The World Master’s Manor was different! The World Master alone controlled the entire Origin Holy World, and going against him was the same as going against the entire Origin Holy World!

“That’s right! Marshal, the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce dares to side with Huang Xiaolong… We’ll exterminate them while we’re at it!” Another great commander sneered.

Hatred flashed through Jiang Meng’s eyes, and he growled, “We’ll make a decision after I run this over with Yang Yuyuan.”

He knew that Huang Xiaolong’s identity wasn’t simple, but he wasn’t able to swallow the insult. He was injured during the exchange, but Huang Xiaolong had also challenged the World Master’s prestige.

The news of his injury would spread through the Origin Holy World soon, and the entire world would boil. If the World Master’s Manor chose to back down, they would no longer be able to maintain their control over the various factions in the Origin Holy World!

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