Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1038 - Jade Xiu Appears

Chapter 1038: Jade Xiu Appears

Gu Jingman’s headstrong and savage attitude had very evidently aggravated Old Man Xuan You. He no longer had any reservations so, although he did not want to kill her, he had become much more vicious with his attacks. Every single one of them was capable of wounding Gu Jingman.

Gu Jingman’s physique was rather special in that, no matter how many times she was injured, she could recover. However, as time went on, it was obvious she could not persist this way and would eventually be captured by Old Man Xuan You.

Mo Wen noticed as much. It was already quite a feat that Gu Jingman could make it this far.

“Go help her,” Mo Wen said with a somber look on his face. He could no longer let Gu Jingman put herself in danger like that anymore.

The moment the Ink Scaled King heard those words, he morphed into a beam of black light in an instant and bolted out of Intentionless City. He had been holding back for a long time. He was practically peerless in the preliminary ancient grounds and after his cultivation had broken through since his departure from the palace, he had not met any decent opponents.

The appearance of Old Man Xuan You had thoroughly triggered his battle spirit. The old man was so excited that he could not control the glee he had from encountering pretty women. Although the Ink Scaled King knew that he was likely no match for the old man, he was still filled with battle spirit and wanted nothing more than a proper battle.

“Take this, you old man.”

The Ink Scaled King was brimming with aggression. His portly body was like a mountain and his entire being was like a volcano that had erupted. The king had only been messing around earlier on when he had been battling with the Tide Changing Realm cultivators, but now he could go all out without holding back and fight to his heart’s content. He did not care about the results, and all he wanted was a match.

The Ink Scaled King was a warrior down to his bones. In the Primeval Age, the Black Qillin had been the best of the Qilins in terms of battle and he had always been the one who appeared in the primeval battlefields.

The unexpected addition to the fray took Old Man Xuan You back, but it was not long before he laughed coldly.

“You overestimate yourself.” Old Man Xuan You glanced at the Ink Scaled King. He had long known that there was a powerful cultivator in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension who could massacre Tide Changing Realm cultivators as they so wished, but he had paid them little to no mind. Even a Supreme Profundity Realm preliminary stage cultivator was no match for him at all.

Besides, this portly man gave off a strong aura that had long surpassed regular great attainments of the Tide Changing Realm, but he was definitely not a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator.

“Cut the crap. We’ll talk after you take this blow of mine.”

In the next instant, the Ink Scaled King appeared right in front of Old Man Xuan You. A resplendent divine light exploded from the Qilin Arm as he swung a fist down viciously.

Old Man Xuan You dealt with Gu Jingman while casting a glance over at the Ink Scaled King. He raised a hand without much thought to parry the Ink Scaled King’s fist.

Old Man Xuan You had originally thought it would be easy to take that single blow from the Ink Scaled King, but the blow sent quakes through his entire body and he unknowingly took three steps back.

“What an overwhelming power, this isn’t simple indeed. It’s no wonder you could wipe out those Tide Changing Realm cultivators so easily.”

Old Man Xuan You looked at the Ink Scaled King strangely. To think the power of one fist was this strong, it was almost like he was no less than a Supreme Profundity preliminary stage cultivator.

However, the Ink Scaled King was worse off. His entire body was sent flying hundreds of miles away.

“Haha, that was exhilarating, old man. Again.”

The Ink Scaled King laughed raucously, his figure charging over in an instant. He had on him the Qilin Body and its tolerance level was way beyond what one could imagine. That one casual parry from Old Man Xuan You might have injured him, but regular injuries were negligible to him, and his Qilin Body could tolerate them no matter how many there were.

“Old fool, take this blow from me,” Gu Jingman called out daintily from the other side. A host of blood shadows split from her and stacked on top of each other. The entire sky was filled with her figures.

Old Man Xuan You seemed like he was about to explode. Just who did they think he was? One of them was calling him an old man and the other was calling him an old fool.

“You two are really looking for death.”

Old Man Xuan You was blowing his top, but he could not bear to kill Gu Jingman, so he could only take his anger out on the Ink Scaled King. The sword that had always been on his back finally made its appearance. It was five feet long and cold as frost. The moment it appeared, all of heaven and earth was covered in an awful atmosphere.

A heaven spiritual treasure!

Shock flashed across Mo Wen’s eyes—to think Old Man Xuan You had a heaven spiritual treasure on him! It was rare to see a heaven spiritual treasure on someone, even on a Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator.

Heaven spiritual treasures and ordinary spiritual treasures were extremely different, and they were not even of the same world. Although they were both spiritual treasures, their statuses were extremely different.

The moment the heaven spiritual treasure was unsheathed, Mo Wen felt a bout of unparalleled sharpness rush over him, as if he could be sliced in half by it anytime.

The Ink Scaled King, the born warrior, had also felt the threat of the sword and it was rather impactful, but he did not retreat. As usual, he took in in stride and moved forth.

Old Man Xuan You let out a cold laugh. The sword in his hand was an ultimate treasure of the Sword Valley, a saber that had been handed down from generation to generation. It was the Ghost King’s Sword, and he could fight with even Supreme Profundity Realm later stage cultivators with it.

He extended his arm and the Ghost King’s Sword became a beam of sword light, charging viciously towards the Ink Scaled King.

“Careful, Ink Scaled,” the Jade Xiu King said gravely, worry clouding his eyes.

The Three Great Kings were close as siblings, so it was only natural that he was worried about the Ink Scaled King at that moment. He wanted to run to help the other, but it was already too late. Besides, seeing how the Ink Scaled King was, it seemed like the latter had no plans of retreating at all, bent on testing the sharpness of that blade.

The Ghost King’s Sword morphed into a long dragon that brought an immense, unmatched power along with it. Mo Wen felt that that was not so much a sword as it was a world, and a world that contained boundless power within it collided into the Ink Scaled King.

His illusionary spirit divine wings might also be a heaven spiritual treasure—and a composite heaven spiritual treasure, at that—but the illusionary spirit divine wings were not an attack-type heaven spiritual treasure, so it did not give Mo Wen a strong impression. However, at this moment, the Ghost King’s Sword gave Mo Wen a terrifying feeling. So, this was how terrifying a heaven spiritual treasure could be.

At that moment, the Ink Scaled King had also released the strongest power of his life, which was like a black sun. He rushed to accept the Ghost King’s Sword. This was not just because he was bold, but also because he had confidence in himself. If he were not confident, there was no way he would have dared to take this blow.


When the earth shook, it seemed as if the entire Peng Lai Immortal Realm also shook.

The black light dispersed to reveal the figure of the Ink Scaled King. The black battle armor on his body had cracked to pieces and there was a very visible wound on the ferocious Qilin Arm that revealed the bone beneath the skin, one so deep it had almost cut the arm clean off of him. Fresh blood had dyed his entire body.

“Haha, this is exhilarating indeed. It’s been a long time since I’ve sustained such a heavy injury. It’s been about 100,000 years, I reckon.”

The Ink Scaled King looked like a maniac. His hair was disheveled and blood covered his entire body, but the aura coming off of him was becoming more and more intense. The ferocity of the Black Qilin reflected vividly off of him. For him, who had the bloodline of the Black Qilin, the best growing soil was the battlefield. He had been trapped in a cage for too long before and had no way to properly develop the specialty of his bloodline.

“The warrior’s finally found a new hobby.”

The Jade Xiu King was speechless. Before, when they had been in the preliminary ancient grounds, the Ink Scaled King had been the most famous warrior. However, he became a great king and no one was his match after that, so he had been sitting alone and lonely at the top for hundreds of thousands of years.

Even if he did not show it, Old Man Xuan You was also rather shocked. How old were these people—a hundred thousand years? Even if they were just boasting, they were going too far. Even cultivators at the Divine Illusionary Realm did not necessarily live as long, no? Who did they think he was? Although the portly man seemed rather extraordinary, how was it possible for him to live that long?

But this person was, indeed, not simple. Not only did he endure a swing of his blade, but he was also laughing at the end of it. Even Old Man Xuan You was chilled by that ferocious look and barbaric aura.

He had been merciless when he swung his blade earlier on, and even Supreme Profundity preliminary stage cultivators would be severely injured if they took the blow. No one was more aware of the power of the Ghost King’s Sword than he was. Originally, he had planned to kill that guy with one blow, but that guy messed it up.

“Come on, old fool. Let’s continue this,” the Ink Scaled King whooped.

He was not at all human. The life force in his body was massive beyond imagination, and his restorative strength was also terrifying beyond belief. At this moment, he had fully recovered, and the horrifying scar on the Qilin Arm was slowly patching itself up.

Old Man Xuan You was evidently vexed. This guy had the audacity to follow in the woman’s footsteps and call him an old fool. He was going too far, he really was!

Anger filled his chest and he brandished the Ghost King’s Sword again, charging towards the Ink Scaled King.

“Let’s finish up our match too, old fool.”

Gu Jingman called out to the old fool from the other side. Although she did not have the same strength Ink Scaled did, her battle power was also rather extraordinary. It was enough for her to restrain a portion of Old Man Xuan You’s power.

“Don’t think that I’m above killing you.” Old Man Xuan You was popping a vessel.

“Old fool, there’s still me. Don’t be mistaken because we of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension are no pushovers.”

Before Old Man Xuan You could respond, another “old fool” call rang out yet again. A beam of white light appeared soundlessly in the sky. It was a middle-aged man dressed in white. He was quite a handsome man, and he seemed like a rather mature person. His aura was not as barbaric as the Ink Scaled King’s but not as mysterious and sacred as Gu Jingman’s was. On the contrary, it seemed very tolerant, much like all the rivers that ran into the sea. It was as if the entire Heaven and Earth could be contained in his body.

It was none other than the Jade Xiu King, the strongest of the Three Great Kings.

Relying solely on the Ink Scaled King and Gu Jingman to stop Old Man Xuan You was, more than likely, impossible, so he had no choice but to step in. Although this would end up exposing their power, there was no way they could continue to conceal themselves now that things had come to this point.

Old Man Xuan You’s anger was rising and rising. Yet another nobody had come, calling him an old fool.

The fury rushed to his head and he immediately brandished the Ghost King’s Sword, transforming it into a beam of Sword Qi and charging directly towards the Jade Xiu King.

However, that one blow did not deal much damage. On the contrary, a beam of hazy white light had swallowed it whole. It disappeared without a trace in a split second, as if swallowed by a black hole.

Old Man Xuan You was shocked, and he stared in astonishment at the Jade Xiu King. For the first time, his face turned serious.

It was enough that the people of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension were humiliating him. To add insult to injury, not a single one of them was easy to handle. He gradually realized that, in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, things were not as simple as he had thought it would be.

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