Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 1850 - Invitation from a Mysterious Person

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Chapter 1850: Invitation from a Mysterious Person

“You said that you are here to escort her to the Great Yu Palace?” Fang Ying Han asked.

One of the guards took his Great Yu Palace token out from his waistband to prove his identity. Fang Ying Han and the others took the token and examined it. It was indeed the Great Yu Palace token.

“Where is Young Miss Murong Xi?” Another guard asked.

“Two people wearing the same uniform as the both of you came earlier and said they were here to escort her to the Great Yu Palace. She went with them.” Zhang Ming Da said.

“What? The Duke only sent the two of us, no one else!” The guard shouted, “Were those people really guards from the Great Yu Palace?”

“Oh no! Those men aren’t from the Great Yu Palace!” Zhang Ming Da shouted, “Young Miss left with them, will she be in danger?”

“Let’s go and find Young Miss!” The people of Vast Region stood up.

“Don’t panic, I think that Young Miss knew that before she left with them.” Fang Ying Han was the calmest out of everyone.

“Young Miss knew?”

“Yes, at first I didn’t realise it. But just before she left, Young Miss took a look at us. I think at that point, she already knew that those people weren’t from the Great Yu Palace.” Fang Ying Han recalled the expression in Sima You Yue’s eyes. Now that he thought about it, the expression in her eyes was a little strange.

“So if Young Miss knew that those two people were imposters, why did she leave with them? Why? Young Miss should have exposed them!” Zhang Ming Da said.

“Could it be that those two people’s strength was too strong? If she had exposed them, it may have brought danger upon us?” The guard from Great Yu Palace guessed.

“So Young Miss did it for our safety and she put herself in harm’s way?” The people of Vast Region were touched by her actions, that their Young Miss was so kind to them!

“If something were to happen to Young Miss, we would all be sinners!”

“Young Miss…”

“Let’s go and find Young Miss!”

“Don’t panic, I think Young Miss must have a plan.” Fang Ying Han said, “But we still have to find Young Miss as soon as possible.”

“We will go back and report to the Prince of Great Yu.” The two guards left hurriedly, having spoken, to deliver the news to the Prince of Great Yu.

Just as the people of Vast Region were about to go out, a scarlet bee flew back and stopped in front of Fang Ying Han.

“This is Young Miss’ bee.” Zhang Ming Da recognised the scarlet bee, “Could it be that Young Miss has asked you to deliver a message to us?”

At this time. The scarlet bee nodded, as if it agreed with him.

“Really? So where is Young Miss now? Can you take us to her?” Fang Ying Han asked.

The scarlet bee shook its head.

“You can’t take us there?” Fang Ying Han asked.

The scarlet bee nodded.

“Young Miss doesn’t want us to find her?”

The scarlet bee nodded.

Everyone looked at each other, she wouldn’t let them look for her?

“I think Young Miss guessed that we would go and look for her so she sent The scarlet bee to stop us.” Zhang Ming Da said, “Little bee, you don’t have to take us to her, but you have to tell us if Young Miss is in any danger.”

The scarlet bee shook its head.

“Since Young Miss has sent the bee to let us know that she is safe, then there shouldn’t be any problem. Young Miss is so capable, she must have her own reasons for doing this. Let’s not go and disrupt Young Miss’ plans.” Fang Ying Han said.

The scarlet bee nodded again.

“Then let’s go and tell the Duke not to worry about Young Miss.” Zhang Ming Da said.

The scarlet bee nodded once again, then it flew away…

“It looks like this is what Young Miss wanted, for us not to go looking for her, and tell the Duke about this matter.” Fang Ying Han said.

“Then let’s go now!” Zhang Ming Da suggested, “I wonder where Young Miss is, we only know that she’s been captured.”

After Sima You Yue left with the two men, they didn’t take her in the direction of the Great Yu Palace, but were taking her out of the city instead.

“Aren’t we going to see the Prince of Great Yu? Why are we leaving the city?” Sima You Yue asked the two men.

“Young Miss, the Prince of Great Yu and the Duke are outside the city.” The guard replied.

“Do you take me for a fool? Why would the Prince of Great Yu and my father be outside the city right now? Who do you work for?” Sima You Yue stopped and refused to go any further.

“So you’ve realised. But you have no choice now anyway.” One of the guards said, “Are you going to come with us obediently or do we have to tie you up?”

Sima You Yue looked at the two men and placed both her hands behind her back.

“Don’t even think about resisting. We know that you have a black dragon, but since we dare to come for you, it means that we have come prepared and have our way of dealing with it. Resistance won’t do you any good.” The other guard threatened.

“If you resist, the people who are standing guard outside the inn will slaughter everyone from Vast Region! Just think, you want any harm to come to them do you?”

Sima You Yue looked at the two men angrily. In light of her current situation, she had no choice but to suppress her anger once again and said tolerantly: “Fine, I will come with you!”

“That’s the right decision. Come on, my Master wants to see you!”

Sima You Yue continued to walk out of the city with them. She shook her finger behind her back and indicated to Huan not to act rashly. At the same time, she ordered The scarlet bee to let everyone at the inn know that she was safe.

She wanted to know who would waste their time and energy on her at this point in time.

It couldn’t be the Princess Consort as she had been arrested. It was also impossible that the Princes would be doing this. If they had such powerful people backing them, they would have been rescued a long time ago.

As for Mo Zhi and Yu Xi, it was also impossible for them to do such a pointless thing. But other than them, who else would pay so much attention to her?

The two fake guards took her out of the city to an inconspicuous yard on the outskirts of the city.

The two guards took her inside. Once she had entered the courtyard, she realised that there were many skilled people in there. Many people had turned their attention to her when she walked in.

It appeared that the people who were waiting here had extraordinary backgrounds!

A maid walked over, and when she saw Sima You Yue, she said coldly: “Go in, my Master is waiting for you.”

Sima You Yue followed her into an exquisite small courtyard at the back. She saw a figure sitting on a wheelchair from the back. It was such a familiar back view, and such a familiar feel of quietness. At that moment, she thought that she saw Xuan Qiu He.

However, the other party broke her illusion very quickly. When he turned around to face Sima You Yue, his indifferent face didn’t have the gentleness that Xuan Qiu He had.

“Hello Young Miss Murong. I apologise for inviting you over so presumptuously. I hope that it didn’t scare you.” The man said.

“To be honest, it really scared me.” Sima You Yue said, “But I don’t think you care about my feelings at this moment.”

The man smiled lightly, indeed he didn’t care.

“Who are you? Why did you bring me here?” Sima You Yue asked.

“I heard that Young Miss is very intelligent. Why don’t you guess the reason I invited you here?” The man waved his hand. The interspatial ring on his finger was very simple.

Sima You Yue shrugged: “I don’t like to stand and talk to people like this.”

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