Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss - Chapter 1849 - She Still Left  

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Chapter 1849: She Still Left

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Yu Qi didn’t have time to react. He only felt a numbness on his wrist and the person had disappeared.


When he used his other hand to support his arm, he saw that there was an embroidery needle on his wrist.

After he had pulled out the needle forcefully, he regained feeling in his wrist. By this time, Sima You Yue was already in mid-air with Xiao Ruo Bai.

“How about that? I told you, you don’t deserve to threaten me!” Sima You Yue said, “Second Prince, you don’t have to worry about me for what happens next.”

“Go!” Yu Yan waved his hand and the people behind him attacked Yu Qi and the others.

“Huan, I’ll have to trouble you.” Sima You Yue looked at Huan, and he understood what she meant.. With a wave of his hand, the entire space was locked by him.

When Yu Qi and the others tried to tear through the space to escape, they found that the space couldn’t be opened.

In the end, when Yu Qi refused to surrender, he was beheaded by Yu Yan, and all his followers were also hanged to death.

“Xi’er, I have to report back to Imperial Father, I shall take my leave first. Be careful.” After he had spoken, Yu Yan left with a few people while the others stayed behind in the Seventh Prince’s Manor to control the situation.

“I won’t be grateful to you.” Xiao Ruo Bai said.

“I never expected you to be grateful to me.” Sima You Yue said, “However, I am grateful to you for not telling Yu Qi my identity earlier.”

Xiao Ruo Bai looked into the distance and said: “I was merely keeping my promise to myself, it wasn’t for you.”

“The result is still the same.” Sima You Yue said.

“The Murong Family destroyed my Xiao Family. You saved my life, from now on, we owe each other nothing. Don’t come to look for me, and I won’t look for you either! Goodbye.” Xiao Ruo Bai turned and left after she had spoken.

Sima You Yue walked her walking further and further away, but she didn’t walk to catch up with her.

“Are you not going after her?” Huan asked.

He had been by Sima You Yue’s side all this time, so naturally he knew about what had happened between her and Xiao Ruo Bai, and he knew how she felt about her.

“No.” Sima You Yue shook her head slightly, “It’s not appropriate for me to chase after her right now. It would just make her uncomfortable.”

“Aren’t you worried about her?”

“I have already informed Gongzi Yuan and he will take care of her.” Sima You Yue pursed her lips, “Let’s go back.”

She stared at the ruins as a result of the battle earlier in the Seventh Prince’s Manor, and her body slowly disappeared into space. Huan followed her and left.

Back at the Inn, Murong Hui and the others hadn’t returned yet, so the whole courtyard was deserted. When Yu Xi saw her, he wanted to ask her what had happened when she disappeared, however, when he saw her poor spirits, he didn’t bother her.

When Sima You Yue saw him, she nodded at him before she entered the house.

Lang Yu blinked and asked when he saw her listlessness: “What’s wrong with her? Why does she look like she’s been bullied?”

“Something’s on her mind!” Having spent a few days together, he had a brief understanding of her. “Did you see the situation today?”

 “Think about it. At the start, the Princess Consort and the others thought that victory was theirs. However, when the Prince appeared, the situation was completely reversed. He wasn’t like the rumours, at his last breath, but he was instead full of spirits and in good health. I was thinking, when we first met him, was he feigning his illness?” Lang Yu was skeptical.

“Didn’t you examine him? Can he really hide it from you?”

“When I examined him back then, his health was very poor, that is not something that can be faked!” Lang Yu said.

“In other words, he was cured during this period of time.” Yu Xi said with affirmation.

“At that point, his body was beyond repair. Who could be so powerful to heal him so quickly…” Lang Yu stopped speaking suddenly and looked at Sima You Yue in disbelief, “Could it be her?”

Yu Xi didn’t speak, but that was also his conjecture.

“My dear, if this is really true, then her medical skills are far better than we thought before!” Lang Yu licked his lips, “This girl has more secrets than we thought!”

“Definitely!” Yu Xi said, “I am really looking forward to her meeting a strong opponent in the competition so that she is forced to use her spiritual energy.”

“I am also looking forward to it too, but it is unlikely.” Lang Yu sounded a little disappointed when he said this.

“What’s wrong?”

“When we received the news during the day, the King gave us a task. We have to do it in the next two days, we won’t even be able to see the next advancement.” Lang Yu said, “How long did we actually get to rest for? We’ve actually been assigned another task! We won’t even be able to get any rest now!”

“This task is really…” Yu Xi was speechless.

If this was in the past, the both of them wouldn’t have reacted like this. But right now, they were interested in something and they had to leave, that’s why they felt unhappy.

“Forget it. Sooner or later, we have to leave anyway. The things here are almost done, so we might as well leave now.” After speaking, Yu Xi went to Sima You Yue and told her that they were leaving.

When Sima You Yue heard that they were leaving, she was slightly surprised, and responded: “Since the Ghost King has given you a task, then naturally you have to go and deal with it.”

“Xi’er, aren’t you going to miss us?” Lang Yu was unable to hold back, he was definitely going to miss her!

Sima You Yue’s mouth twitched and she said: “Of course I can’t bear for you to leave! But don’t you have important matters to attend to? Anyway, it’s not like we won’t get a chance to meet again in the future. Who knows, we might meet in the Imperial Capital soon.”

“Then we will wait for you in the Imperial Capital, come soon!”

They wondered what sort of chaos she would cause if she came to the Imperial Capital!

Yu Xi was more straightforward. After he had told her that if she met with any danger, she could use his name, he left with Lang Yu.

With two less people around, especially Lang Yu who was always chattering in her ears, she felt a lot more peaceful at once. If Lang Yu knew how she felt he would surely be heartbroken.

That night, neither Murong Hui nor the people from Vast Region returned. Early the next morning, when the people from Vast Region had returned, Murong Hui still hadn’t come back.

Sima You Yue saw that nearly a third of the team was missing, and said: “Thank you for your hard work. Go back and take a good rest and heal your injuries. There shouldn’t be much more to do later on.”

“Yes, Young Miss.”

Everyone was really tired, in addition to having lost one third of their companions. Therefore, no one was in a good mood, and they all went back to rest.

“Young Miss, why is the Duke not back yet?” Zhang Ming Da asked.

“The Duke has stayed behind to settle some matters. Don’t worry. Father is fine, he will be back in two days.” Sima You Yue comforted both of them.

Two days later, Murong Hui still hadn’t returned, but the guards from the Great Yu Palace came to escort her to the Manor. Sima You Yue looked at the people in the inn and nodded, then she left with the guards.

After a while, some more guards came to the inn and said that they were there to escort her to the Great Yu Palace.

The atmosphere in the inn suddenly dropped to freezing point.

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